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Friday, February 14, 2014

My Valentine Wishlist

I guess it is not really bad to wish for some presents  this Valentine's Day.  It is normal for women to be happy when they receive some presents during this special occasion.  I  may  have a lot of Valentine wishlist but most of them are not material ones. How about you?

Praying for Good Health Always for the Whole  Family

Foe me, this is  the first thing in my wishlist. Health is wealth and we can never buy it. You might be able to  afford medicine and to pay for hospital bills but still  you can never buy health. This is the reason why I am always praying for good health always for my family, friends and relatives. Of course, we also need to take care of our body by not taking vices like drinking and smoking.

Love and Harmony in Our Home

I never  had a big discussion, misunderstanding  or quarrel with my DH. We always talk about things. We respect each other and  respect is  always the foundation of love. If there is respect, there is love and when there is love, harmony always prevails. We may not have all the luxuries in life but we have  the basic things a man needs to survive in this planet...Food, shelter and clothing are the most important ones.

Chances and Opportunities  to Travel  More

It has always been my dream to see the beauty of this world.  I am thankful that I had  already seen a part of it. Having been to over 30 countries, I still want  to experience more. This planet has simply a lot of  amazing places to explore. Even one life is not enough to see everything. This is the reason  why I want to travel when when finances, time and health are still present.


Enjoy your Valentine's  Day but be safe! God bless everyone!

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