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Monday, August 10, 2015

Enjoying Your Passion for All Things Boating

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While the items could be used in your home, they also serve a practical purpose in keeping you safe on your boat. For example, a proficient sailor must know the temperature and wind direction at all times. You may be unable to rely on your electronic devices like your cell phone and tablet for these readings. You can keep watch of these measurements the old-fashioned way by installing a thermostat and a wing gauge on your boat.

You also want to know what direction you are headed at all times. While you may have sophisticated equipment on board for this purpose, you never know when this equipment will fail. Rather than risk an electrical failure or the weather knocking your directional readings out of whack, you can always tell in what direction you are headed with a compass that you can buy online.

These items can come in handy on your boat. However, they also serve just as well in your home or office. They also recall your passion for boating and heading out onto the water. Along with selecting boat-related decorations, you can also find other boating supplies that you will need for your next excursion. If you want to stay replenished and hydrated while boating, you may invest in some of the snacks, beverages, and supplements found on the website. These food choices allow you to enjoy a flavorful snack until you arrive back at shore. You can also keep your boat in good condition with squeegees, wax, and other maintenance items that will remove debris and keep your boat shiny.

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring Season is also the Start of Grill Season

Happy Monday everyone! Thanks goodness, the weather is slowly getting friendlier! During Easter week  especially during  Easter  weekend, it was still snowing. I am glad  starting this week, the weather really gets better. I can already go outside without wearing a thick winter jacket and snow boots.  Yesterday, I was even wearing a t'shirt outside  while planting some flowers at  the backyard.

Barbequing at the backyard is indeed fun.  Spring season is the perfect time to start it!
Indeed, spring Season is  here and it is also the  start of Grill season! It was a good decision buying some meats and vegetables for grilling when I went grocery shopping last Thursday. I bought some German sausages called bratwurst and some chicken and pork meat that were already marinated. I was really hoping for  a better weather last weekend and so thankful that it  really was  a nice  one.

The backyard is a perfect place for doing a barbeque or some grilling. It is not so small and not so big. Some spring flowers especially the tulips and hyacinths are flowering right now. Others are still growing. Thanks to my BFF who was a great grill master.  I did had yummy and sumptuous grilled foods yesterday.

For now, just enjoy  the yummy photo I got here. You can also fine some spring flowers in my garden at the image. Have  a lovely week to all! I am slowly hitting my sack! Goodnight.....until then...

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Get the Parts You Need for Your Side by Side

If you have entered the world of side by side vehicles, you know what a blast they can be. They can take on the rough terrain, carry you anywhere you want to go, and you can enjoy the ride with someone by your side. Many ATV enthusiasts are jumping to UTVs because they are more versatile and a safer way to go when you want to travel with a friend or partner. Just like any piece of equipment, you are going to need to take care of it. That means regular maintenance. Find Honda Big Red Parts and more when you shop at

Keep Your Ride in Top Form
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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Planning a Church Ski Retreat

Taking a church group on a ski trip is often one of the best ways for everyone to bond. Colorado church group ski trips from outlets like allow groups to save money, plan a fun trip and enjoy a trip that brings them together. The trips give the groups everything that is needed to make the trip the best trip the church has taken.

The Lodging

Lodging is very important for trips of this size. The rooms for the group are located all together in one area of the hotel. Also, the group is given a combination of single and double occupancy rooms. This allows couples to stay together while singles can stay with roommates. The rooms can be organized in the manner the group prefers to keep the group as unified as possible.

The Skiing

The ski lift passes and arrangement for classes are made through the package. Every skier gets to go to a class that is made for their level of expertise. The people who have never skied before do not have to worry about being out of their element. The more experienced skiers can explore the more difficult trails on the property, and everyone gets to meet back at the lodge for a lovely ski.

The Dining

The dining for these occasions is set up ahead of time for each guest. The people who visit the lodge will have breakfast, lunch and dinner served at their leisure. There are meals that the organizers of the trip can plan specially for certain members of the team, and health or allergies issues are taking into account by the dining staff.

Planning a massive ski trip for a church group requires a bit of organization, but it also requires a ski package. Choosing a ski package that helps to offset the costs of these trips will give everyone a good experience. The lodging, skiing and dining are included in the costs of the package, and the church group can make one flat payment for the whole thing. This gives the group a chance to bond, great accommodations and lovely food.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Walk in Oberpfalz

Another Sunday is here! We woke-up a bit late this morning since it is weekend. As usual, I made my cup of green tea. I also made some toasted bread with ham and cheese on top of it. While eating our breakfast, I was reading some travel magazine and the weekend newspaper. Here I am now in front of my lappy checking for emails and other news on the net.

We want to go walking later since we are already use for a Sunday walk. I hope in one of these weekend we can also go trekking. If that happens, I would love to use one of the jansport backpacks I bought last month. I am quite excited about it because there are hills and mountains nearby our place that I haven't visited yet. This area of Oberpfalz or Upper Palatinate in Bavaria is just a lovely place!

It seems that it is raining outside now. If the rain will stop later, we would surely go for an afternoon walk. Enjoy your Sunday!

