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Sunday, August 2, 2015

A Wonderful Start of the Harvest Month

 Goodbye lovely July and hello beautiful August! Finally my most favorite month of harvest is here. I  am always thankful to July and the other past month of 2015. There were just a lot of wonderful things that did happened this year. What else can I say but to express my gratefulness for everything.

Thanks God for the wonderful first two days of my fave month of August. I was able to spent time with lovely people, friends and talked to my family back home. Life is too short to complain and think of problems. Be grateful everyday especially for the blessings of waking up every morning. Others don't have the chance to experience the world anymore.

Thanks God especially for the greatest gift you had given us, the gift of life to experience the beauty of this planet. To each and everyone especially to my family, relatives and friends  near and far, I wish you all a great and blessed month of August! Good health, love and happiness to one and all! God bless and live life to the fullest!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year 2014 Inspiration!

Some more hours and 2014 is about to come. This means that we have to slowly say goodbye to 2013. I would say 2013 is a wonderful year for me and I hope for you too. Let's face  2014 with hope, love, peace to all mankind and harmony!


I also would to share this very inspiring words I received from my inbox. Thanks to Kyregma for sharing it.

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. – John 1:1

The celebration of New Year’s Eve is filled with tradition. People wear polkadots, serve 12 kinds of round fruits on their tables and light firecrackers to usher in prosperity and drive evil spirits away. The traditions have a more commendable side to it— it makes the evening colorful, it brings families together in emotional reunions and many other good things.

May I suggest an additional good thing to add to our traditions? May I propose that we dedicate the first hour of the year to worship and prophecy?

At the stroke of midnight, my household would worship and raise our voices to honor God in an attempt to drown the “noise” of the world. Instead of driving away spirits, we invite the Holy Spirit to join us in thanking God. Then we open our Bibles and receive a verse as a guide for the New Year, even as we consult Scripture again and again throughout the year.

This additional tradition has brought me closer to God’s Word and has taught me to be guided by it. It makes my every day a New Year’s Day — a celebration of the Word! Rolly EspaƱa."

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Worry vs Work

"The reason why worry kills
more people than work
is that more people worry than work."

~Robert Frost (1874-1963)~

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sad and Shocking Story

I just feel so sad today after reading in the newspaper of a young boy who committed suicide. Imagine at the age of thirteen, he committed suicide. He was found inside his closet and believed to hang himself. I knew it since last Friday because my husband told me about it. I had seen this boy whom I will call for short Andre two years ago in the German American Volksfest here in Hohenfels. . And I always see his picture everytime I visit my dentist. Yes this boy was the son of my dentist. He got a very kind and wonderful father and I believed a wonderful family too. I really can't imagine how he did that or what are the reasons why he ended his life. But whatever reasons why he did that, I just pray for the repose of his soul and may he rest in peace and join our Creator now.

He is young, very good looking boy, and helpful according to his classmates and schoolmate. Here is a short message from his friends and classmates according to a German Newspaper in our place.

Wir vermissen unseren guten Freund
der uns immer zum Lachen brachte und sehr hilfsbereit war.
Auch wenn Dein Platz in unserer Klasse leer bleibt,
wirst Du immer in unserem Herzen sein!

Deine Freunden and Klassenkameraden

I will try to translate it in English so that you can understand it better. here it is;

We miss our good friend
who always bring laughter and was also very helpful.
Even when your seat in our class is empty now,
you will always be in our hearts.

From your friends and classmates

Before I write this post, I was watching in Frontal 21, a ZDF German TV program that featured tonight about medicine or tablets for anti-depression but give side effects such as risk to suicide. Some tablets that are featured are Prozac and Strattera which are manufactured by Lilly from the United States and Zoloft from Pfizer. The Strattera which are taken by 3.5 million children around the world including Germany. Below are the following URLs of the ZDF TV program which I watched tonight in the television and also search it in the interent. This is in German and I suggest that you better search these tablets in Google or yahoo or whatever search engines, so that you will know exactly what are its side effects.,1872,7488820,00.html,1872,7488768,00.html?dr=1

I am just sharing this to all of you for you to be aware of the side effects of these products. Before you take these tablets, please think of it a thousand times. I just don't exactly know if Andre had taken one kind of these medicines before. I hope not! because I just really can't believe that this happened to him.

