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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Jewelry as a Birthday Present

It seems like yesterday when I celebrated my memorable birthday. In almost two weeks from now, I will be celebrating it again. This year, I know for sure, there will be no party to take place. I already did my party in advance and I guess, it is enough. I am quite sure, I will get a nice present from a special someone. It might be one of those promise rings that I always wanted. I will see. Jewelry is always a  perfect  present for any occasion and for sure women will surely be happy if they receive one.  Right ladies?

Have a nice day!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Back to the Blogosphere!

I am officially back to the blogosphere! The great vacation is over and I have to accept the fact that I am back to reality now. It was over a week after I adjusted mostly everything from the weather to the change of time especially the time to sleep, food, environment and more. I am glad I am back to my normal life again in Europe.

It was a long 6-week holiday and it was not easy for me adjusting with many things. I am glad and thankful that finally, I am also slowly getting back my life online. The first days when  I arrived back to my second home last week, I even don't have the lust to open my laptop. I did not bothered to do it because I want to have a rest from that very tiring but awesome and superb holiday.  It was indeed a bash!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Good Site for Senior Housing Software

I was reading a health magazine last week and I find it quite interesting. Hey, I am not a senior yet but it is good to know things about the seniors and elderly. We are all going to that stage of life when His Highness permits. If you are searching for some good information or trying to find a senior housing software, might help you.  You can check their products and services  in the internet for more information.

I am trying to decide  after my vacation if I will also engage  with a job in relation to working with the  seniors.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Knowing this Musical Instrument Called Cello

Have you tried watching  an orchestra show? Did you experience watching a musician who plays a musical instrument called Cello? If you ask me, I haven't been to an orchestra but a good friend of mine experienced one in Prague, Czech republic.

One time when I was watching a musical show on television, I saw someone who beautifully played the cello. I admired her for her performance which was really fantastic.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Getting to Know a Brass Instrument

 Anyone who loves to play any musical instruments out there? I wish I am a musician who can play such instruments like brass, guitar, piano, organ, etcetera,  but I am not. I had witnessed a lot o festivals and events in Europe and had seem many musicians who played various musical instruments.

I am always amazed seeing people who especially play brass instruments. For some reasons, it always wows me when I see one playing it. If I am not mistaken, I witnessed musicians who played the best used brass instruments in many festivals in Bavaria, Germany especially in their so-called Volksfest, translated as "People's festival" in English. This usually happens in summer.

According to my bestfriend wikipedia, " brass instrument is a musical instrument that produces sound by sympathetic vibration of air in a tubular resonator in sympathy with the vibration of the player's lips. Brass instruments are also called labrosones, literally meaning "lip-vibrated instruments".

Music Instruments, Unique Presents for Christmas

This is exactly what I am thinking and looking for. Music instruments are unique gift ideas especially to your love ones who love playing such gadgets. This reminds me of a relative who loves to play a saxophone and a clarinet. This music accessories at legieri reeds is a perfect site to search for it. Their bestseller which is the Legere Signature Series Tenor Saxophone Reed with a natural sound and feel seems a perfect present for my sister-in-law who loves  to play this instrument.

Now, I have the best idea on what to give this coming Christmas season! I hope you are slowly feeling the spirit of holiday season. I do! Have a great day!

Christmas Lights Are On Now

Christmas decors in our dining window.
I believed some of you had already put-out your Christmas lights. Some might have their indoor or outdoor lights turning-on every night. I already did but we only have indoor Christmas lights! I am actually done decorating the house with Christmas decors since last month.  I am  happy that I did the decorations  earlier.

I would love to put-out next year some outdoor outdoor lights. This is the reason why I was browsing last night some Vistosi lights at They have a lot of choices from outdoor to indoor lights. If you are also looking for chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lights and more.

Hopefully, I can put-out some outdoor Christmas lights next year!  Happy holidays!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Wish to Watch A Concert This Holiday Season

Someone asked me what I want this coming holiday season. Well, that is a very good idea asking me what I want. I want some things but I don't want to spend money in things that I really don't need. I would love to have something quite unique this Christmas.

