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Sunday, September 15, 2013

So Many Things to Learn

Wow, here we are in the second week of the first BER month. When I say BER months, I mean September, October, November and December.  I hope you are having a wonderful start of September! I believed I am,  and hoping for the rest of the year  and all the years to come to be a great one.

So as  the title of my post here which says that there are so many things to learn in life. I agree that everyday is a process of learning and I am always happy to learn  new  things.

More on that, I wish I cam learn more about computer and things in the internet. I want to learn more the many facets in  blogging, like web hosting and related topics to it. I am always thankful to some good friends who are always helping me. Truly appreciate it.

There are just a lot of things to  learn in this life.   Sometimes, we also commit mistakes and I am always trying my best to learn from it.

I just wish that I can  learn more about blogging and its many facets. I simply love to blog and share my experiences of various kinds.

I wish you all a happy Sunday and enjoy the rest of the month!

Peace in this world!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Planning for the Future

Have you heard about Harrison Barnes and his writings? If not just continue reading please. I watched last night some news on the television. Spiegel TV, a German TV program featured on its news about the millions of unemployed workers in United States especially the young ones. A lot of them are forced to enter the military just to have a job. I believed they need to have a good career advice before entering into this kind of career. There are millions of unemployed people now all over the world since the economic and financial crisis that hit us since last year. I have to admit that I am one of them. I guess I am still not too old to plan for my future. I need to have the right choice and the perfect time to start all over again. I already tried to find a job here in Europe. Since my education and work experiences are not recognized here, I need to start all over again. I even know some friends who shifted careers just to have a better job. I am happy that they are successful now. I believed it is time for me to move on and work for a better future. One step might be going back to school again.

Last night, I came across It is a blog authored by a previous asphalt worker who became a successful lawyer and CEO. His name is Harrison Barnes. I read his biography and I admired how he succeeded in his life. What caught my attention as I was reading his blog are those very interesting articles he wrote about career advice which are indispensable to job search. I truly found his topics very helpful especially to a person like me who is already frustrated in trying to find a better job. Harrison Barnes don't only offer relevant career advice but also advice on life. I wonder how he became successful and I admire him sharing his thoughts and great ideas to individuals. I also love the saying he wrote at his other site The saying goes like this, "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it, you will land among the stars." How it would be great to land on stars! I also found a lot of job tips and information at, another site which is also founded by Harrison Barnes. Just now, I discovered that working at home and earning money online is also possible in his other site named I guess this one is perfect for me. I'll see you later guys. I need to sign-up now in this site.

Lastly, I would like to apologize to all my friends online. My computer is really working very slow now. I wish to visit you soon. Have a great week too!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Simply The Best Has A New Blue Lay-out

This is another simple but beautiful lay-out made by my friend, Carlota. Thanks a lot for this wonderful lay-out. I love it very much! My apology for posting this late but I truly appreciate all your help and company in this blogging world. Thanks for sharing your talent in graphics and web design.

For those who wanted customize and professional lay-outs for their blogsites, please visit Miss Carlota's My Once again, thanks a lot my friend. I really appreciate everything!

I forgot to make a screen shot of my previous lay-out for Simply The Best. I also love that red lay-out but blue is a cooler one for the eyes. Have a great day to all! more updates in my other blogsites!


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Exchange Link Infos

I guess this is the time to clear-up this issue. To all blogger and friends especially to those who want to exchange links with me, I really appreciate if we can exchange links with each other because we all know that it is also for our own good.

I just have some clarifications about this matter. I really have a difficulty of managing my blogrolls now. As you know I have a lot of sites and I really don't have all the time to check one by one if you really added my sites to your blogroll. Just last month, I found out that there are some bloggers who added my links. I really appreciate it. Thank you very much for your time and effort. They requested me to add them also. I reciprocated to their request and added them too. I am taking a note now who are really adding me and what sites of mine do you want to add or just added.

What happened as I visited their sites again, all my links in their sites were gone. I know that there are some bloggers who lost their blogroll due to changing of templates. This happens sometimes as what I heard about other bloggers. But then, these bloggers who remove my links did not change their templates. They still have the same templates. I guess this is not fair...It is very unfair. Come one guys, we need to help each other and be mutual. The spirit of reciprocity should be present in the blogosphere. Without it, this blogging world will not be a better place to share our ideas, thoughts, opinions and our experiences too.