I know life is not perfect. There is always ups and downs. I was there. I know how it feels that sometimes you get really confuse why such bad things happened. As for me, I just keep on asking for help from Him though prayer. I know that without him this world is nothing. Don't lose hope! Keep praying! ..that is only our best defense! Always remember, No Matter what, this world is still a beautiful world to live in...Life is still beautiful!!

Lastly I would like to extend my deepest condolence to Andre's family. Wherever he is now, I hope and pray that he rest now in peace with the Lord.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Job Opportunity

I just received this afternoon a call saying if I want to work in an International Company in Munich.  Of course, why not?  The recruiter said that they saw my resume in She even mentioned if I want to work in Munich. I  told her that it doesn't matter where in Germany, even in Europe or US as long I have a job. But still, I will still consider the salary. If it is  more than enough to support my living and everything  including the apartment and cost of living, I will surely grab the job.

I wish I  have a lot of  Computer Skills  so that I can work in an IT company. I am a banker and accountant by profession. I also applied  some knowledge of computer at the bank I work before.  I am still not losing hope that one day I can learn  more about  computers and its field of study. I believed I am not too old to learn. Besides,  learning knows no age limit at all!

I hope and pray that I can make it  with this job this time. If not, I will be forced  to  job in other countries. I just don't want to waste my time, talents, ability, education and work experiences.. I can't really make it, I would like to concentrate more of working at home. There are a lot of companies who are hiring work at home jobs as well. I am crossing my fingers to land a good job in the nearest future.

Friday, February 29, 2008

It's all about Blogging!!

Hallo Leute (a German word which mean Hello people)!!! How it is going!! Time is really running so fast!! today is already the end of the month..Tomorrow is another month!! wow, I can't believed that this blog is already three months old. I enrolled this last November 29, 2007. I wrote my first blog last Nov. 30, '07.

I can still say, Life is a process of learning so is blogging. I admit I still need to learn about the crazy blogging world..yah, it's crazy but it's a lot of fun. Besides that I also met here a lot of wonderful and nice people.

Blogging is my life in cyberspace where I can write anything, about my ideas, thoughts, opinions, insights, outlook and even my own personal experiences. Besides that I really don't have a lot of friends here in Germany, only a few to mention.. so computer and internet and this so called blogging is now a part of my world and daily life. It is one of my bestfriend.

I just wanted to express my thanks and gratitude to all people who discover and invented this kind of technology. Thank you very much! I remember in my WWW addict, I wrote something like this; just browse and you will find...anything that matters in this vast Universe is at your you believe in this guys?? I mean with this, is that any infos you need to know or simply anything you want to know in this universe, you can already search for it in the internet...No doubt, I can say, it is my cyber friend!!!

After this blog I also authored some more other blogs..just a total of 8 blogs.. These are the ones that made my days so busy!! a few to mention are the following blogs I authored; so please visit them if you have the chance and time.

WWW addict
* in this blog you can find some informations of just about anything.

My Daily Nourishment
* you can find here bible messages, inspirational quotes and sayings, stories and a lot more..this site serves as my inspirational site when I am down, feeling sad, or just simply be happy!!

Euroangel Graffiti
* this is my photoblog that includes anything that catches my camera. I love to take pictures of anything that I find interesting and nice.

My Euro Travel and Adventure
* my newest blog which is still under construction..this includes the different places I had been too esp. in Europe and probably around the world when given the time and resources. This blog will also provide tips about travelling, some histories of different places, culture and tradition and a lot more about travel and sightseeings.

Simply the Best
* don't forget to mention my Simply the Best..this is a general blog about anything in this world..

I will mention next time here my other blogs once, it is already in a good look besides that they are also under construction..

So guys, please join me in my journey in this blogging world..this blogs also serve as my daily diary of all the things that happens to me everyday!!

Lastly, I would like to extend my grateful thanks to all my dear readers, visitors, commentators, online friends, fellow bloggers and all friends around who always visit me here and join my journey..

Vielen Dank!! Maraming Salamat Po!! Gracias!! Daghang Salamat!! Madamo nga Salamat Gid!! Thank you very much!! Merci!! Gracies!! Arigato.....well if you want to look for Thank you in different languages just visit here.

take care guys!! Wish you in advance a very nice weekend!!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Water

This story shed my tears...I seldom cry but this one just shed my tears..
it is quite a long story, but really very touching...Please read it too..
I wish everyone a nice weekend!!!!God bless us all!!

