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Friday, September 10, 2010

Sis Got a New Lexus

Good evening folks! It is TGIF again. Another weekend is coming soon. I believed this will be another great weekend for me. There are already plans for this weekend. Some friends are already excited about it. I'll tell you once it did happened already. Anyway, I was surprised as my sister posted an image in her Facebook album showing her new Lexus car. I hope she bought an affordable car insurance for her new car. I am happy for my sister because one of her dreams did came true. This year, they also transferred to a new house and now she has her new car, these are quite great accomplishments for her. I left some messages in her facebook profile telling her that I will ride in her new car once I visit Las Vegas next time. Have a lovely weekend to all! Have fun too!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Crack on my Windshield

I finally brought my car to the Auto repair shop last Monday owned by hubby's twin sister. I had a crack on my car's windshield since last year and finally had the chance to have it repaired this week. We are very happy to know that we will not be paying any amount for the repair because we have a comprehensive insurance for my car. The money that we thought we will be paying for the repair might be used in other things like buying a pronexin this time for my sister. I am happy to pick-up again my car this afternoon when hubby will be home from his work to drive me to the car shop. That is the advantage of having a car insurance because you don't have to worry too much when emergencies like this will happen.

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