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Friday, November 6, 2015

6 Tips for Making Your Construction Site Safer

Working as a construction worker is almost similar to being a superhero. Each day you are entrusted with the responsibility of bearing heavy loads and using expensive equipment. Squatting on scaffolds and riding in cranes puts you so high up in the sky that you have the feeling you are flying. What makes your job extraordinary and enjoyable can also put a lot of stress on you. If you don’t take care, you can incur injuries while working. Here are some safety tips to follow to avoid common injury and stress on the construction site.

1. Lift objects properly

As a construction worker, backaches are your primary enemy. It is easy to get injuries while carrying heavy loads, but you can avoid this hazard altogether. Always bend your knees so that you don’t twist to the side while lifting. For a better balance, put one foot in front of the other.

2. Use ergonomic portable and high-powered tools

Tools are meant to make your work simpler. You may not realize it, but frequent use of poorly designed tools can make you develop conditions such as trigger finger, white finger, carpal tunnel syndrome, and tendonitis. Even powered tools can make you develop serious problems due to their excessive noise and high vibration. Thus, as an employer or supervisor, ensure the tools you select for your workers have a long trigger and low vibration levels. For the hand tools, safety coordinators or employers must select those that require less force and don’t put a strain on the hand when held tight. The hand tools must also be balanced, and not conduct electricity or heat.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

You Are Qualified for the Job

Hey folks! I am  back in the blogosphere. My recent travels  are over now. I  am actually back to work for over a week. I guess, I am still having a jetlag and at the moment I am not really feeling good with some colds and cough. I am quite tired right now but let me give you a quick update before I sign-off to dreamland.

Last August, I submitted an application for another job. This is quite a better job than what I am doing right now. I know and I believed I can do it since it is quite related to my degree and work experiences. As a banker and with a degree of  Bachelor of Science in Commerce majoring in Accounting, this job is really so easy compared to what I do before at the bank being a Branch Operation Assistant, in which I served as an Accountant at the branch I worked before.

Yesterday, I actually received  a letter saying that I am qualified for the job. This morning, I received  a call for an interview tomorrow. I hope and  pray that I will  get this God's help me Lord!

I am slowly off to bed now. I hope I feel better tomorrow  especially for the job interview.

Take care folks and until then.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Professional Gifts for the Professional Man

No, you cannot get him a tie again this year. No, he has enough blazers. This year, when your favorite business professional’s birthday rolls around, consider getting him a present that is both fitting and original. From a new leather tote bag to ways to help him stay organized, listed below are several ideas for gifts he is sure to love.  

Personalized Items In years past you may have given him something that seems a little “cold” (like a gift card, which is great but doesn’t exactly have a personal touch). This year, warm it up with customization. For example, you could get him a portfolio with his name or initials. They might enjoy a new nameplate for their desk. Other items you could tastefully personalize include:
  • Business card holders
  • Eyeglass cases
  • Tablet or phone covers    
For Travel

Many business professionals have to hit the road from time to time, even if that just means the morning commute.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Corporate Meetings and Events

How was your first days of 2014? I hope everything went great and you are already starting the right path. Some might get a new job. Some might be in the process for promotion and others might be shifting for a new career. No matter what you are doing now, I just hope that you are on the right position to start for a better life.

I was mentioning last holiday season to DH that if I did not resigned being a banker, I might probably be on good position at the bank. I know, I am quite ambitious but I know I can do the job. I believed in my capacity and ability and the many positions I held at the bank before, I was already on the process. Sad to say, I did an early retirement to join my other half in other country, which I did not regretted.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Job Offer

How I wish I can work again! I received this message in my inbox last Monday about a certain job position.  Thy are looking for a  German Technical Customer Care - Hardware/Gadgets in  Enschede, Netherlands. That is quite a very far place from where I live. If I have to consider all the living expenses  like  apartment, transportation, cost of living  and the like, I guess the job salary offer is not worth it.

I rather do what I am doing right now. I am not really earning  a big money but it is enough to  book  the next travel I want if I find a cheap one.  If the area is only located near our place, I will probably  grab the job.  I believed my CV is still live in the JPGray's system.

This is how the letter was presented. 

