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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Trip To The Baltic States- The Center of Europe

Our trip to the Baltic States is finally booked. After convincing hubby that we will go there for our vacation this year, he did not hesitated about it. And yes,  we had a unanimous decision.It will be a 6-day trip on September 2012. We will be visiting some of the cities and towns in the Baltic region.

One of the cities that we will be visiting is Klaipeda. It is the third largest city of Lithuania situated at the mouth of Dane River that flows into the Baltic Sea. Our tour guide will surely show us the sights in this city.

The Curonian Spit is also included in this holiday package. It is very interesting to know that it is home to the highest moving (drifting) sand dunes in Europe. I would surely love to see this wonderful landscape soon. The Curonian Spit is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is shared by two countries, Lithuania and Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia in the southern part.

Riga, the capital and largest city of Latvia is also included in our travel itinerary. It is known as the Paris in the Baltic. We will be seeing the its historical center which is also included in the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania is another highlight in this trip. It is dubbed as the "Jerusalem of the North". I would love to see some of its famous sights like the Gediminas Castle, Vilnius Cathedra, St. Ann's Church, Three Crosses Hill and more. I hope we can have more time to go around its Old Town.

Other places that we will be visiting are Kaunas, Siauliai (known in German as Berg der Kreuze) and  some sidetrips to Hamburg and Kiel in Germany.

If you plan to visit  the Baltic States, you can surely find cheap flights in any airports like in Riga and Vilnius. Try to read  flight reviews  online especially on  the different carriers that fly to the Baltic capitals.

I can't wait to visit these countries in a few months. I am quite excited especially  because this will be  my first time to go there. Travel images will be shared after our trip!

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