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Sunday, August 2, 2015

A Wonderful Start of the Harvest Month

 Goodbye lovely July and hello beautiful August! Finally my most favorite month of harvest is here. I  am always thankful to July and the other past month of 2015. There were just a lot of wonderful things that did happened this year. What else can I say but to express my gratefulness for everything.

Thanks God for the wonderful first two days of my fave month of August. I was able to spent time with lovely people, friends and talked to my family back home. Life is too short to complain and think of problems. Be grateful everyday especially for the blessings of waking up every morning. Others don't have the chance to experience the world anymore.

Thanks God especially for the greatest gift you had given us, the gift of life to experience the beauty of this planet. To each and everyone especially to my family, relatives and friends  near and far, I wish you all a great and blessed month of August! Good health, love and happiness to one and all! God bless and live life to the fullest!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Thankful for a Quite Good Start of February

It is time to say goodbye to the first month of the  year! It is over now and I am gladly welcoming February. I hope January was a wonderful month to all of you. I know in some parts of the world especially those who are affected and are victims of  wars and hunger  specifically  in some parts of Africa and Asia,  life is really hard.

I was watching this German TV Program called Weltspiegel tonight. It is a very interesting program hearing some news from some parts of the globe. They featured tonight some scenes from Africa and the refugees from Syria who  are trying to escape from the conflicts that are going on in the  country.  Their lives are really very difficult. Pity to see  especially the young children who are experiencing such hardships. I hope one day, this world will be a better place to live-in and let's slowly work for it.

So far, the  so-called "love month" is starting good for me. I had a chat from my family back home and in the United States. Thanks to our modern technology and communication where I can have contacts with them for free.  I am happy to talk with them again.

I am also very happy because my sister sent me some pictures of the current project in my home country. The building  of another home  inspires me more to strive and work hard. I hope one day, I can  go home for good and have a good life. lolz!

Today was quite a busy day but I am very happy to accomplish  little things at home. From doing the laundry, to cooking and organizing some things,  these are little things but it makes me happy accomplishing them.

I guess, that is all for now. I am slowly off to bed. Tomorrow will be a start of another working day. Lastly, I want to thanks my sisters from the US for all of the support for this home project.

Cheers to us all and may this month be a great one to us all,  coupled with love, peace, good health, happiness and more blessings.  Take care everyone!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Become a Responsible Gun Owner With These Tips

When used safely, guns can provide excellent protection or be used for recreation. When used the wrong way, a gun can turn into a deadly mistake. Follow these tips for gun safety and become a better gun owner today.

1. Point the Gun in a Safe Direction

This is the most important guideline when it comes to gun safety. Never, ever aim your gun at something that you don’t want to shoot.

2. Stay Away From the Trigger

When you’re carrying a gun or checking out the sights, keep your finger away from the trigger. Until you’re ready to shoot the gun, your finger should remain outside of the trigger guard. Right after you shoot, your finger should return to the same place.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Smoking Anywhere And Freely

Vapor Electronic Cigarettes allow people to smoke freely in public, and they give people a much more healthy way to light up. These cigarettes supply people with nicotine, and they keep people from inhaling unhealthy chemicals when they are smoking. When people need to light up because they are nervous or feel the need to smoke, they are going to be able to do something that helps them to calm their nerves.

They Are Simple

When people trying to light up, an electronic cigarette is easy to use. These cigarettes can be light up easily, and the batteries can be changed easily when they run out. Also, there are many different flavors for these cigarettes. The smoker can choose any flavor they like, and they can light up just as quickly as the person who is smoking traditionally.

The Odor

The odor is not offensive at all, and this allows people to smoke in places that others cannot. People are not going to smell these cigarettes from far away, and they are not going to be offended when they get close to them.

When people go back to work, they will not smell of the smoke that they normally would. Also, these people are not leaving a trail of smoke when they are smoking. No one will notice the cigarette is being used, and there is no reason for the smoker to worry about moving to avoid people.

The Spaces

When people are walking around and smoking these cigarettes, they do not need to worry about where they can and cannot smoke. The smoker can go anywhere they want, and they will never have to worry about people telling them to stop smoking. Boundaries are broken down easily, and the smoker will feel the freedom to do what they want any time they want.

These cigarettes make it much easier for people to get a smoke in when they need to. Also, these people will be able to enjoy many flavors that will not offend the people around them. These are easy ways to help people calm their nerves and pass the time.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Busy Sunday Doing Home Chores

Hello February! The love month is finally here! I just hope that you did had a wonderful month of January. So far, everything went great for me and I believed for my whole family as well. I am quite happy and contented with what I had accomplished last month. I might be little things only but for me those were already great ones. Besides, I learned to be contented with small things. We sometimes disregards little things but these are the things that are really important and make us truly happy. Well probably because, I only have shallow happiness.

