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Monday, May 19, 2008

No More MC Donald's-Very Bad Experience

I just want to share this very bad experience we had in MC Donalds last night here in Las Vegas. well to be specific that was past midnight, around dawn today already. I know that MC Donalds is a very reputable and trustful company around the world. You can find it everywhere. I know that it is a very good company.

This experience we had last night or this dawn time with my sister and bro-in-law was just very disappointing. I supposed and would like to say "NEVER AGAIN AT MC DONALDS". I also know how employees in mc donalds are trained to provide excellent and fast service to customers. But last night, I would say, it is a nightmare experience with mc donalds. really very disappointing and frustrating experience.

Well, I am just sharing this experience to burst-out and pour-out my feelings. I was just very disappointed and also my younger sister and brother in law. I believed sharing personal experiences is not bad especially if you are telling "THE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH"

Last night, our car broke down and stopped somewhere in Lake Mead at Las Vegas Boulevard, near a gas station in front of terribles in mc donalds. They also have their the 24hour drive thru service.

I was very hungry while we were waiting for the assistance of my bro-in-laws friend to drive us home. At the same time, the service company who will tow the broke-down car. We decided to go to the 24 hour drive-thru Mc Donald to buy some food because we were really very hungry. Besides it is only some feet away.

While standing at the customer window, me and my sister said that we want some double cheese burgers. The lady said that she cannot sell us some burgers or anything because we don't have a car. I told the lady that our car broke down and it is not running anymore. I even told her that she can take a look at the car in front of Terrible Mc Donalds.

She said that she can't really sell us some burgers. She called her supervisor, I guess and the supervisor said the same.

Due to frustation and dissapointment, my hunger disappeared. The bad thing is that I am still having Migraine until right now which I believe to be the cause of the hunger, disappointment and frustration we had last night of this dawn time.

It was already around 2am as we arrived home this morning after a friend took us home.


1. Where is the so called customer service at Mc Donald which is famous around the world for its excellent and fast service to their customers.
2. Is there a law or policy in MC Donald saying that you can't buy anything if you don't have a car in their drive thru service. In fact, we have a car which was broken down and just some feet away from the drive thru.
3. I am just really pouring out how I felt until now because I am just very disappointed and frustrated which I believed to be the cause of my Migraine until now while I am writing this post.
4. My very point is that, I hope that MC Donalds needs to train more their employees what really customer service is.

I will still continue this post soon because until now, I am already vomitting due to my bad Migraine..

see you soon!!

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