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Monday, July 11, 2011

Insurance Topic

I had a conversation with hubby yesterday while I was trimming his hair. I am his Friseur or hair cutter for some years now. I did it since the last time he went to the hair stylist and his hair was not cut good. While I was cutting his hair, our topic went to insurance especially about life insurance. He don't have one anymore because it already matured last year and from its proceeds we were able to pay our mortgage and other debts. I reminded him to get another one. I told him that term life insurance is also a form of investment. I hope he will get one soon.

Time for me to slowly sign-off. It is almost 1:00 am now. Goodnight and good morning too! Have a wonderful week also!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

TV Program

Another day is here again! I can't imagine that 5:00 PM now is already dark. Yesterday as I drove back home at around 4:30 PM from Neumarkt with a friend, the street and surroundings was so foggy. I drove slowly to make sure that we will arrive home safely. Thank goodness, we did!

That morning while getting ready to go to Neumarkt, I was watching a TV program where they interviewed some people with sickness and disabilities. Some are already receiving social security disability because it is already impossible for them to find a job due to being handicaps. I felt pity for those people who are like that. I mean with handicaps. I am very thankful that I am born healthy and without disabilities.


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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bank Transaction

Hello everyone! How are you doing? I hope you are all doing good out there. I am fine despite of the rainy days we had the past days until now. I went to Parsberg for some important transactions. First, I went to the bank to pay some insurance bills and also pick-up some money for grocery shopping and for sending to the Philippines for the continuous house project we have right now. I felt sad because Euros has a very low conversion rate right now. That was quite a busy day yesterday which is also the reason why I was not able to stay online so long and search for good insurance quotes. HB is planning to get another private life insurance when he can find a cheap one. I hope he can find a good one again. Just like today, I am also happy because I accomplished some things even just simple ones. I believed that simple things are sometimes the ones that truly make us happy. Agree folks? I hope so!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Getting Financial Stability

I had a serious conversation with a very good friend this noon time. I want to invite her for dinner but she already have other appointments this afternoon until evening. We seldom talk, probably one or two times in 3-months but the friendship is always there. She asked me if I already found a job. I told her not yet because dear HB don't want to do heavy jobs due to my shoulder and back pains. HB said that he will be getting the proceeds of his private life insurance next month and we might slowly gain financial stability. We can already pay our debts and live a normal but happy life with financial freedom. He said that I can work when I really want but I am quite contented now with my life earning a bit income at home. I believed life is like that. Sometimes we just need to be contented of what we have as long as we are happy. Right guys? I am also offering a prayer for a dear friend.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Investing at Young Age is A Good Act

Investment can be in any form. It might be a house and lot that you buy. It can be a form of savings deposit in the bank, a security bond, investment bond, time deposits or can be a form of a life insurance. Would you believe that I also made some human investments. I helped my sisters go to school and to take degrees or studies. I am happy now that they are already done in college and I am proud of them. Isn't it a very good human investment? HB also made some investments. Hopefully next year, he can already have the return of premium life insurance which he have been paying for almost three decades now. We are hoping to have a better financial freedom in the coming year. I am also happy to have little investments back home. It is better than nothing. So young people out there, you better invest wisely while your young. The younger you are, the better for your future.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Got Back Something

Good evening guys! I am still quite tired today until now. I woke-up so early this morning to take care of some very important things. Thanks God, that it was partially resolved. I also went to the bank and found out that the insurance company already returned back the money for my sister's travel insurance which we paid last August. I also asked some information for life insurance quotes which HB is trying to find out. My sister's visa to Germany was denied which is also the reason why we also asked for the refund of the travel insurance. We are happy that we got back our money. More updates next time. Good night and take care folks!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Sister's Travel Insurance was Cancelled

We wrote a letter last month to the company where we ordered a travel insurance for my sister who want to visit Europe. We cancelled it because the tourist visa application of my sister to Germany was denied by the German Embassy in Manila. I will tell you the whole story in my Travel and Explore Germany site. We all know the importance of medical travel because we don't know what will happen during our trip. I always do the same. Every time I go for vacation, I always see to it that I have a travel insurance to protect me in times of emergency. I would suggest that you better get one before you travel. Life is full of uncertainties! I'll see you again tomorrow for more updates! take care everyone and stay safe all the time!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Up To The Emergency Room

This seems to be a continuation of my post last month where I was brought to the emergency room due to severe migraine. I pray and always thankful to God that this sickness will not attack me. While I was in the emergency room, I was given some sort of aspirin dextrose. I was still able to ask the doctor while he was putting me that medicine. We are just thankful that we have a health insurance that will cover all Medicare supplement if ever emergencies like this happened.