It was one of the hottest days of the dry season. We had
not seen rain in almost a month. The crops were dying.
Cows had stopped giving milk. The creeks and streams were
long gone back into the earth. It was a dry season that
would bankrupt several farmers before it was through.

Every day, my husband and his brothers would go about the
arduous process of trying to get water to the fields. Lately
this process had involved taking a truck to the local water
rendering plant and filling it up with water. But severe
rationing had cut everyone off. If we didn't see some rain
soon...we would lose everything.

It was on this day that I learned the true lesson of sharing
and witnessed the only miracle I have seen with my own eyes.
I was in the kitchen making lunch for my husband and his
brothers when I saw my six-year-old son, Billy, walking
toward the woods. He wasn't walking with the usual carefree
abandon of a youth but with a serious purpose. I could only see
his back. He was obviously walking with a great effort
...trying to be as still as possible.

Minutes after he disappeared into the woods, he came running
out again, toward the house. I went back to making sandwiches,
thinking that whatever task he had been doing was completed.
Moments later, however, he was once again walking in that
slow purposeful stride toward the woods.

This activity went on for an hour: walk carefully to the woods,
run back to the house. Finally, I couldn't take it any longer,
and I crept out of the house and followed him on his journey
(being very careful not to be he was obviously doing
important work and didn't need his Mommy checking up on him).

He was cupping both hands in front of him as he walked, being
very careful not to spill the water he held in them...maybe two
or three tablespoons were held in his tiny hands.

I sneaked close as he went into the woods. Branches and thorns
slapped his little face, but he did not try to avoid them.
He had a much higher purpose. As I leaned in to spy on him, I
saw the most amazing site. Several large deer loomed in front
of him.

Billy walked right up to them. I almost screamed for him to get
away. A huge buck with elaborate antlers was dangerously close.
But the buck did not threaten him...he didn't even move as Billy
knelt down. And I saw a tiny fawn lying on the ground,
obviously suffering from dehydration and heat exhaustion, lift
its head with great effort to lap up the water cupped in my
beautiful boy's hands.

When the water was gone, Billy jumped up to run back to the
house and I hid behind a tree. I followed him back to the house
to a spigot that we had shut off the water to.

Billy opened it all the way up and a small trickle began to
creep out. He knelt there, letting the drip slowly fill up his
makeshift "cup," as the sun beat down on his little back.

And it became clear to me. The trouble he had gotten into for
playing with the hose the week before. The lecture he had
received about the importance of not wasting water. The reason
he didn't ask me to help him.

It took almost twenty minutes for the drops to fill his hands.
When he stood up and began the trek back, I was there in front
of him. His little eyes just filled with tears.
"I'm not wasting," was all he said.

As he began his walk, I joined him...with a small pot of water
from the kitchen. I let him tend to the fawn. I stayed away.
It was his job.

I stood on the edge of the woods watching the most beautiful
heart I have ever known working so hard to save another life.
As the tears that rolled down my face began to hit the ground,
they were suddenly joined by other drops...and more drops...and

I looked up at the sky. It was as if God, Himself, was weeping
with pride.

Some will probably say that this was all just a huge
coincidence. That miracles don't really exist. That it was
bound to rain sometime. And I can't argue with that.
............I'm not going to try.

All I can say is that the rain that came that day saved our
farm...just like the actions of one little boy saved another.

This is not one of those crazy chain letters...if you don't
forward it to anyone, nothing bad will happen to you.
If you choose to forward it, you won't receive any riches in the

I don't know if anyone will read this...but I had to send it
out. To honor the memory of my beautiful Billy, who was taken
from me much too soon.... But not before showing me the true
face of God, in a little sunburned body.

~Author Unknown~

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Getting To Know Me....Getting To Know You

My friend Twinkletoe, tagged me with this today. Thanks friend for this tag.. Thanks thanks again! mwah!

Copy this entire list of questions and change all the answers so that they apply to you. Then tag and pass it along to other blogging friends. Let’s see how well we can get to know one another!

1. What is your occupation?
- a former banker and accountant back in the Phils. now a manager of myself!!!!.wink!!

2. What color are your socks right now?
- i love wearing socks even in hot pinas. got dozens of it. kakabagin pag di ko 'to suot. wearing orange one right now.

