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Friday, April 20, 2012

Earning Money Through Affiliates

It's been almost five years now since I started blogging. Actually if I have to count it, it is over five years now. My first blog was in Friendster. I started it sometime in 2005. Since this social network turned into a game platform now, I guess my blog is gone. I took blogging seriously since 2007. Thanks to all good friends who helped and taught me all the tricks and tips in blogging. Special thanks to my friend, Carlota from Michigan. I truly appreciate all your help my friend.

Since I really love writing, I decided to start blogging. It turned out to be a hobby first but later I realized that one can earn money through blogging. Thanks to all the articles I read online and through the sharing of some blogger friends, I did learned that one can truly earn money through . I am not a professional writer but I can share some knowledge, ideas, thoughts and personal experiences and other things that I love. I am earning extra income now through blogging and I am quite happy about it. I also learned that joining top affiliate networks like Blue Global Media can also provide extra income. I just visited their site and I learned a lot especially about their affiliate programs.

They have a lot of interesting and informative articles especially in their blog. Their sharing and articles are convincing that I am deciding to join especially their Payday affiliate program. Why not? As a blogger, it would be another extra income for me. I would like to sign-up with Blue Global Media very soon.

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