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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Health Conscious

Our system is changing especially when we are aging. Sometimes, we already feel a lot of pains in our body. I am thankful that my backpain is not anymore attacking me but sometimes I experience pain in my left shoulder. That is also the reason why I am getting conscious about my health now. As much as possible, I am trying to eat more fruits and vegetables everyday. Unless when there is a party, I can't say no to delicious foods. I also realized the importance of having insurance especially health insurance. It depends on the coverage and company of your health insurance, sometimes the benefits varies. There is this so-called NC short term health insurance especially for students. It just reminded me to convince my sister who is back to school now to get one like this. Getting ready in times of emergency is always the best defense. Right folks?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Americans Discovering Cheap Alternative Treatments

The United States is known for it's high technology health care, but many people are now being turned off by that and seeking a more ancient approach. When new treatments come with large costs that can't be paid with a simple short term payday loan, and instead require that you get a second mortgage, it's time to seek alternatives. In fact, many Americans are finding that other countries can offer them some treatments that seem to work well for them, even if the FDA won't endorse them as being official medical treatments.


Acupuncture works on the Chinese principle of an energy that runs through the body that can experience blockages, causing diseases. While Americans in the past thought that was weird, these days it's very popular. People in China have long used it to control pain, remove wrinkles, and even treat allergies. The effectiveness of the treatment is an individual perception, but everyone can easily tell that the cost is much less than conventional medicines. Plus, there are no side effects.

Herbals and Solutions

For those people without a proper health care plan, a simple antibiotic may not just be about the cost of the actual antibiotic, but also the necessary trip to the doctor that can easily range in the hundreds of dollars. Some natural health enthusiasts use colloidal silver as a natural antibiotic since it was the choice of treatment before the others came into being. For people with allergies, they may take herbal solutions rather than choosing to see a allergy specialist or take an over-the-counter synthetic drug. For people who are into natural health, changing the diet is seen as the best way to prevent disease in the first place and is a very cheap way to implement health care plan at home. The choice to eat more foods grown at home or bought organic can increase the amount of nutrition available for the body while reducing the exposure to chemicals and pesticides.

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