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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Jewelry as a Birthday Present

It seems like yesterday when I celebrated my memorable birthday. In almost two weeks from now, I will be celebrating it again. This year, I know for sure, there will be no party to take place. I already did my party in advance and I guess, it is enough. I am quite sure, I will get a nice present from a special someone. It might be one of those promise rings that I always wanted. I will see. Jewelry is always a  perfect  present for any occasion and for sure women will surely be happy if they receive one.  Right ladies?

Have a nice day!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Professional Gifts for the Professional Man

No, you cannot get him a tie again this year. No, he has enough blazers. This year, when your favorite business professional’s birthday rolls around, consider getting him a present that is both fitting and original. From a new leather tote bag to ways to help him stay organized, listed below are several ideas for gifts he is sure to love.  

Personalized Items In years past you may have given him something that seems a little “cold” (like a gift card, which is great but doesn’t exactly have a personal touch). This year, warm it up with customization. For example, you could get him a portfolio with his name or initials. They might enjoy a new nameplate for their desk. Other items you could tastefully personalize include:
  • Business card holders
  • Eyeglass cases
  • Tablet or phone covers    
For Travel

Many business professionals have to hit the road from time to time, even if that just means the morning commute.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Perfect Gift for a Music-Lover

Anyone in the family who loves to play any musical instruments? His or her big day is about to come and still don't know what present you can give? You don't need to worry anymore. Choosing the perfect gift for a someone who love to play musical instruments is not that difficult.  If he or she loves to play a guitar, why not buy him/her a cool fender telecaster modern player. Who knows your loveone will develop  his/her talent for music  when he/she is practicing the right musical instrument. More on that, who knows he/she might be successful in the future . Good luck!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Music Instruments, Unique Presents for Christmas

This is exactly what I am thinking and looking for. Music instruments are unique gift ideas especially to your love ones who love playing such gadgets. This reminds me of a relative who loves to play a saxophone and a clarinet. This music accessories at legieri reeds is a perfect site to search for it. Their bestseller which is the Legere Signature Series Tenor Saxophone Reed with a natural sound and feel seems a perfect present for my sister-in-law who loves  to play this instrument.

Now, I have the best idea on what to give this coming Christmas season! I hope you are slowly feeling the spirit of holiday season. I do! Have a great day!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Presents for my Family

I am glad that my big package of over a hundred kilos already arrived safely to my family back home. It just arrived perfect on time before Christmas. It contained some of my presents to them from watches to cellphones, chocolates, canned goods, clothing, kitchen utensils, various food items and more.

Today, I chatted with some family members over skype and they told me that they have been distributing it to the whole family and relatives. There are still some things they are wishing this holiday season. I am thinking of buying wholesale earrings for my sisters, my mother and some closed friends and relatives. Of course, I won't be buying the expensive ones but probably earrings that are made of silver 925 are already great presents to them. What do you think folks?

Happy holidays!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Looking for Musical Accessories?

Some of you might be thinking what to give to a friend or family member who is a musician or someone who loves to play the guitar. There are a lot of gift ideas that are line-up for these kind of people who love to play musical instruments. Besides, it is very easy to find presents which are perfect for them nowadays. How about an affordable custom guitar straps at musicians friend? This is quite a unique gift idea and some might  forget to think about it.

You can also find related musical gadgets and accessories in many shops online. Doing so is also very easy and convenient.  Start shopping now!

Gift Idea This Holiday Season

I am still quite tired but need to hit online! I just got back from a trip last night and I guess I am still having a jet lag. It was a wonderful trip seeing many capital cities in Europe and experiencing its Christmas markets. I visited Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest. Simply lovely cities!

I should be buying there some presents for this coming holiday season but I don't have much time going around. I guess I rather browse online or try to look for this raymond weil watch at It is quite nice presents especially for men. Besides, watch is always needed everyday. I will consider my budget first because I am planning to buy two or three of these watches.

