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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Cheap Shopping for Electronics at Groupon

 I have been compensated of this post with either a sample product and/or payment. All opinions are mine.

The sun is shining brightly outside. It is such a beautiful day! It seems like a perfect day to go somewhere, maybe window shopping or strolling with friends in the city. I even got an invitation from a friend today to have lunch with her. Sad to say, I cannot go  since I am not really feeling well for almost a week now. I hope and pray that I will be feeling perfectly good again and back to my normal health.

 Good thing  to know, life is never boring now especially with the advent of modern technology like computers and internet. One thing you can do is browse online and go shopping. This is what I am doing the past days, window shopping at home. I actually need a new laptop. My favorite laptop broke down anymore when I updated it to Windows 10. According to my colleague, it is not really advisable to do an update or upgrade to your laptop. Whatever system it came, let it be. I regret it when I updated it, when in fact, it is still working good.

Anyway, I am still thankful because there are a lot of online shopping stores that offers huge discounts on many products. I also found out that Groupon Goods are simply awesome! While searching for a laptop in their site, I found out that most or maybe all of their products in this electronic category  offer huge discounts.  That would mean a lot of savings for a  cheap shopper like me. Their laptop deals are enormous that I am now  confuse of what laptop to buy. lol..  I still have time to decide. The good thing is, I can shop at the comfort of my home and even have a lot of choices at Groupon.

I am loving this site especially that you don't need to pay for a  membership which means additional savings for our wallet.  Fellow shopaholic, what are you waiting for! Enjoy shopping to us!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Giving Your Boat the Proper Storage

When you own a boat, you've made a substantial investment. You want to protect your valuable vessel during the off season and store it well. Choose from a full assortment of wood mount boat lifts from a reputable source like Lunmar Boat Lifts to assure your boat will be taken care of when it is out of the water. You want to have peace of mind that it will be safely stored, ready to go when it's time to send it back to the lake or ocean. With the right boat lift, you'll be in good shape.

You Need Quality and Reliability

You want a boat lift that is built to last. You also need versatility. When you turn to the right company, you'll have options. You need the boat lift that is tailored to fit your boat. Whether you need a sling model that can safely bear 3,000 pounds in weight or have a boat of considerable size that requires a cradle model geared for over 12,000 pounds, there is a boat lift that will fit the bill. Take the time to browse the selection and rest assured that the model you choose will withstand the test of time. Go with a company that chooses quality materials and stands behind their product.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Heavy Duty Casters For Moving Items

The heavy duty casters that are used on large furniture pieces or dollies will allow people to move their items with relative ease. These heavy duty casters can be found when people click here, and they are going to give the business a way move efficiently during the day. Every business that is in logistics must make sure they are using these heavy duty casters, and every homeowner should put their furniture on these casters to make their home easier to organize.

The Furniture

The furniture in the house needs to be on casters to make sure they are all easy to move. People who like to move their furniture around often can make sure they have a fresh look in the house at all times. These casters make large pieces of furniture easy to move, and they allow homeowners to move their furniture around to accommodate all their guests.

The Dollies

When people are moving large items every day, they need to have massive casters on their dollies. These dollies need to be as sturdy as possible, and they help the workers in the field to get all their items to and from the truck. These large casters make the dollies easier to roll, but they also make it easier to pull the dollies when the items are especially large.

The Pallets

When these heavy duty casters are installed on large pallets, the pallets can be moved around the warehouse with relative ease. Workers can push these things around the warehouse quickly, and they can store the items just as quickly. Blank pallets can be kept with the wheels on them to make sure there is always something that can be used for movement around the warehouse floor.

Every person who wants to make large items easy to move should invest in heavy duty casters. These casters are easy to install on all furniture items, and they can be used to make a warehouse flow more smoothly. The warehouse or home is easier to manage when everything moves on simple wheels and casters.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Biometric Safes Offer Cutting Edge Gun Protection

When it comes to firearms, you can never be too safe. Despite all the precautions a gun owner might take, accidents still happen; the best way to prevent a tragedy is by making sure no one can gain access to your guns without your permission. Biometric gun safes are the best way to approach this; by linking the safe to your fingerprint or other unique form of idea, there is no chance that anyone else can open it. However, gun safes aren't only for protecting firearms.

Gun safes are valuable, well-organized storage areas that make it easier for gun enthusiasts to store and collect firearms. Many people who like to collect early model weapons know the value of such guns; rather than allow them to become the target of theft, storing a firearm in a gun safe is a great way to prevent anything from happening to it.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Five Tools to Keep in Hand in the Workplace

You never know when you'll need to hang something in the office, but few people think of keeping a hammer in their supply closet. The good news is that it's easy to rectify this mistake. If you're serious about being prepared for all kinds of projects and minor emergencies, here are just five tools to keep on hand in the workplace.