Today is Sunday, the second day of February. Nature woke me up at 8:00 in the morning. I usually wake up at around 9 especially during weekends. Since I need to do some personal necessity this morning, I was forced to wake up to go to the bathroom. I did not went back to bed anymore and decided to take my tea time. While eating two toasted bread with butter and marmalade on it, I was also listening to the radio. There were  good songs played  that morning especially from Adele and Bastille.

After taking my light breakfast, I did the laundry. Now, it is done but still need to be folded. I was also dusting my ceramic and porcelain collections from Italy and Poland. The vitrine or glass cabinet was also cleaned. I can't imagined the dirt and dust with all of these stuffs. I am glad that I already started the ones in the dining room.

After that, I started cooking for lunch. I only cooked scrambled eggs with onion and tomato. I also had some bacon and German sausages. Since there were rice left-over, I did fried it and had a delicious fried rice with Paela powder.

This afternoon, I already started my online tasks including  blog hopping and updating some blogs as well. It is almost dinner time now. I need to prepare for dinner before DH comes.

Probably, this evening I will be watching  my favorite TV channel, the Welt Spiegel or World Mirror. It is actually a news reportage from around the world.

I guess that is all for now. I have to sign-off for awhile and prepare  our dinner. I wish everyone a great month of February, full of love, contentment, happiness and blessings!

Take care everyone!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Goodbye May, Hello June

The month of May is finally over. I hope that you all had a good month of May. The last day of May was rainy in our place in Bavaria, Germany. There was a strong rain accompanied with strong wind, lightnings and thunders. It was so far the strongest rain I experienced since living in this country. I guess some people were scared during that natural phenomenon. I heard over the radio that it brought some damages in the nearby places.

The sixth month of the year is finally here. The first day of June was quite rainy and cloudy almost the whole day in our place. I never saw sunshine today compared to the past days in May. The rain yesterday and today made our garden happy. I can almost see the plants and the flowers smiling in our garden..wink!

Don't you know that the month of June was named after the Roman goddess Juno? She is the wife of Jupiter, equivalent to the Greek goddess Hera. June is also known as the month of marriages. Some considered it a good luck to get married during this month.

If you are born in June, your horoscope is Cancer and your birthstones are the pearl, the Moonstone (gemstone), and the Alexandrite which means health and longevity. Its birth flowers are the honeysuckle and the rose.

I wish everyone a good start and overall a great month of June.

Here is my yellow rose for all birthday celebrants for the month of June. This is one of the roses in our garden. All the best to all of you!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Beautiful Sunday

It is indeed a beautiful Sunday! The weather was a bit chilly in the afternoon as we went walking. When the cold air blows, you can feel it in your skin. Good that I wore a wind breaker during our walk. The weather was friendly overall because we had sunshine the whole day.

I also did some laundry and a bit cleaning in the morning. During lunch time, a friend called me to have lunch in their house. That was a good lunch because it was exactly the food that I am planning to cook today. I ended up not cooking anymore. Thanks a lot Jo for the lunch and the chitchatting.

The two hours walk we had on the hills was also a very good exercise. At the same time, we also enjoyed seeing the nature around. I guess I need to always go walking now because the weather is getting very better since the past weeks.

The bridge where we always pass everytime we go walking. It is slowly getting green in our surrounding. I am happily savoring the spirit of spring season. I love it especially when I see the flowers blooming in our garden.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What's Up

Good evening folks! It seems that I am always busy most of the time. Yes, I am! and truly very very busy. I had quite a scary experience some minutes ago. I guess scary is not really the adjective for it. I was just nervous after knowing that I can't already view one of my sites. I felt so uneasy because I thought, I already lost that site of mine. Good to know that after a thorough investigation, it is still available. It was a false alarm. I wish to share the whole story in my other blog tomorrow. I am quite tired and sleepy now after having a long day and night. Goodnight Europe!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Etcetera

I just remember that today is the last day of January. Wow, the Month of Hearts is coming very soon. Anyway, not that much for my Monday. I did some cleaning in the house and a bit cooking too. I thought I need a spyderco delica but I found the same in our kitchen. It took me some hours to do the cleaning because there are a lot of stuffs that made me some traffics. I am happy that I accomplished some things today. Being a housewife is truly a full time job. I remember that words when my friend told me about that last time. Thanks to hubby because he also helps me in doing some household chores. Happy Monday everyone!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Goodbye August, Hello September!