This week, I received a pamphlet stating a lot of concerts and shows this Christmas season near our area especially in the nearby big city. I would love to watch a concert where famous musicians or entertainers perform. I would love to especially see performers playing musical instruments. While thinking of this, I can't imagine one of them might get their stagg drum at musicians friend. It is quite a good choice if they shop their instruments and gadgets in this famous online music  store.

Last year, I did able to watch a choir performance singing all Christmas songs in the church. There was no entrance fee required but you can give donations if you want to.  I hope,  I can do it again this year if I cannot really watch a concert. Wish me luck!

Christmas Presents for my Family

I am glad that my big package of over a hundred kilos already arrived safely to my family back home. It just arrived perfect on time before Christmas. It contained some of my presents to them from watches to cellphones, chocolates, canned goods, clothing, kitchen utensils, various food items and more.

Today, I chatted with some family members over skype and they told me that they have been distributing it to the whole family and relatives. There are still some things they are wishing this holiday season. I am thinking of buying wholesale earrings for my sisters, my mother and some closed friends and relatives. Of course, I won't be buying the expensive ones but probably earrings that are made of silver 925 are already great presents to them. What do you think folks?

Happy holidays!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Need To Visit A Furniture Store

It quite been a long time since I did not visited a furniture store. There is one in the nearest town but everytime I go there, time is always short for me. I do grocery shopping once or twice a week and also run errands at the same time like paying bills at the bank, buying medicines and other important appointments.

The furniture store is quite big and if I go there I really need more time especially in window shopping. Sometimes  I just go there to gett ideas about home design. I want to spend more time looking for the best stuffs I need before I decide to buy it. For example a cushion foam to buy can be found there but I always compare different brands and prices. I always consider the quality and sometimes got lucky of buying cheap products but are of good quality.

I will see if I can go there next week.

Never Too Late to Send Christmas Cards

I heard over the radio today that it is 13 days more before Christmas day. It just reminded me that I need to still do some things before it comes. It seems that I am too busy with many things both online and offline that I haven't started writing wishes on Christmas cards yet. I believed it is still not too late to do it and send some Christmas cards to family and good friends.

Next year, I am planning to do my own Christmas cards. That is the reason why I am looking for design online so I can have some ideas on what to do. I am not really a good designer but sometimes if I have the appetite to do things like designing, I can always try to do it good. Before weekend comes, I hope I can already finish everything about writing Christmas cards.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wood Pellet Oven is in Full Blast Now

The weather is truly getting very cold the past days and weeks. I can no longer wear shirt and short outside. lolz! Autumn signals that the cold winter season is coming soon! Are you ready for winter?

Our wood pellet oven which serve as our main heater at home.
I can say, yes, we are ready for winter now. Winter tires are already on in our cars. The shovel for snow is ready for cleaning and shoveling snow anytime it drops on our driveway and pathway.

More on that,  our pellet oven is in full blast at the moment. We don't use anymore our fireplace since two years ago. We are very happy with our wood pellet oven now as the main heating furnace in our home. I was only curious about this fireplace mantel shelves at agee woodworks. I visited their site and found very nice mantels for fireplaces. I wish we can use our fireplace again.

Another heater that we are using at home are electric heaters. Every room has one of this. We are turning it on  when the weather really gets freezing cold or below sub-zero  temperature.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Garden Clean-up is Almost ready!

Thanks to the good weather the past days. Also big thanks to the good man in the house who helped me with the garden clean-up. Almost everything is ready now for the coming winter. Flowers pots and some garden decors were already put in the storage.

Since the leaves falling from trees are still not over, we will wait a bit  to clean-up everything. Hopefully before the end of October, everything will be done. Before that, I still need to check reid for some hardware stuffs we need and also some garden tools I need for spring time. I know I can find a lot of these stuffs online.  Thanks to my laptop and internet connection, shopping at home is very convenient now.

Cheers and enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Getting Ready for the Party

Hosting a party is sometimes not easy especially if you don't plan it ahead. This is the reason why I planned for any big event or celebration some weeks and even months in advance. I thankful that there are also good friends who are helping me out.