"Dear MR,

Apologies if this vacancy is not relevant to you. I'm looking urgently for German/English Technical Customer Service employees in area Enschede! Do you have a passion for hardware and gadgets? Are you able to speak and write fluent in German? Then this might be the job for you!! Interview times available for this thursday and friday, starting in May! The company offers a salary of EUR 8.50 per hour and are flexible in your schedule! If interested or if you know anyone, please send your CV sap to then I will contact you.

Kind regards, Rachelle"

I wish one of these  days, I can still find a better job nearby. If not, I will just stick to what I am doing.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

College Ring for a Dear Sister!

Another sis will be graduating  in nursing soon. She will be the third nurse in the family. So sad that this profession is really not for me.  I  choose another career which is in the financial sector.  I am a banker by profession but now turn  into a travel blogger. Sis was mentioning about college ring. She never had one of those  best high school class rings when she graduated in high  school.  I hope her wish of getting a college ring will come true! Calling for other  nurse sisters in the  US  to give her one. lolz!

I am so proud of my sisters who did  finished their  Bachelors Degree in Nursing. Keep up the good job  sisters and wishing you all the best in your careers!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Career in Health Care Industry

Are you still thinking which career to pursue in your life? Are you interested in a profession that is focus on the quality of life of individuals, families and communities? The right profession for you might be in the health care industry. Why not?

Our family is not really in the medical field. I only have three sisters who decided to engage in medical and health field. Two are already registered nurses in the United States of America and the other one is graduating this coming March of this year. I am glad that my sisters chose that profession because they can help improve people's lives by providing health care services.

I am convincing my two RN sisters to further their careers and take master’s degree in nursing courses. Raquel who is in Las Vegas, is planning to take online courses that is related to her career. Rose on the other hand is happy since she will be having her interview this coming Monday. She worked before as a nurse in the hospital back home in the Philippines. She just joined her husband in the US and is currently looking for job in the health care industry. Regz who will be graduating soon is planning to migrate in Australia and also want to work as a nurse.

With the changing environment of health care industry, every nurse are obliged to attend trainings, courses and seminars. It might be in the four corners of a room or by doing it online. Being a nurse is challenging. You have to deal with people in all walks of life, helping them attain a better and quality life. You help people prevent illness and injury. Nurses alleviate the suffering of individuals through diagnosis and treatment.

This is only one of the professions that you can truly be proud of and I am proud of my three sisters who chose to engage in nursing  career. Good luck to you all!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Job to Remember

I guess those workers or employees who are working in a reputable company are really  proud of their jobs. I believed I am the same. I had the chance to work before in one of the top trier banks in my home country. Due to change of residence, I left my job as a banker. I miss those days when I was wearing work uniforms everyday. It was quite a tough job because you are dealing with numbers. I was always happy and contented  at  the end of the day when I  balanced  the over-all transactions of the bank, thus producing a perfect work sheet and financial statements.

Honestly, I miss  my job as Branch Operation Assistant sometimes.  Being a  previous employee of one of the most  prestigious bank in the Philippines, I always feel  proud of it.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Shifting To Health and Medical Jobs

Shifting job! I guess this is what I really need in order to find a quick job in Europe. I actually applied for a medical clerk job last year. I received a letter that I am qualified but the job position was cancelled. I am a banker by profession but it is quite difficult to find a job especially here in Germany because my diploma and job experiences are not recognized at all. I guess I am taking one of these days either a medical management course or a medical teaching course. I still have to decide on it.

Health and medical jobs are in need now in many countries in Europe. I have some former classmates who took up Nursing courses during college days and many of them are currently working in United Kingdom particularly in London, Ireland and Scotland. After completing and passing all the required documents, paper works and undergoing consultant interview course, they successfully made it to UK. I am quite happy for them.

If I have the chance, I wish to teach the teacher course for this field. I was actually telling hubby the past week, that I might shift to health and medical job after I will take a long vacation in my home country.

