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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Starting Over Again

I went shopping today. Me and a friend drove to Donaueinkaufszentrum, a mall in Regensburg. We should normally go out yesterday but due to some reasons, I just can't besides that I am also very busy. On the way to Regensburg, we have been talking about health matters. I also told her that I am always starting over again and again with my diet plan. We also talked about health matters like colon cleanse, back pains, headache, menstruation and a lot more. Until we did not noticed that we are almost in Regensburg. We did not find a lot of sale in the mall. I guess the summer sale is over and we are already too late. I am still trying to buy clothing for my balikbayan boxes. I will buy tomorrow what important things that I need more and hopefully on Friday I can already start packing my Balikbayan boxes. I guess 3 to 4 are enough. I will see how many I need. Goodnight folks!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sending Balikbayan Box to the Philippines

You might know some Filipinos cultures? Filipinos always have close family ties and wherever they are around the world, they always remember their families back home. One act of showing their love is helping them. One way of helping them is sharing what they also have like sending stuffs through balikbayan boxes or in terms of financial matter. I am planning to send some boxes to the Philippines again.

 I am going home anytime this year and before I go home, I need to pack-up some boxes to send some presents. Balikbayan boxes are like shipping boxes. The only advantage with this is that there is no limit on how many kilos you want to put in the box. It is very cheaper compared to having extra baggage in the airplane which cost a lot of money. Imagine an excess kilo from Europe to Philippines ranging from 30 to 50 Euros per kilo.

It is better to have the balikbayan box where you can have 2oo kilos or more in a box. Believe me I already did that! If you need some balikbayan boxes, leave me a message here or write me an email. I can help you with that especially if you are from Germany. Have a great day to all!!

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