The image I have here is where we always go for a walk.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Beautiful Sunday Walk in Bavaria

No hectic today besides it is Sunday. I already woke-up late this morning. I went to bed very late last night after watching a movie on Television. After taking our brunch, I told hubby that we must need to go for a walk in the afternoon. At around 1:00pm, we started walking around.

The weather is very cold. What can you expect during Autumn in Bavaria, Germany. It was good today because it was sunny...a perfect weather for wandering. I made it sure that I had the right clothes on. I did not really felt so cold because I wore warm clothes. The scenery around our area is very nice. The hills and valleys are perfect for looking and walking around.

After around two hours of walking in the fresh air, we need to hurry home because hubby wanted to watch a football game in our place.

It was a beautiful Sunday autumn walk today. Thanks God for it. I wish everyone a fantastic week ahead!

the hills and mountains around our area. This is where we sometimes go for a walk. I love it!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Beautiful Sunday

It is indeed a beautiful Sunday! The weather was a bit chilly in the afternoon as we went walking. When the cold air blows, you can feel it in your skin. Good that I wore a wind breaker during our walk. The weather was friendly overall because we had sunshine the whole day.

I also did some laundry and a bit cleaning in the morning. During lunch time, a friend called me to have lunch in their house. That was a good lunch because it was exactly the food that I am planning to cook today. I ended up not cooking anymore. Thanks a lot Jo for the lunch and the chitchatting.

The two hours walk we had on the hills was also a very good exercise. At the same time, we also enjoyed seeing the nature around. I guess I need to always go walking now because the weather is getting very better since the past weeks.

The bridge where we always pass everytime we go walking. It is slowly getting green in our surrounding. I am happily savoring the spirit of spring season. I love it especially when I see the flowers blooming in our garden.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Beautiful Sunday!

I am just thankful that I had a very wonderful weekend. Last Saturday, I had the chance to visit again for the third time the famous Neuschwanstein castle of King Ludwig II of Bavaria. Thanks to my friends for the invitation to go with them. Yesterday, I had a relaxing and nice day too. I had a walk with hubby in the winter wonderland. It was simply a beautiful Sunday. Thanks God for everything!

the tower of the Castle ruins in Hohenfels. It seems that the snow is slowly melting. I love the blue sky here. This was taken during our walk yesterday.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Home Sweet Home in Cebu, Philippines

I believed there is always no place like home. I found my second home in Germany but Philippines will always be my home. My family is currently living in the Province of Cebu in the Philippines. Cebu is also consists of different cities and islands. You can see a lot of intresting sights in Cebu City and other parts of the island. One of the best things I love here are the white beaches like in Malapascua or Bantayan island. Here are some images from our place somewhere in the south part of Cebu.

the terrace in our house facing the sea.

Cebu (Cebuano:Sugbo) is a province in the Philippines, consisting of Cebu island and 167 surrounding islands. It is located to the east of Negros, to the west of Leyte and Bohol islands. Cebu is a long narrow island stretching 225 kilometers from north to south, surrounded by 167 neighbouring, smaller islands, which include Mactan, Bantayan, Malapascua, Olango and the Camotes Islands. Cebu has narrow coastlines, limestone plateaus and coastal plains. It also has rolling hills and rugged mountain ranges traversing the northern and southern lengths of the island. Cebu's highest mountains are over 1000 meters high. Flat tracts of land can be found in the towns of Bogo, San Remigio, Medellin and Daanbantayan at the northern region of the province. Its capital is Cebu City, the oldest city in the Philippines which forms part of the Cebu Metropolitan Area together with four neighbouring cities which include Danao City, Lapu-Lapu City, Mandaue City and Talisay City and eight other municipalities. Mactan-Cebu International Airport, located in Mactan island, is the second busiest airport in the Philippines. more about Cebu here

Our small beach located near the house. I hope we can develop it next time.

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tulips for Mothers Day

Congratulations to all Mothers! This post is especially for you! I hope that you are having a great celebration of Mothers Day! Once again I would like to say thank you to my dear Mother for being the greatest Mother of all! God bless all of you! Here are some tulips fresh from our garden!

Happy Mothers Day!
these are the tulip flowers from our garden. I took this pictures yesterday. Oh how I love these flowers too!
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Water in Paradise Pier Park, Disneyland CA

Football game is over! and the winner is FC Bayern Muenchen! I can't stop watching the game played between Olympique Lyon and FC Bayern Munich. It was a very interesting fight. Let's go share this image I took in Paradise Pier in Disneyland, California last June 2008. I guess I don't want to say a lot of things anymore. Let this image below speak for itself. I am just quite tired today. It seems that I had a long day working in the house and in our garden plus updating some of my blogs...wink! I wish you a great evening.
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Friday, January 15, 2010

Carnaval in Germany

I had a great fun watching the carnival in Velburg here in Germany. Despite of the rainy and snowy weather, the carnival parade still pushed through. Different groups participated in the parade. Some people (with costumes) I asked to have a pose with me are really nice and friendly. Look at this photo here, the lady with the yellow costumes, I guess was presenting as a duck. Different attractive and colorful costumes were seen during the parade. I believed it was a successful one despite the unfriendly weather!! cheers to all!! have a great Monday guys!!

feel free to visit my other sites for more photos!! take care!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Escapades With Friends

It was raining dogs and cats yesterday but I still need to go out and have fun with friends. I have no choice but to drive to the Motorway despite the strong rain. Thanks God that I arrived safely in Neumarkt. Another friend was waiting for me there because we have to drive again to another friend in Moening. I also have to see this other friend to give some important papers. These are invitations for my sister and brother whom I want to visit us here in Germany in the next coming months.