If you are a medical professional and wishes to work and apply for a job especially in the UK, you can actually find a lot of sites to help and guide you during the process. Sometimes you will take special trainings and courses so that your profession will be acknowledged. For those who are still planning to shift to medical jobs like me, good luck to all of us!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Five Places To Do Gardening for a Living

If you have a green thumb, gardening can be a good profession anywhere in the world. Gardeners work at places where lawns, gardens, and trees need professional care. Depending on the country and season, gardeners and groundskeepers are responsible for garden furniture care, preserving the condition of the soil, and planting, watering, and pruning flowers, shrubs and trees. Often, gardeners are called upon for their creative flair, whether it’s adding garden accessories, decorative garden lighting fixtures, or simply designing a new layout which increases its visual appeal.

Many community residents are frustrated in trying to keep their lawns in good condition due to health issues or difficulties relating to age. After obtaining a relevant work visa (if applicable) start with offering your services to senior citizens in and people who are getting ready to go on vacation. Also, check with local lawn services. Once you have built a good reputation and a small clientele, offer your services to businesses and institutions that have gardens around their buildings, such as:

Resorts and Hotels

In any country you go to, there are always resorts and hotels. These establishments usually have massive grounds which employ gardeners and landscapers to maintain the appearance, health, and condition of grass, flowers and trees.

Apartment Complexes

Villas and apartments hire gardeners and groundskeepers to provide care for grass, trees, shrubs, plants, and flowers.

Housing Developments

Depending on the economic growth of the country you live in, housing developments that exist often employ gardeners to and maintenance of grass, trees, shrubs, plants, and flowers.

Schools and Colleges

Again, there Schools and colleges use gardeners to cut, fertilize and water their lawns.

Churches, Temples, Mosques, Monuments and Cemeteries

These places hire gardeners to take care of lawns and gardens. Often they can involve landscaping and manicuring gardens and flower displays and arrangements.

If you enjoy the outdoors, you can easily turn a gardening hobby into a profession. It is easy to start a gardening business, whether you want to work full-time or just a few hours a week.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Planning for the Future

Have you heard about Harrison Barnes and his writings? If not just continue reading please. I watched last night some news on the television. Spiegel TV, a German TV program featured on its news about the millions of unemployed workers in United States especially the young ones. A lot of them are forced to enter the military just to have a job. I believed they need to have a good career advice before entering into this kind of career. There are millions of unemployed people now all over the world since the economic and financial crisis that hit us since last year. I have to admit that I am one of them. I guess I am still not too old to plan for my future. I need to have the right choice and the perfect time to start all over again. I already tried to find a job here in Europe. Since my education and work experiences are not recognized here, I need to start all over again. I even know some friends who shifted careers just to have a better job. I am happy that they are successful now. I believed it is time for me to move on and work for a better future. One step might be going back to school again.

Last night, I came across It is a blog authored by a previous asphalt worker who became a successful lawyer and CEO. His name is Harrison Barnes. I read his biography and I admired how he succeeded in his life. What caught my attention as I was reading his blog are those very interesting articles he wrote about career advice which are indispensable to job search. I truly found his topics very helpful especially to a person like me who is already frustrated in trying to find a better job. Harrison Barnes don't only offer relevant career advice but also advice on life. I wonder how he became successful and I admire him sharing his thoughts and great ideas to individuals. I also love the saying he wrote at his other site The saying goes like this, "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it, you will land among the stars." How it would be great to land on stars! I also found a lot of job tips and information at, another site which is also founded by Harrison Barnes. Just now, I discovered that working at home and earning money online is also possible in his other site named I guess this one is perfect for me. I'll see you later guys. I need to sign-up now in this site.

Lastly, I would like to apologize to all my friends online. My computer is really working very slow now. I wish to visit you soon. Have a great week too!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Plan of Going Back to School

Good morning everyone! I don't know how many times I did mentioned that I want to go back to school again. It is only a plan but I will be happy if it will be materialized. I guess education knows no age limit. I still don't know what field I will be studying. I am interested in taking IT course or maybe in Medical and health field. Lucky for those who took courses in IT field because it is one of the most sought job nowadays. I believed if you are getting a masters information security, it will also help you advance your career. This is quite a very interesting subject of study because you will be able to gain technological and managerial knowledge on how to protect your businesses or any government agencies about IT risks and threats.

