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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Where is My Madrid Travel Guide Book?

I was searching for this book for some weeks now. I know I have it somewhere in the house but never had an idea where I put it. I was looking for my Madrid Travel Guide Book which I bought during our trip in Spain last December 2011. I searched for it in our bedroom where I also have some travel books beside my bed. I also searched for it in my little library but still can't find it. I also did dot find it in our living room, kitchen and bathroom.

Where did I put that book? Sometimes I just keep on forgetting things. I badly needed it because I will be flying in less than two weeks to Spain again and will be staying most of the time in Madrid. I want to explore more the city when time permits. I believed I have more time when I will be there. We only had a day sightseeing when we were in Madrid last time.

a snapshot of the Cibeles Palace (City Hall) while we were inside the bus going around in Madrid. Taken last December 2011.

This afternoon when I had a glance of the new bookshelf at my back while sitting in front of my laptop, I saw a red-covered book. I guess, it is what I have been looking for since 3 weeks ago. I grabbed it and I am happy to know that it was my Madrid Travel Guide Book!! yohoo! I finally found it. See I was not searching for it today but I found it. This is cool.

See you later folks. Time to prepare for dinner!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Waiting for my Travel Books

While browsing the internet yesterday, I finally found the travel book that I wanted. I browsed first in but the book that I want is not available. I love to read travel books. Everytime I visit a certain place, I see to it that I also buy a travel guide book from that place. I borrowed this book entitled 501 Must-Visit Destinations. Since I love to travel, I find this book helpful because it shares a lot of interesting places to see around the world. I made a mistake of the first order. Instead of buying the book I mentioned above, I also ordered 501 Must-Visit Cities. I ended up ordering another one, the 501 Must-Visit Destinations.

I am quite excited to read about these two books. Hopefully tomorrow, my orders will come. The good thing is, charge no shipping within Germany. I ´save some bucks from it.

Special thanks to my friend Jo for lending me the 501 Must-Visit Destinations. It just inspire me to travel more when finances are available.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Bought A Red Camping Guide for Germany

HB was laughing at me as he saw me taking a picture of the book I bought last weekend and put inside a red pail while carrying it. That is why the background is also red because I also bought a red pail. I am just getting ready for a camping escapade next year. The title of the book means Camping Guide for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and South Tirol. I wish to experience more travel next year when finances are available. I won't stay too long tonight. I have to wake up early tomorrow to attend a funeral ceremony of HB's relative. The place is around two hours drive from us. Condolence to HB's family and relatives.

I wish everyone a wonderful start of the month of November! I wish to visit you soon. sorry got some problems with our pc and netbook.

Feel free to visit this beautiful meme to see red of all kinds! Thanks to Mary for hosting this meme! Happy RT day!

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