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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Job Offer

How I wish I can work again! I received this message in my inbox last Monday about a certain job position.  Thy are looking for a  German Technical Customer Care - Hardware/Gadgets in  Enschede, Netherlands. That is quite a very far place from where I live. If I have to consider all the living expenses  like  apartment, transportation, cost of living  and the like, I guess the job salary offer is not worth it.

I rather do what I am doing right now. I am not really earning  a big money but it is enough to  book  the next travel I want if I find a cheap one.  If the area is only located near our place, I will probably  grab the job.  I believed my CV is still live in the JPGray's system.

This is how the letter was presented. 

"Dear MR,

Apologies if this vacancy is not relevant to you. I'm looking urgently for German/English Technical Customer Service employees in area Enschede! Do you have a passion for hardware and gadgets? Are you able to speak and write fluent in German? Then this might be the job for you!! Interview times available for this thursday and friday, starting in May! The company offers a salary of EUR 8.50 per hour and are flexible in your schedule! If interested or if you know anyone, please send your CV sap to then I will contact you.

Kind regards, Rachelle"

I wish one of these  days, I can still find a better job nearby. If not, I will just stick to what I am doing.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Still Looking for a Job

Hello everyone! I am back online! I have been very busy the whole day doing gardening, cooking and other household chores. That is my daily task and I can do it whenever I want. I can't imagine that I am already jobless for more than three years now. In fact, almost four years. I am a banker and accountant by profession and made an early retirement after almost nine years of serving Equitable PCIBank which is now Banco de Oro in the Philippines. I had also performed sales jobs after opening my own general merchandising store in Cebu City. I was also once a retail supervisor for almost three years here in Europe but now a happy stay at home wife and a blogger at the same time. I am wishing to find a new job when given a chance. Anybody want to hire me?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Anyone Looking for Financial Related Jobs

How many jobless people who are still looking for right job now? I guess it is not too bad anymore to find the right job for you. With the help of internet, you can find a lot of job banks that is related to your job experience and education. If you are interested for any Wall St jobs, start browsing your mouse now and search the net. I guess Financial Job Bank is also a good site for me. Good luck to all job seekers out there! I hope you find the right job soon!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Sister is Still Looking For A Job

Finding a job nowadays is quite difficult. In my situation is more difficult because my job experience and College diploma back home is not recognized to the place where I live now. I have to go back to school again. My other sister who is an IT graduate is also looking for tech jobs. I hope that she can find one as soon as possible. We are just thankful that we can already browse different job banks in the internet. Anybody there who want to hire me and my sister? Leave a comment or message here! Thanks a lot!

Monday, March 3, 2008

I Finally Made It to 3P!!!

Did you hear something about PPP or payperpost?? I already heard about it from my friends online who do blogging. At that time I heard it, I still don't have a blog, way back around three months ago. I consider myself new to the blogging world. In fact, I consider each day a process of learning.

But anyway, I submitted my blog to payperpost last January 2008 but it was rejected because it is still very young and don't meet their requirements for a 3 months old blog to be approved. Until I read last week that they already accept starting February 2008 blogs that are even one month old.

I resubmitted my blog yesterday and today I was surprised to check my email that it was already approved. I just feel great after I joined one of the best advertiser in the industry. I always love to write anything that comes out of my mind. First, I just want to write a blog to express myself, my ideas, thoughts, opinions and personal experiences but then I decided to monetize my blog through payperpost. Thanks a lot to all my blogger friends who give me the push to join payperpost.

With my earnings here, I can now start to save money to buy a new laptop and my dream camera with lens. I also want to impart my talents and writing skills to payperpost of all the things that I love to write, the very reason why I joined them. I learned that through blogging and payperpost, I can't only meet new friends but also earn extra money.

Come join me now!!!

Job Opportunity

I just received this afternoon a call saying if I want to work in an International Company in Munich.  Of course, why not?  The recruiter said that they saw my resume in She even mentioned if I want to work in Munich. I  told her that it doesn't matter where in Germany, even in Europe or US as long I have a job. But still, I will still consider the salary. If it is  more than enough to support my living and everything  including the apartment and cost of living, I will surely grab the job.

I wish I  have a lot of  Computer Skills  so that I can work in an IT company. I am a banker and accountant by profession. I also applied  some knowledge of computer at the bank I work before.  I am still not losing hope that one day I can learn  more about  computers and its field of study. I believed I am not too old to learn. Besides,  learning knows no age limit at all!

I hope and pray that I can make it  with this job this time. If not, I will be forced  to  job in other countries. I just don't want to waste my time, talents, ability, education and work experiences.. I can't really make it, I would like to concentrate more of working at home. There are a lot of companies who are hiring work at home jobs as well. I am crossing my fingers to land a good job in the nearest future.

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