3. What are you listening to right now?
- nothing, just watching German TV.

4. What was the last thing that you ate?
- chocolate coated cashews.

5. Can you drive a stick shift?
- very well..paid thousands of Euro in a German driving school.

6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
- Red, Orange, Blue

7. Last person you spoke to on the phone?
- Lucil

8. Do you like the person who sent this to you?
- super YES! i call her power girl!

9. Favorite drink?
- Green Tea and Water

10. What is your favorite sport to watch?
- Football in Germany and Skiing the Euro sport channel. they got a lot of different sports there.

11. Have you ever dyed your hair?
- 3 years ago.

12. Pets?
- Dogs back in the 3 named Peewee, Chippy and Akira..Peewee gave birth to 5 a total of 8 now...dami palamunin ..

13. Favorite food?
- Most Filipino food, Chinese, Greek, Italian, Mexican..guess lahat ata basta masarap at di panis n poisonous

14. Last movie you watched?
- Harry Potter Movie

15. Favorite Day of the year?
- Christmas day.

16. What do you do to vent anger?
- Talk and talk and talk and eat and eat and eat but don't cry.

17. What was your favorite toy as a child?
- my first and last doll..

18. What is your favorite, fall or spring?
- both Spring, new flowers and green leaves on the trees. Fall, you see the different colorful leaves around

19. Hugs or kisses?
- Lots of hugs and lots of kisses.

20. What kind of pie?
- Warm apple pie in Germany and mango pie back in the phils.

21. Do you want your friends to email you back?
- Yup. all the time.

22. Who is most likely to respond?
- My closest and best friends and of course my sistas.

23. Who is least likely to respond?
- bahala cla ug di cla mu respond..labot ko..hehehe.

24. Living arrangements?
- With my one and only Schatz.

25. When was the last time you cried?
- can't remember. di man gud ko ang cry type..

26. What is on the floor of your closet?
- carpet..hahaha..

27. Who is the friend you have had the longest that you are sending this to?
- Lily

28. The friend you have known the shortest amount of time that you are sending this to?
- Carlota, Lolli, Babette, Vicki, Darlene, Lyn2.

29. Favorite smell?
- ang sarili kong some nice smelling perfume, kapoy enumerate diri..hihihi

30. What inspires you?
- My family, loved ones and friends...also challenges..

31. What are you afraid of?
- i guess nothing and nobody. hihi

32. Plain, cheese or spicy hamburgers?
- All of the above.

33. Favorite car?
- Mercedes Benz sana..but can only afford its sister car , Smart ForFour

4. Favorite cat breed?
- Don't like cat. lagot ko sa balahibo aning cat..

35. Number of keys on your key ring?
- Many to mention.

36. How many years at your current job?
- manager of myself now....worked at EPCIBank for 9 years before and 2.5 years as SPV in a Retail Store..

37. Favorite day of the week?
-everyday. gay gatunganga kanunay sa pc ug way lingaw..kasabot mo....toink!!

38. How many provinces have you lived in?
- 3 man tingali..wink..bitaw sakto na

39. How many countries have you been to?
- 10 including stop-overs..unya musuroy pa jud ko puhon ug kadaug ko ug ang vegas...get ready i'm coming....ganon!!!

I'm tagging Babette, Carlota, Lollipop, Vickie,Darlene,Lyn2x.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


This post is the continuation of the post I had written last Saturday Feb. 09, entitled

Warning to All Pinays Who Want to Marry Foreigners.

If you read this post you might know then what I am talking to now. ....sorry just don't find time to write it immediately...So last Friday, we finally escaped or let say I helped Ana escape from her misery (is that really misery..just can't find the exact word now, but i guess so).....I already bought our train ticket to go to a certain place here in Bavaria, the state where I also presently live..

I also prepared a travelling bag full of clothes and the basic things she need like bath soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush and a lot more (thanks also to my pinay neighbor who contributed clothes) . She don't have anything with here that day except for a pack bag full of books which she use in the German language course. Her husband stayed at home all the time and if he will see her with a big bag, he might not able to escape. Besides that Ana, said that her husband really don't want to work now. He had his one toe operated last time so he can have a sick leave and don't can go to work. Her husband also told her that he really don't want to work and only want to stay at home watching TV while smoking and drinking.

Ana said that she have a wonderful mother-in-law, whom she help sometimes in the household chores like washing the clothes, grocery shopping and cleaning the house. The money that her Mother-in-law gave to her, she use it for buying bus ticket so she can go to the school. She said that her husband never gave her money. I even saw her wallet without any money except for family pictures.

