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Saturday, November 27, 2010

"Our God works to transform us
Till life on earth is done;
He uses trials and testings
To make us like His Son."

A Lilium flower in our garden. This was taken last September 2010.
Now, they are gone and hope to see them again next year.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Five years of Togetherness

Five years being married!! Time is really running quickly. Imagine I am already married to my ex boyfriend? It is because he is my husband now! that's why I call him my ex boyfriend. I could still remember the first time I stepped in Germany, that was July 8, 2003. After all the papers were process, we got married on October 21, 2008. My first marriage and hoping to be the last in my life!! in God's will!! what else I am looking for!! I have a very wonderful, kind and very understanding husband. I really did not remember that we had a bad and big argument for 5 years of being together. I am happy with my married life..Life might not be perfect but at least, we succeeded in being together for 5 years.. and we both believed that we can do it until the end..It is just a matter of give and take..a matter of mutuality, love, understanding and respect. and I believed you will succeed in your married life too!!
After my husband' work, we decided to go out for dinner to one of my favorite restaurant in Velburg. It is a Greek restaurant and I really love the food there. ..(forget my diet again...who's on diet anyway!! hehehe!!) While waiting for our orders, we chatted with each other, the life and experiences that we had being together for more than five years..and we both said to each other..Success!! We keep on hoping and praying that God will give us more days in our lives to be together..My hubby even wished and mentioned another 50 years!! uy lola na jud ko ana!! Today is again a very memorable day!! Cheers!!
at the Akropilis Greek restaurant in Velburg
oooppppsss.see that yummy food too...It is very delicious...esp. the calamare!! love it!! sorry guys I'm not on diet with regards to food..hehehe!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Black-Out Saturday!!

As we woke up today in the morning, the weather outside was very bad. The wind was blowing so strong. It was raining so hard and you can also hear the the thunder and the lightning. We were having thunderstorms today. Some minutes later, the power was gone. It was a total black-out. It just happened that my husband already plugged his coffee machine and it was already done before the total black-out. I usually don't drink coffee but this time I have no choice. I always drink green tea in the morning with 2 slices of toasted bread with butter. That's all my breakfast.

What you can do when there is no electricity?? well I guess nothing esp. with machines that work with power. dang!! one bad thing is that, I can't access my internet and telephone either..can't wash in the washing machine, can't cook, can't watch TV, can't hear the radio ...totally nothing !!

What I did after breakfast was watch my photo albums and scrapbooks and arrange some important papers.. I just opened my internet now because as the power came back, I immediately cooked. We ate then lunch including dinner already at it is almost 4pm after I cooked.

As far as I can remember, this is already the second time that I experience total black-out in our place. Today, it lasted almost 5 hours..not a very good start of the Month..but then sometimes it happened. As I am writing this blog, it is still gray and cold outside with's getting almost dark...

I just hope that everyone still enjoy the weekend!! No matter what....rain or shine!!! It is still a beautiful day!!! Have Fun!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm Exhausted again!!

I can't sleep so good last night..having again back pain and mg leg was also aching..gosh!! I'm getting old already!! My eyes were close but my mind was open and feeling the pains of my body.. I woke up today a little early..well for me 8am is already early during winter time.

I have to go grocery shopping. It's my weekly task..sometimes even go shopping 2 times in a week...The weather today was very nice and friendly..not so cold and so sunny...very nice!!! it is very suitable for "Lakwatsa".

I just wore a blouse with a long need for a winter jacket!! It is like a spring weather....After putting all the stuff I shopped, I need to hurry cooking too, since it's already almost 4pm.. My husband usually come home at 5pm..As I am writing this blog, I just feel so tired..guess also for not having a good sleep last night!! Hopefully will have a good one tonight..hope you too!!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

I Can Cook...

I can cook!!!...well, I believed that is true because cooking is one of my short I love you understand that??? Aside from a lot of things I usually do, cooking is my passion..I have a lot of cookbooks, but I really don't follow how it is written there. I follow my own instinct in cooking...My sense of taste and smell can determine if the food I cook taste good or not...but most of the food I cook really taste good!!! won't you believe that???I'm not telling you that I'm conceited..I'm just telling you the truth..

I cook all the time Filipino food and now some German ones.. I love adobo, menudo, apritada, pancit, nilaga and some more Filipino cuisines of course.. My husband eat most of the food I cook. It's not really a problem for him to eat Filipino food besides that he really like it...or maybe my husband is just not choosy.. Unlike other Filipinas (who are also married to foreigners) who need to cook another menu because their husband don't eat most Filipino food.

I am very lucky to have a very simple and down-to-earth husband. He is one of God's greatest blessing...back to food anyway..I cook today another "pantsam"????? this sounds quite new to you...right???Pantsam in our language simply means "pantsamba" hahaha!!! okey, let me explain this a little bit.... for example I cook something for the first time or experiment a menu..sometimes it taste really very good sometimes not so good but can still be eaten..this means "pantsamba or we say tsamba-tsamba lang"

Honestly speaking, I experiment sometimes new menus...if my friend will ask what is it.....I would simply say "pantsam" know now what "pantsam" means...I can't think today what to cook so I made another "pantsam" food.. I just remembered my friend who cook the same last time but I don't know how she cooked I made an experiment.

This time I made my own "Beef with broccoli and carrots" ..I love broccoli. I just even boil it sometimes..put some pepper and salt..and that's is my end husband said..taste very good besides that it is full of nutrients from vegetables!!!

beef meat with broccoli, carrots, bell pepper and onions

of course without rice, it doesn't taste more yummy

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Dinner

Lily, Jasmine and me having xmas dinner

in Lily's apartment with our adopted daughter

in Lily's and my hubby

Christmas dinner at Martin's house

Yesterday, we spent the evening with the Martin family. Lily's husband prepared an American Christmas dinner with ham, breast turkey, stuffing, some roll bread etc. As usual, the kulit Jasmine is there. She always wanted to get people's attention. Lily gave us some Christmas presents. Thanks a lot Lily and family. We also gave them some. As Jasmine was opening her gift, she expected to have some toys. Since I knew that she already have a mountain of toys, I gave her a pair of clothes. Being not contented with her gift, she also opened the gifts of Lily and James.

That was a very nice evening having dinner with them. As usual, I am not in diet, so I ate a lot. Until later, I felt bad again because I had a migraine attack. Instead of staying there longer, me and my husband decided to go home earlier.

Special thanks to the Martin family for the very nice evening we spent with you. Thank you too for being a friend.

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