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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oktoberfest 2009 Updates

It seems that this blog was abandoned for some days! Sorry about that guys. The Author is always busy both offline and online plus the escapades that we always have. I also apologize if you always see in my blogs updates and photos about Oktoberfest. We were finally there yesterday. The day before was like a Black Friday for me because I did not had a good sleep. Or maybe because I was quite excited with our trip to Munich for the Oktoberfest. We arrived home safe early this morning at around 2:00 am. We both had a nice and not so good experience during our trip but over all I would say that it was wonderful! I wish to share more about it in a couple of days. I got here some photos from yesterday's Oktoberfest escapade! more updates and photos in my other blogs..Just browse my header guys! Have a great week ahead!
these are some of the beer tents in the Oktoberfest in Munich
striking a pose in front of the Hippodrom, one of the biggest beer tents in Oktoberfest!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oktoberfest 2009 Is Almost Here!

Nobody can stop the famous and biggest festival in the world! Oktoberfest in Munich is almost here! This year's celebration will start this coming Saturday September 19 and will last until October 4, 2009. This will be a lot of fun again! I'll see you there! Did you see some red and yellow colors here? This is also my Ruby Tuesday and Mellow Yellow entries for today, a photo taken from last year's Oktoberfest! Have a nice day to all!

Before I forgot, I am happy to announce that this blog is joining for the first Ruby Tuesday meme! I will for sure love this meme because it's one of the fave colors!

Feel free to visit Ruby Tuesday to see the beauty of red shared by the participants. Thanks to Mary for creating this beautiful meme! Happy Ruby Tuesday everyone!

Click the logo to visit the blog. Feel free to join this wonderful meme especially if you love yellow. Thanks to the Author Drowsey Monkey for hosting this beautiful meme. Happy Mellow Yellow Monday!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jura Volksfest Parade in Neumarkt, Bavaria

The festival is still going on until now! The Jura Volksfest is a festival in Neumarkt, a city in Bavaria, Germany. It is held every year in the month of August. I tried to be always present in the festival every year. Last Sunday was the first time we had witnessed the Parade. Finally I just read this morning from our daily newspaper that 103 group of participants took part during the parade. It was a great festival in the Upper Palatinate part of Bavaria. here are some photos from it!

one group that wear the Medieval costumes or dresses. you see what they carry in their hands?

guess what I was saying here?? Schnell!@&%*.. which means faster, click that camera quick!! before it's too late!

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