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Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's Snowing in Bavaria

Perfect timing! My car  has its  winter tires on now! This is one a must-to-do before snow comes. This morning when I woke-up and looked at the window, the surroundings are already white.  Snow is already here! It was a combination of snow and rain and really good for driving.

I should go for grocery shopping today but cancelled it  due to the bad weather. I  might go tomorrow. If it is not really very important, I always avoid driving and going elsewhere. Continuous snowing is not really good. Good things is, the roads and highways in Germany are being cleaned from time to time by government workers who are assigned in road repair and maintenance.

I guess this is the time to hibernate...Oh well, I still have a lot of things to do offline. I hope I can finish most of it tomorrow.  Besides, I need to put my Christmas decors on.

Snow in Bavaria, Germany.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Finally Had My Winter Tires On

I have been hearing weather updates in Bavaria, Germany the past days. It says that it will be snowing starting tomorrow. I am not quite sure if this will  affect our area as well. The weather is really getting colder and colder everyday. This is the  sign that winter is almost coming. This is also the reason why we already changed the summer  tires of my car to winter ones.

One good thing, we always save money when changing tires from summer to winter or vice versa. Hubby's brother in law owns a car repair shop and they have all the equipments with regards to repairing cars including coats machine. I already saw how this machine works everytime we changed the tires of our cars. One good thing, hubby can always use his brother in law's equipments for free, thus saving us some bucks every year.

I am ready for the winter season now including my car. I am always careful when driving especially during snow time and I always pray for safe driving. I hope you too!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Earliest Snow in Bavaria, Germany

This is history and I cannot forget October 27, 2012. This is the earliest snow  fall  that I experienced in Bavaria, Germany.  Does this mean that  winter is really here? Or it is going away again? Unbelievable but it happens! I did not expect that it is snowing today but it really is. I guess,  at the moment I am writing this post, it is still snowing outside.

I should be going out to go bonding with friends tonight but I was not able to go. First reason, my car has still summer tires. The people in the house are all busy and hubby don't have the time to change my tires to winter ones. We also plan to polish the car before winter comes but due to busyness, it was not done at all. We are also planning to change our car seats. At the moment we are looking for a company nearby who is doing leather car seat repair but since we are really very busy with home renovation  the past weeks, it is still not taking care of. I guess we will wait again until spring next year.

snow in Bavaria, Germany last Feb. 2012.
Lastly, I want to warn all my friends nearby, please be careful when driving during snow time especially those who are first timers to drive during this season. I know you can do it but please  be extra careful.  In short, drive safely!

Happy weekend to all!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's Snowing in Neumarkt!

Thank goodness that we really don't have snow in our area. But be very careful because the streets are also dangerous especially when it get frozen and icy during the night. This is what they call black ice. I heard over the radio this morning that there were a lot of accidents in Bavaria due to icy road and highways. My friends are also telling the same.

I did not really see a lot of snow in our area but in the nearby towns, I witnessed it last December 2011. As we drove to Neumarkt, a municipality in Upper Palatinate, Bavaria it was snowing a bit. You can see it in my snapshot below. Not too much snow but when the weather is rainy and snowy, better be careful when driving particularly early in the morning. Most streets become icy and slippery. Drive safely folks especially to all my friends in Bavaria.

a rainy snowy day as we drove to Neumarkt last December 2011.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Saying Goodbye to Winter

Good morning Europe! Good day everyone! We are having sunshine again. I guess spring is fast approaching. I noticed yesterday, while looking on our garden, that the tulips are slowly growing. I hope we can finally say goodbye to winter. I don't need it right now. I can't wait to see the flowers in our garden again. I am quite excited to go gardening soon. Thanks God for the very nice weather today!

I am saying goodbye to winter. No more snow please. Here is an image taken last December 2010. I also wish everyone a beautiful and wonderful month of March.

snow time last December 2010.. such a fairytale scene but I want to say goodbye to winter now. Take care folks. I'll see you later again. Off to a Fasching or carnival in a nearby city.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Not Another Snowy Winter Skies in Bavaria

"Snow drops like cotton balls outside.
It makes the surroundings gray and sad.
Its truly a cold and freezing weather now.
But always remember,
there is always beauty in winter time."
Ruby Benz

It is still snowing outside right now. I thought the spring time is almost coming but here comes snow again. The picture was taken last Sunday as we took a walk in our place. The day before we took our walk, it was snowing so hard but during the next day, you can already see the blue sky and the white surroundings. Since yesterday it was also snowing...Now we have a lot of snow again.

You can also see the tower of the castle ruins in Hohenfels from afar. Have a great and blessed weekend in advance to everyone!
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Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's So early to have Snow!

I can't believed it that we have experience snowing in our place at this very early time. Imagine snowing in October! As far as I can remember, last year's snow starts at the end of November. There are also some places in Germany that experience snowing since last week. This is the photo I took from our window today. Our garden looks sad now. Most of the flowers are fading. I even bought new winter plants yesterday and planted it too. I am happy that I already cut leaves of that pine trees that you see here and covered some of the perennial plants in our garden. It's time to wear warm winter clothes now! take care folks and stay safe all the time!

All friends out there, be careful in driving especially during winter time. I heard since yesterday over the radio that some people died due to car accident because of this weather. Drive slowly but surely!
some snow that you can see in our garden. a view from our window.
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