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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Groupon Goods Are Awesome Cheap!

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Hello folks! I am back from outer space! Oh well, not really! How are you doing  out there? I hope everyone is great with perfect health  and body! I wish to give you more updates  but for the past days there are a lot of home chores that  I need to finish before going back to work. I keep on hoping and praying for my full recovery and glad to know about what the doctor said yesterday.  Hopefully in a week, I can already go back to my normal routine like going to work. I just miss  my colleagues and the fun that I have with them everyday. So please Lord, heal me fully so soon!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Went Grocery Shopping Today

Hello folks! It seems that the sky outside is getting dark now. I guess rain is coming later. I am quite busy today. I am already starting for a general spring cleaning. The first one I finished was in the kitchen. After that I took my lunch and went grocery shopping. Hubby told me to buy him some working clothes. Sad to say, the right size for him are all gone. I ended up buying a porcelain doll which is 80 cm high for quite a cheaper price. I wish to take a picutre of it and show it here next time. I also bought a reading glasses for HB. I guess next time he need to buy cheap prescription glasses. He need to go first to his ophthalmologist for eye an check-up. I also spent some time working in our garden after I arrived from grocery shopping. It was quite a good day today even I am feeling a bit tired now. That's how busy I am all the time! How about you?

Friday, September 5, 2008

High Prices..High Inflation rate

I went shopping for grocery today. I just noticed that prices are really getting high compared to last year. What's happening to the world now??? I guess economy all over the world is getting bad!! Everytime I also go shopping for grocery, I usually take a look on the gas prices. Today super unleaded cost 1.479 euros per liter. That's the one I am using for my car. As far as I can remember, 5 years ago , the price was only around .79 cents euros!!! This is almost double now!!! amazing high prices. ...In fact, the first week I arrived from the United States, gas prices went up until 1.529 euros per liter. That was in July.

and what happen to the salary???? I never heard that the salary get doubled or even have an increase of around 25% of the gross monthly salary!!! really amazing high prices of goods and commodities now!! very bad indication of inflation !! Europe is a very nice place but living here is quite expensive!!

That's only a little update for today!! please visit my other blogs and related blogs for more updates!! have a great weekend in advance!!! TGIF !!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Shopping..Shopping and More Shopping!!

Uh..Oh!! I just found another great site for shopping!! Just yesterday, I ordered online a canon power shot camera which is on sale. The original price was around 515.00euros and I got it for 329 euros..I have around 186 Euros savings...not bad right!! Just today, I found again another interesting shopping website!!..

Shopwiki is an online shopping store that sells almost all kinds of goods and items you need ranging from shoes and accessories, outdoor and sports, home furnishings, jewelry and watches, health and beauty and a lot more!! What really interest me are their seasonal items which you can't find in other website. There you can find lots of items for special occasions like wedding gifts, party gifts, Christmas gifts, Easter gifts, valentines gifts..oh well just name any occasion and you will find a perfect gift in this great website!!

My friend's birthday is coming on August 20, I believed I can find a perfect gift for her!! Do you need any shopping items especially for special occasion??..visit Shopwiki now and enjoy the fun and excitement of shopping!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Our Next Project

This is a good site for shopping especially for home appliances and more. I just visited their site , that's why I am sharing it to you. Actually we are planning to buy a new freezer to replace our old one. It is just getting too rusty now after the water catastrophe we had in 2006. Besides that it is obsolete, it is consuming lot of electricity. sells all kinds of home appliances and other equipments you need at home like refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers, vacuums..well just name it and they have it all!! I just found out that they have cheaper prices compared to the catalogues I always check for home appliances..Check it out!!visit their site now!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Stay Beautiful with Clear face!

I believed nobody likes to have acne especially the women. I am having some pimples again. I just don't know if I am adjusting to the weather in Germany after having 2 months vacation in U.S. Five years ago, I had lots of acne. It really feels bad. My dermatologist prescribed some creams and tablets. And yes, thanks goodness it works. If you have acne problems, you should get the best acne treatment. Get Acne Treatments will help you go away with acne. They provide the Top Acne treatments products that best suited for your acne problems. Visit their site now!! Stay beautiful with Clear face!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Want to Stay Young and Beautiful?

I believed all people want to stay young and beautiful. This is specifically true to all women. Fellow girls would you agree with me?? My bestfriend now is my Personal Computer. Sometimes I can't even clean the house because I stayed all day long in front of my PC. I am afraid, I'm getting more baby fat in my tummy!!! You know what I mean!! In short, I am gaining weight and I believed I really need to diet and make some exercise. One way to lose weight is by taking pills. Consumer Price watch offers diet pill reviews with more that hundreds of top selling pills. If you want to lose weight easily, move your mouse now to this site!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's Getting Hot in Here!!

It's summer time and the weather is getting real hot!! Oh yeah, Las Vegas is really hot. I was there last May and June this year. How could you imagine a car without auto air conditioning?? As I was there, the temperature rise until 115 degree Fahrenheit. It is really burning outside. I can imagine putting a pan with oil and put egg in it!! I will have instant food!! hahaha!! so dear friends don't forget to have air condition in your car!! Visit Discount Compressor now!! One more thing you have a lot to choose from in a reasonable price!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Great Site For Shopping Medical Supplies

I believed this site I just visited is good for Mothers, Adult and even ordinary individuals who need medical supplies. This is also great especially for Mothers who need to take care of their babies and can't go out for shopping. Medical Supplies such as disposable diapers for both babies and adult, creams and ointments, hygiene products, Mobility Aids and a lot more are now available at Disposable Medical Express. If you don't want to have the hassle in driving in the traffic, this site is a great place to go!! Enjoy the shopping at your home!! Click their site now!!

America's Leading wine Club

Do you love to drink wine? or Are you a wine drinker? back in my younger days, I drunk some hard drinks or alcohol. Now I can say, once in a blue moon!! You understand that!! I mean maybe I only drink it 2 to 4 times in a year. You know why because it is not good for the body. Another reason is that I switched now to wine esp. red wine! I love it. I want to taste the wine of the month featured at Gold Medal Wine. Such a pleasure!! This site being America's Leading Wine Club provides customers with great tasting wines being made by best small wineries. It is also considered as the best wines in the world! if you need a perfect gift for someone or simply have your own best tasting wines, Click their site now!!

Black Women are also Beautiful!

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