How I wish I can attend Lewis University Online. I also have to check if I am qualified. I will see after my vacation back home this year. I might already decide which course of study I will be taking again. Sad to say my bachelor's degree and work experience at home is not recognized to the country where I live now. That is also one reason why I plan of going back to school. That's all for now. take care guys!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Sister is Still Looking For A Job

Finding a job nowadays is quite difficult. In my situation is more difficult because my job experience and College diploma back home is not recognized to the place where I live now. I have to go back to school again. My other sister who is an IT graduate is also looking for tech jobs. I hope that she can find one as soon as possible. We are just thankful that we can already browse different job banks in the internet. Anybody there who want to hire me and my sister? Leave a comment or message here! Thanks a lot!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Sister Passed the Nursing Board Exam


I am very happy after I received an instant messenger last Friday that my dear Sister Luv, just passed the Nursing Board Exam..God is really great!! Our prayers are answered..I am proud of you dear beautiful Sistah. Oh yes, she's the most beautiful of all!!...second ra ko...wink!!!I know how you also did your best. Your efforts and hard works are being answered and reciprocated. But most of all, great thanks to God for all the blessings and graces that He always poured on us. God bless our family and more blessings to come!!

I also wish you dear Sistah all the best in life and good luck to all your undertakings. You have been a good girl and you deserved all the good things in life!! Special thanks to all sponsors like me and Ate Aking (who is also a Nurse) and family from Las Vegas..God's miracles really work even in very simply things!!! Let's celebrate!! hope to see you all this year!! I miss you all!! God bless!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

My Husband Got His New Hazardous Drivers License

My husband took a two weeks vacation last Month to study for the training and examination of the Renewal of his Professional Hazardous Drivers License. He has been telling me that ther are already a lot of new rules with regards to Hazardous Driving. With this driving license, he can drive trucks and all kinds of vehicles that carry hazardous material. I know my husband deserved to have the renewal of his Drivers License because he prepared and studied a lot before the training and examination came. He said that, it was tougher now because they have an actual driving of a big truck. He was very happy because he passed all the actual and written exam but he was also sad because two persons did not made it. Are you interested of becoming a Professional Truck Driver? Get a CDL training now!! There's a great one at Great CDL Training!! Good luck!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Success..Success and More Success

I would like to say that I am successful in my own way. I might not be materially or financially successful but I have other success story to tell. If you might be reading my other sites, you might be able to know what kind of success do I have. But I guess it really does not matter to you since you really don't know me personally. So let me just tell you another success story.

Have you heard about Nouveau Riche Scam? It is my first time to hear about it anyway. But Nouveau Riche is not a new word to me anymore. Again if you might be reading my posts you will also know what really Nouveau Riche is. Actually it is a French which means "New Rich". It simply referred to people who came from poverty and became rich.

Let's go back to Nouveau Riche Scam topic. I believed that scam about Nouveau Riche are not true. In fact, there are a lot of people who became successful and shared their story on how they achieved their dreams and goals.

Do you consider also Nouveau Riche University a Nouveau Riche Scam?? I don't think so!! Due to a lot of people who have become successful after taking some courses in this University, I believed that scam about this a false story. In fact they are all true..Just simply visit their site and read all those testimonials of different people who have become successful.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Job Opportunity

I just received this afternoon a call saying if I want to work in an International Company in Munich.  Of course, why not?  The recruiter said that they saw my resume in She even mentioned if I want to work in Munich. I  told her that it doesn't matter where in Germany, even in Europe or US as long I have a job. But still, I will still consider the salary. If it is  more than enough to support my living and everything  including the apartment and cost of living, I will surely grab the job.

I wish I  have a lot of  Computer Skills  so that I can work in an IT company. I am a banker and accountant by profession. I also applied  some knowledge of computer at the bank I work before.  I am still not losing hope that one day I can learn  more about  computers and its field of study. I believed I am not too old to learn. Besides,  learning knows no age limit at all!

I hope and pray that I can make it  with this job this time. If not, I will be forced  to  job in other countries. I just don't want to waste my time, talents, ability, education and work experiences.. I can't really make it, I would like to concentrate more of working at home. There are a lot of companies who are hiring work at home jobs as well. I am crossing my fingers to land a good job in the nearest future.

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