It is still not too late to shop for holiday presents. Right folks?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Presents for Baby Christening

There are just a lot of births in our area last year. Three of my friends gave birth. One was already christened last December 2011 but we were not there because we were in a trip to Spain. One is already planning for baby christening. This is also the reason why I am looking for a baby gift basket from I found nice stuffs there which are perfect as presents for baptism. I will buy some once I will be backed home next month. I guess the parents planned to have the baptism sometimes in May this year. I am quite excited about it. Looking for baby presents? There are a lot online and sometimes you are lucky to find cheap ones. Have fun shopping!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Gift Ideas

There are a lot of parties and celebrations this month. Alone this coming weekend, we are invited to attend three parties. Two will be birthday parties and the other one is a wedding anniversary. The week after that will be a baby shower for a friend. Sometimes it is just difficult to find special gifts for special people. I am also thinking what unique christmas gift ideas for men that I will be giving to hubby. I already have something in my mind but I am still deciding whether to give it or not. Anyway, I need to slowly sign-off now. I need to slowly pack the gifts to friends this weekend.

Lastly, if you have a difficulty on what to give as presents to your friend, family, colleague, wife or husband on their special day or any celebration, it is quite easy now. Simply search it online. That's what I do sometimes and it helps.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Special Gifts for Special People

Hello September! The first month of the BER months is finally here! There are special celebrations and occasions for this month. In every country for example, some festivals and events are taking place during this month.

For me, it is also special since there are friends and family members who will be celebrating their special day. I am even thinking of a girlfriend gift for an anniversary celebration. Our eldest sister will also be celebrating her birthday two weeks from now. For sure before her special day comes, the presents that I sent through Balikbayan box will already arrive. I have more bar of chocolates than before.

If you are still looking for a special gift for a special person and occasion, for sure you will find a perfect one for her/him.

Wishing everyone a lovely and safe month of September!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Birthdays are Coming Soon

I would like to greet my beloved Mother a belated happy birthday. I don't have the chance to greet her on her exact natal day because I was out of the country. I wish you always good health, love, peace and happiness. May you will have many many more birthdays to come. Two other birthdays are also coming soon. I am not sure if ashton cigars are good gift ideas because I never heard these two brothers of mine smoking. They will be celebrating their birthdays next month and I am still thinking of what to give them. Anyway, I already have something for them but the costs of sending the gifts are more expensive. They rather wait until I will send some balikbayan boxes before Christmas comes. All the best brothers!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Special Gifts for Special Occasions

There are always special gifts for special occasions. Whether you are looking for a birthday gift, wedding gift, baby shower present, christening or any special occasions like Christmas, Valentine's Day or Mother's day, there are always perfect gift ideas for these. Thanks to the invention of computers and internet where we can easily browse and shop for unique and unusual gifts for every occasion, at the comfort of our home. Another advantage is, you can have it delivered door to door in most parts of the globe.

Whether you are looking for fashion accessories, Jewellery, shoes, bags, men and women's clothing, electronics, fragrances, health and beauty, everything is just easy with a click of a mouse. There are always unique and stylish gift ideas for every need, temptations, like and sensation. The most important thing is, the person who receive the gift is happy and contented of what she has. At the same time, you as a giver is rewarded with inner gratifying glow of achievement. Isn't it nice when both parties are happy and satisfied?

Another thing is, if you don't have an idea of what to give, there are these so-called gift vouchers as alternatives. Sometimes we are confuse of what to give and we don't have an idea what a person would like to have. That is the reason why gift vouchers are created. You can order it online or you can go to a store to buy it. Everything is just easy especially to find for a unique and perfect gift for any special occasion.

Have fun shopping!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Perfect Gift Ideas for Women

Women always love something unique and lovable especially during special occasion. Whether it is a wedding anniversary, birthday, Mother's day, Valentine's Day, Christmas day or simply because you want to give something as thanksgiving to your wife, girlfriend or best friend, there are always perfect gifts to give them. You can also find plentiful gift guides online for you to determine what is the most appropriate and delightful presents you can give.

