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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Knock Knock on the Door

I heard someone knocking on our door yesterday. It was the postman and he was delivering the new samsung digital camera that I ordered. I finally have it after some weeks of waiting. I did not expected for it already but I am happy to received it now.

Today, at around lunch time, somebody knocked at our door again. and yes, we don't have a door bell . Besides I don't want one to be installed also. I just need sometimes peace and silence to concentrate. If I don't hear the knock, I am sorry about it. I also reminded some friends that if they are coming, they need to inform me in advance because sometimes I am just so busy.

Anyway, who's knocking this lunch time? It was again a member of Jehovah Witness. I admire what they do going house to house and spreading the Good News. Sad to say, I cannot change my religion. We had a bit conversation and she asked me of do I think of the world 20 years from now? I told her that I cannot say something about it because I am not a Prophet. I also told her that I am not afraid of what will happen in the future because "I believed".

After she gave me a pamphlet , she walk away and wish me a good day. I did the same. I love reading their pamphlet because I can also get some ideas from there.

Just a reminder, be careful of whose knocking on door door. This world is sometimes dangerous.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's a beautiful day!

I woke up this morning with sun rays coming inside our windows. The sun is shining great outside tempting me to work in the garden or probably go walking later. As I woke-up, I immediately make my daily routine which is having my tea ceremony while reading the newspaper and at the same time listening music over the radio. There are still a lot of chores waiting for me in the house. I decided to check first my mails as I opened my PC and probably later read about Lipofuze online. I wish I have more time to surf in the internet or maybe read books and magazines especially travel ones. Since today is a wonderful day, I am hoping that you are also having a great one especially to all friends from Europe! Take care folks. I will see you later again! Thanks God for this beautiful day!

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