The doctor said that the aspirin dextrose will last around 20 minutes. He also said that it depends on the result of the aspirin if I will be confined to the hospital or not. I told him that I don't want to stay in the hospital. As I was feeling better, the first thing I ask was food. My husband laughed about it and the doctor said that it is a good sign that I am feeling better. I really felt very hungry because I vomited three times that afternoon and my stomach was really empty. Around 7:30 PM, I am happy that I was released from the hospital. Thanks God!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Time For Accounting Our Insurances

Hello everyone! How's life going on! I finally have the chance to post here before Thursday is over. Life has been very busy for me for the past days..The time that I have is just enough to give you some updates in my blogs. Last week, I also accounted everything about how much we are paying for insurances. It's time to know everything so that we can budget my husband's income. I am still happy at least we can still make a short trip and vacation. Could you imagine paying various insurances for almost half of your salary. It also includes my husband's life insurance and mine also. The only advantages of having a better life insurance is during times of emergencies. We never know what happens in the future. At least we are financially prepared. How about you? Have a great evening! more updates tomorrow!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Visiting the Doctors Again!

How's everyone out there? I hope you are all doing good! Last Thursday, my husband had a doctor's appointment due to his bad knee. The doctor said, it might be coming from the bike accident last August 2007. One doctor said that the knee must be operated immediately. The other doctor said that it is better to wait for some time. To ease the pain from his knee, he was given two injections already. That is the reason why we went back again yesterday for the second injection. All these pains that my husband suffered now started after that bike accident in 2007 happened. His ankle was broken and was also operated. We are just thankful that we have that so-called accident insurance and lawyer's insurance which we are paying every year. We were looking before for some motorcycle accident attorneys and we are glad that we found a good one. He is the one handling the case of my husband's bike accident because there was a second party who was the caused of his accident. He will have another doctor's appointment next week again for a, Orthopedic Specialist to have a second opinion. I hope that this will be settled soon! Enjoy the lovely day! It is very beautiful today in our place! take care guys!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Husband's Accident Insurance Claim

Happy weekend! I am just wishing you first a very great weekend because I had a great one today. Last Thursday, my husband finally received a letter for his appointment to the doctor in relation to his bike accident last August 2007. It is already more than a year now but he still did not have the claim from his accident insurance. I guess after this last doctor's examination, he can already receive it. The most importance thing is that he is expecting for some returns after that bad accident happened. Getting leads for insurance was the best decision he made. I have one too and I believed that it is really important in today's time because we don't know when emergencies come. I hope you agree with me!

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Importance of Health Insurance

You might not know the importance of having a health insurance until you are hospitalized and have big hospital bills. I already have some experience about it. The first one was when my husband had an accident last year and was operated in his right ankle and the second one was when my Mother was confined in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital. I am just thankful that everything just went smoothly with my husband's operation and he is back to work now and my Mother was also given another chance in her life after a 50-50 chance struggle due to complicated sickness. Most of all Thanks to God and the health insurance company who paid the bills. If you need a health insurance, just visit NC health insurance. Protect your family from life's uncertainty..Get one now!! I wish you a nice weekend!! It's TGIF again!!

Chat With my Sister

I chatted with my Sister from Las Vegas last Monday. I was happy to hear from her again after not chatting for more than a month. One problem is the time difference we have from each other. We took a lot of things especially the financial and economic crisis that hit America now. She was also sad that a lot of employees in other Nursing Homes and Hospitals were laid-off. As I was in Las Vegas last May and June of this year, my Sister was trying to find a good Life insurance for her and her husband. They found online a life insurance quote that best fit for their needs. Now they already have one. She said that it is better to have one at the early age that get it later. I'm happy to hear about it. If you are looking for for Life Insurance Quotes, Wholesale Insurance will provide it for you!! Always remember "The earlier, The better".

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Car Insurance Rates

Owning a car would also means, you need to have an insurance for it. In USA, as well as in Germany, it is a must having insurance when you own a car. I remember in 2006 when I first bought a new car in Germany, in which the transportation office required insurance papers or confirmation that you must have an insurance before you can register your car. I believed, it is the same here in USA.

There are lots of auto insurance companies that provide insurance protection for your car. Depending on what type of car you have or even the size and age of your car will determine how much insurance you have to pay for it.