During the plan escape, I met here in the school where she usually attended... Last Friday was also her last day in the German language course. I waited for her in the school office while she is bidding goodbye to her classmates. All of her classmates there are also foreigners just like her. Some even gave their phone numbers so when she need some help, they might help her too.

I also really appreciate her teachers (who were also my teachers before) who helped her. The secretary of the school also gave here some money aside from the small amount I gave her which she can really use because she even don't have a single centavo....what really a pitiful situation...

On our way to the train station, we were very careful that day because Ana said that her husband will go to the Post office and the post office is near the train station...we're playing like hide and seek because we had to stay to the place where it is not so visible to a lot of people.

Finally we arrived to the place where we also met another Filipina who will finally helped her with all what she need esp. the house where she will be staying temporarily. I thought, once I handed her to this Filipina, I am over since I also want to go walking around the city. But the other Filipina told me that I can go with her so I have an idea too, what's the next thing to happen...

That was really a good idea so I will also know where she will be staying..Until all the paper works were processed for the house where Ana will be temporarily staying, we also showed to her the grocery store where she can buy food and other stuffs she need. Yesterday, the other Filipina also helped her to process the different government offices who will help her situation besides that she also need a translator because she still don't speak good German and her English is also not so good.

I hope that yesterday was a successful day for them as they went to the different government offices. I knew there's a lot of paper works to do... but at least what is important now is that Ana is safe and her coming baby too...also wanted to contact her in the next few days..

It is just a very nice feeling when you help somebody esp. saving their lives....a help that don't expect for any return but simply want to help...a help that comes from the heart!!..what a wonderful feeling!! do you feel the same way???or do you help only somebody because you are expecting for a return..I hope not!!!

wish everyone a nice Monday!!! God bless us all!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My Tuesday..

Hello everyone!!! How was your day???

Today is just a normal day for me. After eating my lunch at about 2pm,(yup that was too late already) I decided to go walking even I really don't feel like doing so. I just wanted to breath some fresh air outside the cold weather.

I went a up the hill until I remembered that I have to extend my condolence to my neighbor whose husband was dead already. Her husband was stubbed to death in Czech Republic. That was certainly a very sad and tragic story. I didn't stay too long in her house. After talking a bit and saying condolence to her ,I continued my walking. Life is really short. We don't know when is the time for us. What we can probably do is to be always prepared when that time comes.

It is winter time in Germany. I'm happy during this winter season because it's not snowing in our place. Compared to the first years that I have been here, it was really snowing very hard. The other parts of Germany have been snowing so hard especially near the Alps.

I love my place now. It is just a small village and the sceneries are really great. I also took some photos because the scene up the hill is very nice. Hopefully will post it here once I upload it already. Guess that's all for today.. take care everyone!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Life is So Short

I woke up yesterday morning having something in my mind. I got some words that I wanted to write. It just suddenly came out of my mind. This words turned into writing a poem yesterday morning. I love composing poems, even writing my own sayings or quotations that serve as a lesson especially if something happens in my life that worthy of making as a reminder or instruction that a certain bad experience won't happen again.

I have not written it here in my blog yesterday because I was still thinking of its title. Finally today, I got a title for it is....


Life is so beautiful.
Life is so wonderful.
Don't give up on it.
It's the greatest gift of all.

Too many trials and problems.
Too many predicaments.
But in the course of time.
It shall be put to end.

Life maybe short or long.
For everyone who comes along.
In this complicated world.
Where all people belong.

Whatever you think and do.
Enjoy life to the fullest.
Living its peak to the highest.
So in the end, you obtain happiness.

originally Authored by: Ruby Wolfsteiner
copyright 2008 by RW's SimplytheBest

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Words -- Just Words

Several years ago, while on a long flight, I was seated next to a flight attendant who had broken her leg in an accident. Eventually, we started talking, and I found her language to be shocking. It seemed so inappropriate; she was a vivacious, personable young woman. Frankly, filthy language offends me, so I commented on her choice of words. She, in turn, expressed amazement that I was offended and said they were "just words." I responded, "You're right. And I'm sure this is the way you talk in front of your parents." She responded, "Absolutely not!" So I commented, "Well, why not? They're 'just words.'"

The truth is that our language does betray us. Our words are a direct reflection of our thoughts, and anyone who is incapable of expressing himself without the use of profanity is becoming handicapped to an incredible degree.

