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Friday, February 13, 2009

Must Places To Go for Winter and Enjoy Skiing

Hi everyone! I am back!! I just remember that today is Friday the 13th. For some people today is an unlucky day. For me..I can't really tell but maybe find the same also. It is unlucky day for me because I am not feeling good the whole afternoon due to migraine. It is a lucky day because we received a good news from our mailbox. 2008 Tax refund is here. Not so much money but better as nothing...probably enough for a week vacation for two. And you know what came first to my mind....dadaaannn...a winter vacation!!..It is still winter and I believed spending sometime or somewhere for a great winter vacation is still not too late. I never experience skiing in my life. It means I don't have any skiing gadgets. I know deer valley ski rentals have a lot.

I also wish that I am in Colorado or Utah right now enjoying a winter vacation. I know this will not be possible this year anymore because I was already in the US for two months last year. If I were there this time, I should be enjoying park city ski rentals with their superb ski gadgets. Sounds exciting guys..

I am not just very sure if they deliver skiing gadgets in Europe but I know for sure that Ski Butlers delivers it right to your hotel or home in places like Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, California or British Columbia. If you need great ski gadgets, beaver creek ski rentals is always a great place to go. And talking about the must places for me to go on winter include Switzerland, Austria and these States in the US that I just mentioned. I hope my husband will agree with me. have a great evening guys!! time to relax a bit..Wait a minute, got a very nice winter photo from our garden..That was from yesterday.

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