September is finally here! August is over! thus, I am saying goodbye August and hello September. I hope that last month was a great one for you. If you have to ask me about it, I would say that it was truly one of the greatest month for me. I did accomplished some things again and I am quite contented with it. I am also hoping for a wonderful month of September. I hope you too. For now, I have nothing to ask for except for good health always for me, my family, relatives and friends. I am thankful to God that even we have a simple life, happiness and contentment are always there. Lastly, I also wish everyone a wonderful month of September. More blessings to come and good health always to all of us! Take care folks!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Talking with HB

Wow, I can't imagine that July is already here! I hope you had a great start of the month. I just watched a very good TV program tonight. While watching, I was the same time talking with HB. I told him that the man in the TV program needs a hair growth shampoo because he is quite bald. HB answered that its his problem and I don't have to worry about it. What a smart answer. I am thankful that I still have a quite black thick hair. Anyway, the TV program that we watched was a very informative one. Now it is over and it is time for me to slowly give you some updates. More in my other sites.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Busy Busy Busy Friday

Life has been quite busy for me the past days. I have some errands to do and most of the time this week, I am working in our garden. I also have a house to clean, go grocery shopping, wash the dishes, cook for food, etcetera! What else does a housewife do? but I am telling you guys, I am enjoying my life. I don't really feel bored even I am just staying at home. I don't understand why other women who are so busy in their house and with their children still have the time to gossip and making false stories of other people. That is worst especially if you are doing it to your neighbor and all the words and stories you are talking are all lies.Right guys? This is nonsense! I better stop my rants now before it is getting deeper. I only want to share good things here if possible..wink! I am trying.

Anyway, I am a SAHW or a Stay At Home Wife. I have a quite, peaceful and happy life with my hubby. We are having a simple but happy and contented living. So what else? I am always busy with my life both online and offline. I am happy today that I was able to surf for
digital cameras. I am already eyeing to order one in a couple of weeks. I am just hoping that I can have a Lens camera that I always wanted. For now, I am slowly saving and setting aside some bucks to buy it soon. Lastly, sorry to my blogger friends whom I still did not visit. I will visit you as soon as I can. I am just having a busy life this spring time. I truly appreciate your presence in my blogs. Thanks for everything!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Our Paper Container was Forgotten

Good evening everyone! I hope you had a great day today. It is almost ending in Europe and I am still here to give you some updates. I was waken-up by a familiar sound of a vehicle this morning. Yesterday our trash was picked-up. Normally today is also the collection of paper and cartoon container. As I heard the loud sound of the truck that collects paper and cartoons, I immediately woke-up and check our paper container in the garage. My husband forgot to put it outside for collection. Well, can't do anything now the truck is away. Next month again. I better search for best diet pills before I sign-off for tonight. I wish everyone a very pleasant evening! take care guys!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Visit To Our Doctor

How's everyone doing out there? I hope that you are all doing great! If you have to ask me..I guess not too bad compared to the past days. I am still recovering from cough and colds until now. Yesterday I had the chance to visit our doctor for some medical prescriptions. After taking some medicines yesterday until today, I really feel very better. Thanks also to our dear Lord for making me well and better again. I also had some important medical papers to get from our doctor. It was my husband's check ups and x-rays which are needed by our lawyer.

I hope that you are enjoying your day today no matter what. It is still raining outside. I am just doing some things inside the house. I have a lot of back logs after being sick for some days. Happy Tuesday to all and I'll see you soon again!

Before I forget, I would like to thank all the visitors, readers, commenters and all blogger friends who extend their warm thoughts and caring in all my blogs..Thanks a lot guys! truly appreciate it! I will visit you soon!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Suffering in Silence "Again"

Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing great! I am not really feeling good until now. I have a running nose that runs how many kilometers till now.hehehe! but see I can still manage to smile..wink! My cold started last night. I don't know why..or maybe the sudden change of weather again. Yesterday was a very warm sunny day and suddenly last night the rain start pouring again. Until now, it is still showering a bit and the sky is gray....typical weather in Germany. I don't know but I already consumed two boxes of tissues for my nose. I am already tired of sneezing the whole day. My nose is getting red and quite painful now. I am feeling very tired but still manage to do blogging..wink!