It has been my observation that improper language bars individuals from certain jobs, organizations and social situations. In my lifetime, I have never heard of an employer instructing a personnel manager to hire an individual because of his filthy, vulgar language. I've never heard of a young girl going home and telling her parents that they must meet her date for the evening, pointing out that he has the "filthiest language" she has ever heard or that he tells the dirtiest jokes you can imagine. I frequently advise wannabe speakers to be very careful of their language, warning them that they never will get engagements because of vulgar, racist or sexist language but that inappropriate language will frequently crop them from consideration.

What all of this really means is that vulgar, violent, improper language or coarse, racist, sexist jokes will limit opportunities in the choice of a mate, the selection of a job, the building of a career and the establishment of friendships.

The message is clear: Learn the language rules. Practice them in your everyday life, and I will see you at the top, Zig Ziglar said!



As a rookie salesman, I had a very difficult time getting started. However, once the ball started rolling, I enjoyed a spectacular four-year run of success. This led to a career change and a new job in New York City. It was exciting and rewarding but required that I leave home each morning before my two little girls were awake, and most of the time, when I returned at night, they were asleep already. I could not handle that style of parenting, so in just three months' time, we moved back to Columbia, S.C.

I got into a promotional-type business and temporarily enjoyed some success, which quickly evaporated. At that point, I stopped growing and started swelling, which led to 15 additional job and career changes within the following five years. I became a super-critic, a know-it-all and a very difficult person to work with. One of the companies I briefly worked for was an insurance company that had been in business for many years. This astonished me because they were obviously way behind the times, and I had some absolutely brilliant ideas that would revolutionize their business and expand their market share. They rejected these very significant ideas. I left in a huff, wondering how they ever would survive -- which, incidentally, they did.

After five frustrating years, I finally had a reality check and realized that the success I enjoyed earlier had come because I had committed myself completely to improving what I did instead of assuming I knew it all. I made a strong commitment to the new company I represented and worked hard and enthusiastically while continually acquiring new information from those who had beaten many paths before I came along. Interestingly enough, results were excellent and progress was steady, and just two years later, I was on a career path that has been most rewarding and satisfying.

I hope the message is clear. Keep growing. Don't start swelling. Listen to those who have had successful experiences.

by Zig Ziglar

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

All of Us Are in Debt

I want to thank all the emails I received everyday especially those that are very informative and useful in my daily living. Below is one example of it. Hope you guys will also get a lesson from it. Enjoy reading to this beautiful essay.

All of Us Are in Debt

Albert Einstein said, "A hundred times every day, I remind myself that my inner and outer life are based on the labors of other men living and dead, and that I must exert myself in order to give in the same measure as I have received." As you think about what Einstein said, you will come to realize the completely unselfish wisdom of those words. First, we're indebted to our parents because they were responsible for bringing us into the world. Next, we are indebted to the doctors, nurses, aides, orderlies and other hospital personnel for the part they played in making our arrivals safe and healthy ones.

We're indebted to the educational structure where we learned reading, writing and arithmetic, which are critical to our lives. It's sobering to realize that yes, somebody did have to teach Albert Einstein that two plus two equals four.

We are in debt to all the pastors, priests and rabbis who taught us the essence of life by instructing us in those character qualities that are important to us, regardless of our chosen fields of endeavor -- athletics, medicine, education, business or government.

We certainly owe a debt to those people whose messages have been encouraging and positive, as well as informative and instructional. We are deeply in debt to those public servants who committed their lives to service through appointed or elected offices in this great land of ours. That includes the postal worker who brings the mail, the pressmen and reporters who are responsible for putting these words in print and the workers who build the highways upon which we move from one location to another.

The list is endless -- which brings us back to Einstein and his quote. We do have a heavy debt, and one way to repay that debt is to regularly express thanks and gratitude to the men and women who make our lives worth living. Think about it. Thank a lot of people.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Discipline to Children Starts at Home

Good Morning Everyone!!! I just read this in my email from Mountain Wings. I wanted to share it with you. Perhaps you can help by praying especially to those children who are really stubborn and mind you at the very early stage of life, at the age of three. Sounds really not good.

Children's discipline always starts at home. Parents always have the responsibility to discipline their children. In my own opinion, I believed that children must be discipline at the early stage of life specifically when they start talking. Whether the parents are professional or not, I believed that proper manners, values and discipline must be thought to them.