So please if you want to exchange links with me, I am really honored to do it. One last thing... I really appreciate it if you add first all my sites or any of my sites that you wish to be included in your blogroll. I would really be glad if you put it under the name of EUROANGEL PLUS SHORT BLOG TITLE MUCH BETTER so that when I visit your blogs and see my sites there, I will immediately add you one once given enough time. But please be patient if I can't add you as soon as possible. as what I have said. I will add you as soon as time permits. If ever I forgot to add you, I appreciate it again if you could remind me. for those who already added me and I forgot to add you, your reminder is really appreciated. Thank you very much..

For those who want to exchange links with me...let me know when your done adding and I will surely add you...but please be patient..
PLS. UNDER THE NAME BLOG TITLE much better..thanks so much! below are my URL and SHORT BLOG TITLES...HAPPY BLOGGING!! Simply The Best Euroangel Graffiti WWW Addict Daily Nourishment Euro Travel /Explore Germany Discover USA Blog Connections

Monday, September 29, 2008

Blog Stats ..Google PR Update

I guess Big G updated blogsites PR again. It is quite frustrating but this blog turn its Page rank from 2 to 0..Now so good but that happens sometimes. I am also giving you a little update about the statistics of this blog.

Google PR: 0
Alexa: 501,932
technorati: 448 (this is quite strange because before this was 666, then turned to more that 500 and then now..see that)
Yahoo backlinks: 21,167 (base on My pagerank)
Google backlinks: 232

I guess that's all the important Blogstats I can shre to you!! have a great Monday!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Blog Stats Update

Just a bit update of the statistics of this blog. Sometimes in February this blog already had a Google Pagerank 3. Sad to know that sometime in March, I loss my PR. Sometime in April, I regained my PR but it wne to down to 2.. I don't exactly know how Google computes this!! but anyway, I made a research last March about Google PR, Spam blog and Link Scams...some answers to my questions were answered.

Special thanks to Google for recognizing my blog. I believed I also deserve it since I really dedicate my time, effort and hard work in this blog.

Stats update for this blog as of today base on

PR: 2
GIP: 816
GBL: 391
YIP: 178
YBL: 17,360
ALR: 892,556
ABL: 63,004

more updates:

technorati: 665 blogcatalog: 57.2
blogworth by technorati: $186,298.20

I guess that's all for today...Oh yeah! before I forget, looking to alexa homepage my Alexa Rank is 1,094,208 compared to mypagerank which is 892,556...well don't know where is really exact...but I believed that I do good in my blog..

Lastly, I want to extend also my gratitude to all readers, visitors and blogger friends who keep on coming here...Thank you very much!!!

Have blessed Tuesday to all!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Web Designing

I always wanted to learn about web site design. I always find it exciting besides that I am also building now my sites. I admit I still have to learn a lot of things especially web developments. I hope next time I can have the time and resources to learn about all of these.

At, I found a lot of articles which are very interesting. It has a lot of informative topics raging from web design, engine optimization, SEO, Google pagerank, IP Scheme, Programming, link popularity and a lot more. I am happy visiting this site because I learned some things and got some ideas about building my sites and informations about blogging too.

What really caught my attention was the topic about Web designer's Wish. I was never into online web trainings and even don't read books, brochures and tutorials about web designing. In this post is a website where you can learn web based trainings. I will see if I can try it next time.

If you want to learn more about web site design and other internet things just like highly recommend "life is a process of learning" as the saying goes.. so are things on internet and web designing. Don't waste your time check this page now!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Best Guide to Web Hosting

Before I begin let me tell you first what web hosting service means?? Web Hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to provide their own website accessible via the World Wide Web. My purpose of telling this to you is to give you some guidance if ever you are looking for the best Web Hosting Company.

I just browse the internet and stumbled in this site named I find this site very interesting and informative especially with regards to web hosting, template designs and resources and a lot more. Well, I myself really want to learn more about custom themes, template designing and guidelines about the best web hosting company. For sure, I will keep coming back on this site.