I would suggest that before you buy a car, you must also think how much it cost for you in the future like how much insurance you must pay for it. Another thing to consider is the cost of gasoline that it consume especially now that gas prices are getting so high.

With regards to insurance for your car, I would like to refer to you Car Insurance Rates. It is a company that sells not only car insurances but also provides you with useful tips and information on how you can save insurance for you car.

If you want to save money for your car insurance, don't forget to click and get a quote now!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lowest Possible Insurance Rate

Some people don't believe in Insurance especially the so-called Life Insurance. They are afraid that they might be killed and somebody will benefit the proceeds of the Life Insurance.

If you have to ask me with regards to the above matter, I would honestly say to you, that 'I do believed'. Sometimes we just don't know what will happen in the future especially if it is emergency. I believed that we must always be ready of whatever circumstances that might happen to save us from problems and predicaments.

There are different kinds of insurances ranging from auto, home, health, life and a lot more. In Germany, it is a must that all individuals have health insurance. If a jobless person cannot afford to pay one, it is the government with its social system who will pay for it.

USA has a different system. Not all people have insurances especially life and health which I believed to be the most important ones. Well, I guess it is because, insurances here are also very expensive. Now, you don't have to worry anymore, at Insurance Rate, you can have the lowest possible insurance quotes in the nation. Different insurance companies are listed in, so you can choose the insurance that best fit your needs.

Always look ahead for you and your family's future, get the cheapest policy quote now!! Don' forget getting a quote from Insurance Rate is always free for your convenience!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Switching for Lowest Possible Price Insurance!!

I had a car accident last year. I mean, I hit a car while backing-up. It happened so quick. Before there was no car that was parking there as I went inside my car but as I was backing up, it was already there so quickly that I did not notice it. The car was parked in a prohibited small street. Normally he must not park there. We called the police to report the incident. The police said that, it was my biggest fault because I hit a car that is not moving. Partly it was also the fault of the other driver who parked his car in a prohibited place.

I am thankful that I have an insurance. The police said, that I might not pay for all of the damages because it was also the fault of the other driver. I also reported it immediately to my insurance company to take-care of the damages and everything. In Germany and I believed in most part of Europe, if somebody want to own a car he must also have an insurance for that. It simply means "No insurance, No car".

I paid a lot on my car insurance alone, not including my other insurances such as life and accident insurances. We also have a family insurance and a lot more. You cannot live especially in Germany or almost member countries of European Union if you don't have insurances just like health insurance.

If you are looking for the lowest possible price insurance, just visit Van Insurance. They offer varieties of your insurance needs such as for Van, car, trucks, bike, home, travel, commercial and a lot more of insurances. Just like for Van insurance, they offer the lowest possible price for it.

You don't only have a cheaper Van Insurance with the same level of coverage but above all the excellent and world class services they offer. They even offer promotional and special discounts until 70% for new policies.

Why not take the opportunity that Van Insurance offers. You only don't get excellent services but also cheaper prices!! Visit now their site and you see the difference!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What A Day!!

I have to wake-up early today because I have to drive to Neumarkt having some matters to be taken care of. I also have an appointment with the Arbeitsamt (Unemployment Office) in the afternoon. After that went grocery shopping and shopping???

I accompanied a fellow Filipina to the Landratsamt (Town Hall) to act as a translator (kuno). As I already parked my car in the park place.....guess what happened?? well, the driver who is an old lady of a big Mercebenz car wanted to park next to me. As she was pulling down down the car next to my car.......bang!!! she hit the back right side of my car. What a Day!!!! I just came there to help somebody and now my car was hit.

Anyway, sometimes things happen the way you don't want it to be. It's an accident. I guess this old lady already loses her estimate because she already saw my car very near to her car but still she continue driving. Not a big problem, I believed she is retired and have a lot of money to pay for the damage of my car. Or maybe her car insurance will pay for the damage....don't really sounds good...

In Germany, you cannot own a car without insurance. It is a law that says"No insurance, No car", therefore it is a must to have one. The problem is, if you have accident and you let the insurance pay for it, the bill of your insurance is getting higher. I have been there. and I know what's going on. Some people pay with their own money if the damage of the car is not so high, unless maybe if the damage is really very expensive, then they let the insurance pay for it....

Guess I'm really very tired today...will tell you more tomorrow what other things happened today!!! ......all i can say.."Life is still beautiful"
take care everyone!!

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