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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Talk With My family

I was happy to talk again to my family last Sunday. I seldom call home because it is very expensive. We just talk over YM all the time. The problem is that there is still no internet connection to my Mother's province in Cebu where they live now. I reminded my brother to take care of the lot whihc I bought near Cebu City. I also told him to start planting trees there like coconut, mango, papaya, santol and a lot more. I ask him to do that the earliest possible time so that the lot will not look barren. I am not sure if Wildlife trees will also grow in that hilly side of Cebu. It is a beautiful place because you can see some part of Cebu City being up the hill. At least I had a great conversation again especially to my beloved Father! I miss you all!! hope to see you soon this year!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

9,500-year-old tree is discovered

UMEA, Sweden (UPI) -- The world's oldest living tree -- a 9,550-year-old spruce -- has been discovered in Sweden's Dalarna province, a university professor said.

Umea University Professor Leif Kullman said the discovery was made under the crown of a spruce on Fulu Mountain in central Sweden where scientists found four "generations" of spruce remains in the form of cones and wood produced from higher ground.

Researchers said the old tree survived cooler summer conditions during the past 10,000 years and, more recently, a gradual warming, by its ability to push out another trunk as older ones die.

Other very old trees, including three 375-, 5,660- and 9,000-years-old were also discovered.

Since spruce trees can multiply with root penetrating braches, they can produce exact copies, or clones, researchers said.

The trees' ages were determined in a process called carbon-14 dating at a U.S. laboratory.

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