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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Shopping for Winter Socks

The cold feet need to get warm especially during cold winter season! Yes, I have new socks again. For some reason I love wearing socks even during summer season. The more I need wearing it during this cold season.

Today, when I went grocery shopping, I also went to the clothing shop who also sells winter jackets, children's wear, socks, heated motorcycle clothing, dresses and other clothing accessories. I am lucky to find winter socks that are on sale!

I guess I have enough now with regards to winter jackets and accessories. This also means, time to stop shopping for it. I need some money for other important projects now.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Right Clothes on Cold Rainy Days

Yes, its raining dogs and cats in our area! Just kidding folks! But the truth is, our weather is not really friendly the past days. It has been raining for weeks now and I am not happy about it. You need a good rain coat if you want to go walking under the rain. Hubby said Goretex Jacket is a good brand.  I have some rain coats but not this brand. I might be thinking of getting one.

I heard over the radio that many areas  in Bavaria are flooding right now due to continuous heavy rain the past days. Pity for those who are affected by this. I am thankful that we are doing fine.

If you are visiting Europe, be sure to have the right clothes with you. Wearing  clothes  which  are perfect  for the weather  will surely make your trip a happy one.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Shopping..Shopping and More Shopping!!

Uh..Oh!! I just found another great site for shopping!! Just yesterday, I ordered online a canon power shot camera which is on sale. The original price was around 515.00euros and I got it for 329 euros..I have around 186 Euros savings...not bad right!! Just today, I found again another interesting shopping website!!..

Shopwiki is an online shopping store that sells almost all kinds of goods and items you need ranging from shoes and accessories, outdoor and sports, home furnishings, jewelry and watches, health and beauty and a lot more!! What really interest me are their seasonal items which you can't find in other website. There you can find lots of items for special occasions like wedding gifts, party gifts, Christmas gifts, Easter gifts, valentines gifts..oh well just name any occasion and you will find a perfect gift in this great website!!

My friend's birthday is coming on August 20, I believed I can find a perfect gift for her!! Do you need any shopping items especially for special occasion??..visit Shopwiki now and enjoy the fun and excitement of shopping!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Shopping..Shopping and more Shopping!!

I said to myself that I don't go shopping anymore..but I love shopping..i'm a normal person esp. a woman who loves shopping. I believed there is no woman who don't love shopping..After we went to Walhalla today, we proceed to Donau Einkauf Centrum, in English Danube Shopping's a German word anyway..

At this time there are a lot of WSV- Winter Schluss Verkauf..or this so called in English Winter Closing Sale..since winter is fast ending.. I did not knew this that I know this one, I usually buy at this time where you can have till 90% discounts esp. on clothes..such a good some evidence that I was there today!! See you tomorrow dear friends..thanks for always visiting me here!!I really appreciate it..
one of my favorite shop..bought some clothes here today

my other favorite shopping shop..guess these two shops will pay me for
advertising their shops in my site...just kidding!!

I love this white jacket..might probably wait
when it will be on sale next time

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