Here are some of the wonderful gift ideas you can give to women;


I believed I can't deny this, that most women love Jewellery as gift especially during special occasion. Women out there, raise your hand if you don't agree with me! I heard this a lot of times from my fellow women friends that they always wanted something that will last for years and even for a lifetime. In short, Jewellery is one of the best gift to give to women.

Perfumes and Fragrances

I once attended a party and I asked someone that she smells so good. She told me, "when other women love bags, Jewellery or shoes, my favourite is the collection of perfumes and fragrances". I was quite amazed by what she told me. Yes, I agree! I also want to smell good especially when I go out of the house. I always spray some fragrances whether a perfume or just a cologne spray. Most of us women always wanted those great smelling and branded perfumes like Prada, Chanel, Lancome, Gucci, Calvin Klein..what else ladies? I believed you always know what you wanted. Shopping online for it is also a nice idea.

Shoes and Bags

How I wish I can buy Louis Vuitton or Gucci bag! Most women I know always wanted this. I have a story to share. This elderly woman said that if ever she died, she wants to be cremated so that her family won't anymore spend for grave and coffin for her. She also mentioned a wish. "Can you please put my ashes in a Louis Vuitton or Prada bag? At least, I also experience luxury in my life." What a touching story but I heard this true from her.

Hubby also gave me a nice leather ankle boots last Christmas. He said that he always wanted me to be happy and giving presents during special occasion is worth it. I was also happy with his gift. For me the most important thing is, it always comes from the heart of the giver.

That is also the reason why shoes and bags especially beautiful and branded ones are women's weaknesses.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Party in Ktown

Its TGIF again! The first weekend of February is almost here. Special greetings to my sister for her birthday today. Happy birthday dear sister. It is a year now since I spent a birthday party with her. Hopefully next time again.

Anyway, going back to the main topic. I also reminisce our friend's birthday party in Ktown last year. Kaiserslautern is being called by American friends as Ktown. This is where one of the U.S. Base in Germany is located.

I thought that would be our friend's last birthday party celebration in Germany but they got extended for two years again. I am thinking of giving him good luck golf tees on his next birthday. He loves to play golf and the last time I knew he bought new golf sets. Here is a table filled with sumptuous foods during his last birthday.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Gift Ideas

Good evening folks! I am striking online again. After some time of uploading images in facebook, I watched a TV program with hubby. Now, I am back here again. I was looking at the different leaftlets and flyers that were sent to us this weekend. It help me to find gift ideas for Christmas. I believed, it is not really the gift that matters but the spirit of giving that it is coming from the heart. I found some cheap pearl jewelries and jewelry making tools in one of the leaflets. At the same time, hubby asked me during our coffe time this morning what I want as presents this Christmas time. I simply told him, "Well, I don't really need anything. You are already the best present that I have." He was quite touched with what I told him. Thanks God for giving me a wonderful and loving husband. About gift ideas? I still have time to shop for it.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Unique Gift Ideas for Special Occassion

Hello folks! I can't imagine that we are already on the first day of the month called "golden" October. I guess you know what I mean when I say "golden". It is because, now is Autumn time and the trees around are turning into different colors. I am also quite excited because I know for sure that I will receive again some anniversary gifts from hubby. Time truly flies-by so fast. In around three weeks, we will be celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary. I still have the 5th anniversary gifts that hubby gave to me two years ago.

I am not really demanding like other wives out there. I am already contented with small things that hubby gave to me as long as it is coming from the heart. I always told him that I don't need anything because I can buy it myself. Of course, I will be happy too if I receive anniversary gifts from him. Probably this time, I would ask for a very simple present. I love cooking and I never use aprons. I always need it because I cook almost everyday. This time, I could ask hubby to buy me one or two. I found very nice ones online. What do you think with the red and black colors here? I love it! These are simply unique ideas for special occasion. I am happy too because I will be having my new notebook PC in a few days. Anyone who is looking for some 5th anniversary gifts out there? I guess you know where to go now.

I wish you all a great month of October!

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