After taking our lunch, we proceeded to Berle in Berching to go swimming. We had a lot of fun there especially in the jacuzzi. We only stayed around three hours in Berle because Maria's Mother-in-law prepared a small despedida or goodbye party for Maria's sister who had a flight this afternoon back to the Philippines. That was a great afternoon seeing good friends again. I am sharing some photos from yesterday's escapade with friends.

I also wish everyone a happy and wonderful weekend! Have fun!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Weekend Escapades!

We had a great time last Saturday weekend. We went to Landshut to see the famous festival called Landshuter Hochzeit. We toured around the old city and I was amazed by the beauty of the place. That was a lot of walking too. Since we parked our car some kilometers from the city, we have to walk going to the old city. Would you think I need ephedra products if I go walking and have exercise everyday?

Last Sunday, we also went walking in our place. I got here a nice photo of the walking way where we always go for some walk. It was a great sunny day and we truly enjoyed the scenery of the nature around! below is also a picture taken in Landshut. feel free to visit my other sites or more photos and updates!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

WW#52 The Water Well

I find this well very interesting. This was taken again in Kallmuenz, a small town near our place. You can also see in the background the Vils River that flows around this town. We sometimes go to this place for sightseeing or go walking around. We even sit down to the banks near the river and watch some small fishes or ducks swimming in it. Happy Wordless Wednesday!
copyright photo by: Euroangel


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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

WW: Kallmuenz Castle Ruins in Germany

This is the Castle Ruins in Kallmuenz, Germany. I took this photo as we went walking here two weeks ago. A good place to relax and be with nature. Happy Wordless Wednesday!

copyright original photo taken by my Canon Powershot S5 IS camera.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I can Jump

I can jump high!!photo taken yesterday as I went walking with my husband in our beautiful town in Hohenfels..I love this place due to its scenery around. The hills and and the green surroundings add beauty too!! That's how I appreciate the beauty of nature!!

Have a great and blessed day to all!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Burschenverein Feast in Hohenfels

Yesterday was the first time I witnessed the German Burschenverein Fest here in Hohenfels. "Bursch" a german word which means in English a boy, lad or a guy.. "Verein" on the other hand means society, group or organization.. To bring it together in my own word "Burschenverein" simply means Boys Society.

They had a parade yesterday as seen in the photos I got here. It was quite a long and fun parade. Perfect timing because they had the parade in the afternoon where the weather was getting better. It was raining during Sunday dawn till the morning here in Hohenfels. It is even getting quite cold especially as we went to the Feast tent duting the night.

Some neighboring places participated in the name a few are Burschenverein from Grossbissendorf, See, Teublitz, Breitenbrunn, Lengenfeld, Lupburg and a lot more..

You might think that German people are boring, but they are not!! They also love to have party especially feasts and carnivals all the time. They also want to have fun and good time just like me...

We stayed inside the feast tent until 8pm since my beloved husband have to wake up early today for his work. In short we had a great Sunday too here in Germany!!

that's all for now...will take a small break to do a bit household chores!! ..keep reading especially taking a look at my other sites for more updates!!

Sending the best for today to everyone!!

the famous "Lederhosen" (leader pants) of the Germans..worn especially during feast, carnivals, parties and other special occasions

lots of people inside the feast tent!! almost all people had great time yesterday..
never forget to drink the 1 liter beer inside a big mug...also try the tasty bratwurst, a German especialty sausage..

the beautiful "Festdamen", Feast ladies in their beautiful and attractive dresses

the band who played German music parade..
they also wore very colourful and attractive clothes.

another group of Festdamen..i love these dresses they wore yesterday!!

pix taken around 8pm where some people already went home since a lot will still be working today....besides lots got drunk already...time to rest and prepare for next day work..

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Great site for Summer Gears!

I just came back from adventure and fun in Disneyland and Universal Studio in California. Together with my cousin's family, my sister and a friend, we had lots of fun and excitement there. That was a very memorable experience for me going there for the first time.

I just forget some stuff to bring with me. Well I forgot to buy a binocular especially that I need it in Universal Studio. It is a very huge place and by just looking with your bear eyes, you don't see all your surroundings.

I just browsed OpticsPlanet. I believed it is a great site for searching summer gears. You have everything you need from astronomy, eyewear, hunting, military gear, outdoor gear, sport and many many more. I just got interested about their Laser Sights. I guess, I found a great deal about Streamlight Twin-Task 3C Laser Gun Metal Gray Flashlight with a very reasonable price of $29.89.

Going out for summer adventure!!! Search you gears now and be prepared!! visit!!! Have fun!!

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