I had a short nap this afternoon. I want to take a rest again but my eyes are still wide awake as I was lying down. I decided to go online and update some of my blogs...Now I am almost gone and promise to slowly sign-off and go to bed early tonight. We will go early tomorrow for crystal shopping in Neustadt. I hope I will feel better and back to normal health when I wake up tomorrow. I wish you all a lovely evening! have a wonderful weekend too! Tschuss!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Have a Safe and happy Weekend!

I just wish each and everyone a safe and happy weekend! Before I sign-off for tonight, I am sharing this joke to stretch the muscles in your face! Thanks to arcamax for sharing this. Have fun everyone!

"Dumb Jock

The huge college freshman figured he'd try out for the football team. "Can you tackle?" asked the coach.

"Watch this," said the freshman, who proceeded to run smack into a telephone pole, shattering it to splinters.

"Wow," said the coach. "I'm impressed. Can you run?"

"Of course I can run," said the freshman. He was off like a shot, and in just over nine seconds, he had run a hundred yard dash.

"Great!" enthused the coach. "But can you pass a football?"

The freshman rolled his eyes, hesitated for a few seconds. "Well, sir," he said, "if I can swallow it, I can probably pass it."

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Good Trivia To Share

I wish to share these good information called trivia which are forwarded in my email. Actually it is a subscribed mail from arcamax and I want to post it here for general information before I delete it. time to go now! take care everyone!

How small are redwood seeds?

The seed of the redwood trees are so small that 123,000 of them weigh scarcely a pound.

Who signed the first U.S. passport?

Until the Middle Ages, passports were given only to the privileged well-to-do. In 1215, the Magna Carta established that "All merchants are to be safe and secure in leaving and entering England." One of the earliest U.S. passports on record was issued in France in 1778. It was signed by Benjamin Franklin, Arthur Lee, and John Adams.

What is the Bible's shortest verse?

The King James version of the Bible has 50 authors, 66 book, 1,189 chapters, and 31,173 verses. The shortest verse in the Bible consists of two words: "Jesus wept" (John 11:35).

How quickly do London cabbies drive?

London cabbies estimate their average driving speed to be 9 miles per hour due to increasing traffic congestion.

Where is the world's largest pyramid?

The largest pyramid in the world is not in Egypt but in Cholulu de Rivadahia, Mexico. It is 177 feet tall and covers 25 acres. It was built sometime between 6 and 12 A.D.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Weekend To All!

TGIF is almost ending! I wish everyone a very happy and blessed weekend. I have to sign-off now. I can't stay too long anymore. I am just so tired today after a very bad migraine attack yesterday until this morning! I am just thankful that I am very better now..Nod perfectly fine but very better! take care guys! I will give you more updates maybe tomorrow. Feel free to visit my other blogs for more updates. Thanks a lot for everything especially to the viewers, visitors, readers and all online and offline friends who keep on visiting my blogs..tschuss!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

How About a Beauty Tip This Weekend

I guess most women have problem fixing their hair especially if they are in a hurry. I got the same problem sometimes. I have a very long hair until below my waist line. What I do sometimes is to pull my chop sticks and twist and clip it...very easy! here's a weekend beauty tip of what what you can do more with your hair..

Quick Hair Tip

If you can't get your hair to "do its thing" in the morning, invest in some hair clips and decorative sticks. It only takes a minute to twist your hair back and clip it into place, and the right hair accessories can still make your 'do look sophisticated. Use a bit of hairspray if you're worried about fly-aways.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Just Some Updates!

Thank God it's Friday! I guess this is true for all employees who have off during the weekend like my husband. I know we will be busy this weekend because there are some things to do in the garden like mowing and cleaning. I got an easy but busy day today. As usual when I woke-up in the morning, I have to drink a cup of tea with some cookies this time instead of toasted bread. After I took my breakfast, I make me ready to go to the bank for a money transfer of what I ordered last night in the internet. I ordered some computer accessories. I also went to our beautiful church and lit some candles and offered prayers. After a bit of walking, I decided to cook special for lunch. This is special for me because I only eat it once in a while. My friend, Maria just came back from a vacation to our home country and brought me some "daing and tuyo" or bulad in our dialect. I cooked a lot and I also have some boiled mono beans with pork meat. What happened during my lunch? I got a "daing and tuyo" fiesta..I ate a lot again! I woke-up this morning and told myself to start losing weight but here I am again eating too much! Would you think the best weight loss pills will really help? Short break for now..It's dinner time! see you later again for more updates!

Black Women are also Beautiful!

“Sponsored post. All opinions are mine.” I can't imagine that weekend is almost ending! And yes, it is the last weekend of the Janu...