In every party that I host or attend with, there are always entertainment. For us, singing with the karaoke or videoke is always present. Depending on the song played, we also dance with it especially if it is a disco music and the like. I wish I order this good Allen &  Heath Pro Audio at musician's friend so that it will add fun to our party. Having good sound systems and music instruments also add fun and success to a celebration.

I will see what will happen to my birthday party this coming weekend. I am quite excited about it. And yes, sumptuous and yummy foods will surely be prepared! Good luck to us and cheers for my big day!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I Love This Festival In Regensburg

Regensburg Dultfest.
I  was thinking  awhile ago how many times did I already visited this festival. The Regensburg Dultfest is one of the first big fairs in  Bavaria, Germany.  It is like a little Oktoberfest but more family-friendly. This is one of the many festival in Germany  where I visited most of the times.

One of the things I like when I go to festivals like this is to listen to their live band in a  so-called fest tent  or festival tent.  I already love to listen  to Bavarian folk songs. Maybe some of these musicians are using  yamaha standard trumpet mouthpiece. I always see  them  perform on stage using trumpets, guitars, piano, drums  and other kinds of music instruments.

I don't usually drink beer but I love going inside the beer tents to hear  the beating of the drums and the music played by the live bands. 

If you are visiting Germany take the chance to visit some of  its festival to experience German culture. I have here an image from the Regensburg Dultfest during our visit last  year.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Karaoke Singing at the Party

I am quite sad that some good friends left already. I have to accept the fact that life is like that. People come and go in our lives. What are left now are the memories and photos from the past. I was browsing some old pictures taken during the past parties I had with friends.

yummy foods  during a party.
Of course everytime there is a party, karaoke singing is always present. I wish there is somebody who can play guitar in the next parties. I would love to also recommend a good left handed acoustic guitar at musicians friend. Anybody looking for this kind of guitar out there? I have some good friends who are musicians and can really play guitars. The are members of a band in my home country. I hope to see them again once I  go for a vacation there.

For now we will just enjoy our karaoke singing everytime there is a party. OOpps..another party is coming this Sunday!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Need to Print Labels

This is one thing I am planning to do. I wanted to organize many things especially in my working room which is also my computer room and my little library. I have a collection of books and magazines including travel books and guides. I also collect postcards from the countries I visited in the past. I believed I need a sort of a label printing online to slowly organize all my stuffs by labeling it. I already found a cheap printing at I have to think first the style and the color of the labels that will fit my working room.

Talk to you later folks because I need to find ideas about my labels. I know there are a lot to choose from and I wanted the best of it. Have a nice day!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Finally Done with the Walling in our Patio

Another project is finally done again. We saw last time a clear plastic walling for our double purpose garage/patio which are on sale. Hubby decided to go to the store while I was away on vacation the other week. He also window shopped for industrial rubber hoses for our garden. He is planning to buy one since it is difficult to water the plants and flowers in our garden especially in this very hot summer season.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Joined Postcard Enthusiasts Group in Facebook

I am a  travel blogger and I do surely love collecting postcards from all the places I visited.  I also joined some groups of postcrossers   in facebook. Members are  located worldwide. I would love o exchange postcards with any of them soon. For this reason, I am trying to search for cheap postcard printing where I can print all the photos I made from my travels.I guess printing my own postcards is cheaper.

The other week, I also sent some postcards to blogger friends. I hope they can receive it soon. Last week, I also receive from a blogger friend a postcard from the Philippines. I was so happy when I read  her messages on the postcard.

With these group of Postcard  Enthusiasts in facebook, I hope to send and receive postcards soon.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Right Clothes on Cold Rainy Days

Yes, its raining dogs and cats in our area! Just kidding folks! But the truth is, our weather is not really friendly the past days. It has been raining for weeks now and I am not happy about it. You need a good rain coat if you want to go walking under the rain. Hubby said Goretex Jacket is a good brand.  I have some rain coats but not this brand. I might be thinking of getting one.

I heard over the radio that many areas  in Bavaria are flooding right now due to continuous heavy rain the past days. Pity for those who are affected by this. I am thankful that we are doing fine.

If you are visiting Europe, be sure to have the right clothes with you. Wearing  clothes  which  are perfect  for the weather  will surely make your trip a happy one.

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