1: Latches

Latches are what keep your doors closed. Without them, the doors won't stay attached to their frames and give you the privacy and insulation you need for a comfortable office. Make sure you always have a draw latch or two tucked away in case of breakage or wear.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Getting to Know a Brass Instrument

 Anyone who loves to play any musical instruments out there? I wish I am a musician who can play such instruments like brass, guitar, piano, organ, etcetera,  but I am not. I had witnessed a lot o festivals and events in Europe and had seem many musicians who played various musical instruments.

I am always amazed seeing people who especially play brass instruments. For some reasons, it always wows me when I see one playing it. If I am not mistaken, I witnessed musicians who played the best used brass instruments in many festivals in Bavaria, Germany especially in their so-called Volksfest, translated as "People's festival" in English. This usually happens in summer.

According to my bestfriend wikipedia, " brass instrument is a musical instrument that produces sound by sympathetic vibration of air in a tubular resonator in sympathy with the vibration of the player's lips. Brass instruments are also called labrosones, literally meaning "lip-vibrated instruments".

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Musical Gadgets for Music Lovers

We all know that the holiday season is coming soon! I believed some of you are already starting to shop for presents for your loved ones, friends or colleagues. Some might still be looking for gift ideas and others might have been done buying gifts.

If you are looking for gifts to someone who love music and musical gadgets, why not take the idea of giving him or her a boss rc-300. Boss is a very famous and good brand. You ca surely find something that will fit your budget.

Just remember, the earlier you shop for your presents this holiday season, the less stress you will get. Or even better, no stress at all than shopping for last minute! Enjoy shopping!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Friend Loves Playing Guitar

This is one thing I cannot do, playing a guitar. I can sing but playing such instrument is not my talent. But I have a friend who can play guitar and piano as well. She really plays good. I guess,  I know what I can give to her on her birthday, an outstanding Elixir guitar strings.  I already know where to get it.

No wonder, most of her family can play music instruments. I remember her father also plays guitar really good. I miss her playing the guitar. I hope to see her in my next vacation to the Philippines.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Live Music at the Volksfest

I always visit the  German-American
Volksfest in one of the U.S. bases in Bavaria. This year's celebration was another success, I believed. I guess everybody's favorite especially the adult ones were  the live bands playing inside the beer tents. Everyday different bands were  playing live music during that festival.

Their music instruments  are really good. If I have the money, I would also love to buy fender super champ xd for my friend who requested me years ago to buy that instrument. He has his own band back home in the Philippines. Sad to say, I just can't afford it for now.

Have a lovely day to all!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Driving to Poland

It was so far the most adventurous trip I had this year. Together with some friends, we planned to drive to Poland for a pottery shopping and sightseeing trip as well. I admire my friend's courage in driving there. I can drive too but not that far like that. Besides I am not comfortable driving around 500 km away from home. I am not use to it. Thanks to our gps truck tracking, we were able to arrive to Poland and nearby places in Czech Republic. It was a very exciting and interesting trip we had last October 2011.

I have a shield here as we were driving in Poland last time.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

No Signal, No Cellphone

Happy Father's Day to all wonderful fathers out there! I almost forgot to greet you you here. Wishing you all the best of everything and hope that you are having a lovely one today. Of course, I would like to greet most especially my dearest Papa and my hubby for being great fathers! Back to main topic. This is the reason why hubby don't bring all the time his cellphone at work. There is no signal in their workplace most of the time. I also not sure if wilson electronics cell booster can help. I can suggest it to hubby if ever he really needs one.

I can't stay too long here. I am still not feeling 100% good. I hope I will be backed to normal health again soon. This summer influenza is just not good. Take care folks and have a lovely week ahead. Goodnight!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Electronics Shopping

I have been shopping online for electronics and gadget since last week. Until now, I can't still decide if I am buying it or not. Hubby was also complaining about our LCD tv. It is not functioning well. He found in the weekly ads this afternoon lcd samsung tvs that are on sale. He also can't decide of buying a new one. We have more priorities about our incoming project. I hope we can start it very soon when the plan is approve. I also hope to decide next week about the gadget that I am planning to order online. I just need it very badly especially for our trip next month. Wish me luck!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Friend's New Gadget

Good evening folks! I am done watching Television tonight. Now, I am hitting again in the blogosphere. I miss blogging for two days because of migraine attack. Thanks goodness that I am feeling very better now.