I just admired the time and effort made by the Author of especially in searching for the best and perfect web hosting sites. Well, I guess I do the same especially if you experienced a shut down in your web hosting service. That sounds not good besides that it gives you more stress and more effort.

But now you don't need to worry looking for the best web hosting site. I recommend you to visit and you have it all!! Just a click of your mouse and you're there!! Less time less effort!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Good Morning!!!Good Morning!!!

Hi guys!! How are you doing??hope everyone is doing great this weekend especially that tomorrow is Easter Sunday!! Christ is Risen!! Really great!!!

well..well to my surprised, what I saw as I opened this blog is that I read a a message in my tag-board that I am nominated as Filipino Blog of the Week!!! I was really amazed until now!! I just feel some happiness as I know that I really work hard for this blog!! I also know that without you guys and all friends bloggers in the blogosphere , this blog is nothing!! What I can only say is that, My success is also your success!! You have been a big part on my blogging!!

I would also like to thanks especially all my blogger friends, visitors, readers, mentors and all people who help and made this blog a better one!!

Thank you very much guys for always being there!! I know saying thank you is not enough but I really appreciate everything..

Now I am asking again your help, your time and effort to please go, visit Salaswildthoughts and PLEASE VOTE FOR STARLIGHT EXPRESS!!!!

Below is the sample of the voting badge!!! Please check STARLIGHT EXPRESS


Vote Now!

Which Filipino blog would you like to be featured for week 101? [please read new rules]

Thank you very much in advance!! I really appreciate everything!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


I just visited Technorati. My old blogspot blogs which are;
are all domains now with the new domain names below;

As I want to know my authority, I just found out that both have different authorities. My old blogspots sites have higher authority than the domains.. I don't know exactly if I will put Technorati authority of both old and new websites.

What do you think dear Readers esp. bloggers who know about this???

Saturday, March 8, 2008


Hi everyone!! It's weekend again!!!

Yesterday, I was trying to review my linker or this so called-link me up for adding links/blogs.. I almost took my whole day, visiting blogs, leaving messages, commenting, and also request for add esp. that those who already put their link to my blog... a lot of blog hoppers just added their blog to mine but did not reciprocate.

I was just disappointed seeing that a lot did not link me up back. Did they not understand my instruction or request in my linker???? I know, just like me you are also very busy.. I understand that as it is also the same with my situation. My only request is.. let's just help each other building our blogs!!! but if you don't reciprocate, don't bother to add because you will also be deleted...or it might happen that I will block you in my site!!! Just let me know if you cannot add me asap and I understand that..

I really appreciate your visit here. I am very happy and glad to welcome and see you here in my place. For those who request to add their site in my normal link, please just let me know by leaving a message in my tagboard or simply post some comments in my post to request for addition here... But please if ever I forgot to add you as sometimes I am really very busy just like you, I would be happy if you remind me again!!!

I believed we all have the same aim or purpose why we are all doing this so called blogging. But I hope that you also understand what it means by RECIPROCITY. Now, I understand the comment of Mel, author of the Mondaymorning power and Big Bang meme , in one of my blogs saying that some people are just making tag or meme links/bloglinking to build more traffic for themselves and they only do it for their own good and not for the good of everybody who participate in the meme/bloglinking!! They just want to take advantage and don't reciprocate.
Mel, thanks a lot of that comment!! now I know and understand. Thank you too for the Big Bang meme!!

I believed I still have to understand a lot of things here in the blogworld. I am still very new and I would like to thank those people, fellow bloggers and friends who taught and imparted me some ideas, opinions, suggestions and teachings to make my blogging improve. I really appreciate it guys..!!! My apology if ever I was able to struck here some people!!!



Friday, March 7, 2008

I love your blog award!!

Thank You Ms. gwapa for this award :)

Since this is shared by Ms. Gwapa to all blogger friends, I believed I also have to do the same!!
Sharing this to all my friends and co-bloggers!!!:-)


Hello all!! esp. to my my friends bloggers who want to be added here.
I spend almost my time today bloghopping and adding friends who wanted to be linked here.. Please a little patient. and always remind me if I still didn't do it.. I just got cross-eyes and eyes pain sometimes looking too long in the computer which is really too bad.