I am still not a Mother and if ever it is God's will for me to have children I will try my best to give them proper discipline. I know it is not easy to discipline children. I came from a very big family of twelve siblings. I am just very thankful that even my parents don't have time to each one of us, we are still given some discipline which until now is being inculcated in our lives.

I am very thankful to my parents for everything they had thought me before. The values and the teachings that they inculcated in my life are very great treasures which I will carry with me till the end of my time and will be passed on to my future children.

To those parents who have children like this, I am praying for you. I believed it is still not to late to give them proper manners and values at the very early age. Don't wait to give them discipline later. It might be too late.

Remember you can form a branch in a tree while it is still young but when it is old, it is already very difficult to form it the way you wanted it. Parents also have to remember that you are the children's first teachers at home. Whatever examples and actions you show to your children will reflect on you.

Here is the story and the prayer request!! Please help by praying!!! Wish everyone a very Wonderful day!!! Got to go now to run some important errands...


He is stubborn.

He uses abusive words in both private times and in public.
Please pray for him to become a good and kind human being.
Plus, he is a fussy eater.

The above is an excerpt from a prayer request.
The characteristics described are not unusual for a prayer
request. What was unusual was the age of the male who was the
subject of the prayer request.

He was three.

We can relate to the mother from the U.A.E. (United Arab Emirates)

We have a son who is two and a half and when George doesn't get
his way, he sounds just like her son.

Pray for us and anyone else who has a child with the same

Also, there are quite a few adults with identical characteristics.
Pray for those who have to deal with them and pray for us for
the times when we are them.

~A MountainWings Original~

Monday, January 14, 2008

Dust If You Must

How many countless hours have I spent cleaning? I used to spend at least 8 to 12 hours every weekend making sure things were just perfect, "in case someone came over." Then one day I realized that no one came over; they were all out living life, having fun!

Now, when people visit, I find no need to explain the"condition" of my home; they are more interested in hearing about the things I've been doing while I was away living life and enjoying it!

If you haven't figured this out yet, please heed this advice:Life is short - enjoy it while you can!And people don't care if your house is spotless just as long as they're welcome.

Dust if you must but wouldn't it be better,To paint a picture or write a letter,Bake a cake or plant a seed, Ponder the difference between want and need?

Dust if you must but there's not much time,With rivers to swim and mountains to climb,Music to hear and books to read,Friends to cherish and life to lead.

Dust if you must but the world's out there With the sun in your eyes, the wind in your hair,A flutter of snow, a shower of rain,This day will not come around again.

Dust if you must but bear in mind, Old age will come and it's not kind.And when you go and go you must,You, yourself, will make more dust.

Remember, a house becomes a home when you can write "I love you"on the furniture!

~Author Unknown~ from Mountain Wings


"Life is so unfair!"I hear people making this statement quite often. In justice,misfortune, or good fortune can be perceived as occurring through random chance - some just have it easy and some have it rough.
It can appear to the purely logical mind that there is no rhyme or reason why this is so. The problem with the logical mind is that it is not actually so logical or smart. We still can't create the simplest grasshopper or even a blade of grass.
Even with all of our scientific advances, the divorce rate among the Ph.D. is no lower than that among the illiterate.We know more about a terrorist in a cave than we do our next-door neighbor. Our understanding and our abilities are simply very limited.
Our understanding in the grand scheme of things is like George.No, not that George, my two-year-old son George.When you start counseling, you get to see the inner world and inner reasons. You soon see that whether it is generational,environmental, or the choices we make, things do have a reason.
We may not be able to see the complete picture, but there is a reason for the way things are. The more involved you get, the more of that you see.
Stuff, good or bad, has a reason.
One day I may be able to explain it all to you.
As soon as I can make a blade of grass and a grasshopper.
Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.
(Gal. 6:7 KJV)
~A MountainWings Original~

Friday, December 28, 2007

New Year's Resolution P1

Enjoy Life More
Given the hectic, stressful lifestyles
of millions of People, it is no wonder
that "enjoying life more" has become a
popular resolution in recent years. It's
an important step to a happier and
healthier you! Consider one health's
holistic healing center for products
designed to bring balance to your body,
mind and soul. Or just get out and try
something new! Take up a new hobby or
try your hand at skiing. Go to a theater
performance, or head to the local spa.
offers a wealth of artistic and
recreational activities to meet just
about anyone's wishes.

adapted from friendster (sangay)

Black Women are also Beautiful!

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