I am also happy for a friend who got her new gadget. He husband gave her a new Nikon camera as advance Valentine's gift. She said that she still need to buy SD cards. I guess she also wants some extra nikon camera batteries. She complained last time of her old camera. It is no longer working. At least, she is happy now having her new gadget. Congrats my friend! Another TGIF is coming soon. That is also the reason why I am greeting everyone in advance a very lovely weekend ahead. Goodnight folks. See you tomorrow!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Hubby Loves Watching TV

Good morning to all! Another week is here! I was thinking if this week is already the last week of November but it's not. I am not in a hurry for the coming holiday season but only thinking of the time that flies so fast.

Back to the main topic-Hubby is not quite happy with the TV programs we are having right now. This is especially true because one of his favorite TV channel can't be viewed anymore since we have a new LCD Television. He wants to buy a satellite receiver and hd antennas outdoor to have more TV channels. He just love watching TV especially during the night before he goes to sleep. This is his form of relaxation and he is already contented with it. I also hope that we can have more channels next month. I am slowly signing-off. I wish you all a wonderful week!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Planning to Buy Some Gadgets

I love electronic and gadgets. I love cameras and computers. I just ordered a lens camera this week and still waiting for it to be delivered. I just talked to dear sister in Las Vegas to also buy me a new laptop on Thanksgiving day next week. My friend said that there are a lot of sale items during Thanksgiving celebration in the US. I was even window shopping for flat screen tvs last week. We will see if we can buy a new tv early next year. For now, I just need more finances for my long vacation back home. I am almost flying home. Second, I might be flying to the United States again next year after my vacation back home. Probably, I will just stay in Europe for two weeks and fly to America to attend an important occasion. Have a great day guys! more updates in my other blogs!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Good Site for Firefighters

I remember visiting the trade show in Kelheim last month. There were a lot of businesses who participated and introduced their products to the public. The fire department also participated as you can see in the picture I have here. They also presented some equipments they use when fire fighting. I am just curious how much a fire and rescue equipment cost. I mean the gadgets and equipment use by firefighters. Thanks to this site called Comtrex who provide information about it. The site is very easy to navigate and it process very fast. The website is also professionally designed. I guess fire fighters and shoppers would love to visit site like this. Need something for communication and tactical equipments? Go to Comtrex!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Buying Gadgets

I am feeling tired right now. I woke up so early today because I simply went to bed very late last night after visiting a friend. I also need to wake-up early because we have to go to Neumarkt to bring some papers in the Tax Office and my hubby also need to go the the Auto Repair Shop for his car check-up which is needed for its registration. After that we went to an electronic and appliance store because I saw some SD cards that are on sale. I bought three of them. I also bought two new cellphones which I want to give as presents to my father and brother back home. I finally see the laptop I have been wanting to buy. I use to watch it in internet because I am planning to buy one early this year. I got some money to buy for it but there are more important things that I have to buy first. I am so excited about it already!! have to slowly sign-off guys!! It's party time!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Forgot to Fix Our Faucets

one of the furniture shopping malls with an hour drive from our place.

I know my husband have a lot of things to fix in our house. As he had his vacation last month, he should fix a lot of things in our house. But since he studied for his driving training and exam, he forgot to fix and change our bathroom faucets. At least he made some new paints in our small hallway and in the kitchen too. My hubby is really very hard working. All plumbing and electrical stuffs that needs to be repaired inside our house, he fixed it all. Speaking of faucets.. If you need some, have the lists of any faucet products you need..I visited their site and found very great choices of all kinds of faucets!! A very cool site for your household needs!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm Looking for Memory Cards

I just bought a new Canon Camera the other month. I already have some secure digital SD cards for it but I want to have one which has higher memory. To be specific around 4 GB to 8 GB memory. I was just browsing online a while ago for some memory cards. I found what I am looking for at Memory Suppliers. I also found out that they sell all kinds of memory cards. It is a perfect site to shop for all your memory product needs. They are also selling Portable hard drives. I hope I can get one next time..But I have to buy first the SD card!! Are you looking for one?? Simply visit their site!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Online Shop for LED Lights!!

Are you looking for special lamps like led lamps?? This website can be the place to go, They have a wide variety of lamps that you are looking for. It is a young shop but they already developed high technologically products specializing in lamps and lights. Lamp products ranging from LED Spotlights, LED Lights, LED headlights and a lot more. Take a look at their shop now at and start searching what you need!! happy shopping!!

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