I should do some add request yesterday but I was so busy even did not do blog hopping. Please don't forget to add me too esp. if you see already your links here.. I really appreciate your understanding and patient!!

I am always happy if you visit me here, make some comments and spend some times reading my posts.

Let's do blogging, have some fun and make friends online!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Awarding Time!!

The nicest thing about blogging is getting your blog recognized and appreciated. It doesn't mean that an award-giving body must give it to you but even simple reviews, compliments or personal awards are enough to make you feel special. Thanks a lot to Pinay Mommy who shared me these awards..very much appreciate!!!










Since, these awards are better shared with friends, I am sharing this to all my linkies esp. to Bisdak family and all blogger friends...grab it now guys!!!...and please leave a comment here what awards you grab...Thanks!!:

Thanks a lot for always visiting me here..I am really happy if you always do!!

Please leave me a comment to tell me what have you grabbed. (NOT IN THE CBOX). Thanks again!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Big Bear Hug

I got this big bear hugs from my new found sweet friend Norms today. Thanks a lot Norms for this great hug award!! I really appreciate it!!!

Now I am passing this tag to my very special friends..Pinay Mommy, Amy, Elizabeth, Twinkletoe, LUTCHI, lily, Angel Carlson, and the most special one Lost Thoughts of Carlota.

Pleas accept my hug and have a great evening!!!

Switching for Lowest Possible Price Insurance!!

I had a car accident last year. I mean, I hit a car while backing-up. It happened so quick. Before there was no car that was parking there as I went inside my car but as I was backing up, it was already there so quickly that I did not notice it. The car was parked in a prohibited small street. Normally he must not park there. We called the police to report the incident. The police said that, it was my biggest fault because I hit a car that is not moving. Partly it was also the fault of the other driver who parked his car in a prohibited place.

I am thankful that I have an insurance. The police said, that I might not pay for all of the damages because it was also the fault of the other driver. I also reported it immediately to my insurance company to take-care of the damages and everything. In Germany and I believed in most part of Europe, if somebody want to own a car he must also have an insurance for that. It simply means "No insurance, No car".

I paid a lot on my car insurance alone, not including my other insurances such as life and accident insurances. We also have a family insurance and a lot more. You cannot live especially in Germany or almost member countries of European Union if you don't have insurances just like health insurance.

If you are looking for the lowest possible price insurance, just visit Van Insurance. They offer varieties of your insurance needs such as for Van, car, trucks, bike, home, travel, commercial and a lot more of insurances. Just like for Van insurance, they offer the lowest possible price for it.

You don't only have a cheaper Van Insurance with the same level of coverage but above all the excellent and world class services they offer. They even offer promotional and special discounts until 70% for new policies.

Why not take the opportunity that Van Insurance offers. You only don't get excellent services but also cheaper prices!! Visit now their site and you see the difference!!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

I Finally Made It to 3P!!!

Did you hear something about PPP or payperpost?? I already heard about it from my friends online who do blogging. At that time I heard it, I still don't have a blog, way back around three months ago. I consider myself new to the blogging world. In fact, I consider each day a process of learning.

But anyway, I submitted my blog to payperpost last January 2008 but it was rejected because it is still very young and don't meet their requirements for a 3 months old blog to be approved. Until I read last week that they already accept starting February 2008 blogs that are even one month old.

I resubmitted my blog yesterday and today I was surprised to check my email that it was already approved. I just feel great after I joined one of the best advertiser in the industry. I always love to write anything that comes out of my mind. First, I just want to write a blog to express myself, my ideas, thoughts, opinions and personal experiences but then I decided to monetize my blog through payperpost. Thanks a lot to all my blogger friends who give me the push to join payperpost.

With my earnings here, I can now start to save money to buy a new laptop and my dream camera with lens. I also want to impart my talents and writing skills to payperpost of all the things that I love to write, the very reason why I joined them. I learned that through blogging and payperpost, I can't only meet new friends but also earn extra money.

Come join me now!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Friends Links!!

hello dear bloggers!!
Since linker is always down...I want to move all the lists below to my permanent please just be patient!! I will be working on it!!!! I will still not remove this on my don't worry just be happy!!! okikz and have some fun!!! thanks for linking me too!!! i hope??? take care everyone!!

abby's POV corner
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Bisdak's Footprints
Digital Polaroids
My Virtual Journal
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Precious Diamond
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Friday, February 29, 2008

It's all about Blogging!!

Hallo Leute (a German word which mean Hello people)!!! How it is going!! Time is really running so fast!! today is already the end of the month..Tomorrow is another month!! wow, I can't believed that this blog is already three months old. I enrolled this last November 29, 2007. I wrote my first blog last Nov. 30, '07.

I can still say, Life is a process of learning so is blogging. I admit I still need to learn about the crazy blogging world..yah, it's crazy but it's a lot of fun. Besides that I also met here a lot of wonderful and nice people.

Blogging is my life in cyberspace where I can write anything, about my ideas, thoughts, opinions, insights, outlook and even my own personal experiences. Besides that I really don't have a lot of friends here in Germany, only a few to mention.. so computer and internet and this so called blogging is now a part of my world and daily life. It is one of my bestfriend.

I just wanted to express my thanks and gratitude to all people who discover and invented this kind of technology. Thank you very much! I remember in my WWW addict, I wrote something like this; just browse and you will find...anything that matters in this vast Universe is at your you believe in this guys?? I mean with this, is that any infos you need to know or simply anything you want to know in this universe, you can already search for it in the internet...No doubt, I can say, it is my cyber friend!!!

After this blog I also authored some more other blogs..just a total of 8 blogs.. These are the ones that made my days so busy!! a few to mention are the following blogs I authored; so please visit them if you have the chance and time.

WWW addict
* in this blog you can find some informations of just about anything.

My Daily Nourishment
* you can find here bible messages, inspirational quotes and sayings, stories and a lot more..this site serves as my inspirational site when I am down, feeling sad, or just simply be happy!!

Euroangel Graffiti
* this is my photoblog that includes anything that catches my camera. I love to take pictures of anything that I find interesting and nice.

My Euro Travel and Adventure
* my newest blog which is still under construction..this includes the different places I had been too esp. in Europe and probably around the world when given the time and resources. This blog will also provide tips about travelling, some histories of different places, culture and tradition and a lot more about travel and sightseeings.

Simply the Best
* don't forget to mention my Simply the Best..this is a general blog about anything in this world..

I will mention next time here my other blogs once, it is already in a good look besides that they are also under construction..

So guys, please join me in my journey in this blogging world..this blogs also serve as my daily diary of all the things that happens to me everyday!!

Lastly, I would like to extend my grateful thanks to all my dear readers, visitors, commentators, online friends, fellow bloggers and all friends around who always visit me here and join my journey..

Vielen Dank!! Maraming Salamat Po!! Gracias!! Daghang Salamat!! Madamo nga Salamat Gid!! Thank you very much!! Merci!! Gracies!! Arigato.....well if you want to look for Thank you in different languages just visit here.

take care guys!! Wish you in advance a very nice weekend!!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008


I always have tags and awards from my friends online. I guess it's time for me now to give one..
I just have a very simple present.. not really an award but to let you know all that you are always remembered and treasured in this crazy world of Blogging!!

"I would rather have one rose and a kind word
from a friend while I'm here
than a whole truck load when I'm gone!!"

THESE ARE FOR YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And don't tell me you're too busy for this.
Don't you know the phrase
'stop and smell the flowers'?
See how many bouquets you end up with!

"Happiness keeps you Sweet,
Trials keep you Strong,
Sorrows keep you Human,
Failures keep you Humble,
Success keeps you Glowing,
But Only God Keeps You Going! "

And the most exciting part!!! I am giving this present to the following friends
twinks, Angel, Amor, Lolli, lily, LUTCHI, Elizabeth, Amy, Princessm, Joy, Surigaobabe, Utah Mommy, Carlota..

Black Women are also Beautiful!

“Sponsored post. All opinions are mine.” I can't imagine that weekend is almost ending! And yes, it is the last weekend of the Janu...