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Friday, July 26, 2013

Karaoke Singing at the Party

I am quite sad that some good friends left already. I have to accept the fact that life is like that. People come and go in our lives. What are left now are the memories and photos from the past. I was browsing some old pictures taken during the past parties I had with friends.

yummy foods  during a party.
Of course everytime there is a party, karaoke singing is always present. I wish there is somebody who can play guitar in the next parties. I would love to also recommend a good left handed acoustic guitar at musicians friend. Anybody looking for this kind of guitar out there? I have some good friends who are musicians and can really play guitars. The are members of a band in my home country. I hope to see them again once I  go for a vacation there.

For now we will just enjoy our karaoke singing everytime there is a party. OOpps..another party is coming this Sunday!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Singing On Magic Mic During Parties

There were a lot of parties  hosted by friends  the past weeks.  One had a house warming, the other had her birthday party, a despedida or go away party, thanksgiving  or simply get-together gatherings with friends.  Everytime we have it, singing on magic mic or karaoke is always present. I am thinking of getting an extension microphone  named shure sm58. I believed it produces good sounds.
I just want to make it ready for my big day next year.

Not so good photo during the party from last Friday. This is good because I don't really post photos without the permission of the people included  in it.

 I guess it is time for me to pack-up. We will be attending a Christmas party tomorrow in Bamberg. Another party again and I am not so sure if there will be karaoke or magic mic singing tomorrow. Enjoy your day!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Party Time Is Karaoke Time

I am quite busy now with a lot of things. Life offline and as well as online are always keeping me busy. One thing that keeps me busy will be the party this coming weekend. Some friends called it  a  birthday aftershock celebration. Yes, yes it's party time!

I can have the chance to get together with friends again. For sure singing with the karaoke is also present. I have some good friends who can sing so good. I even have some friends who can play guitars and keyboard as well. They are band member anyway, the reason why the can really play good music. I would like to recommend Alesis at musicians friend  if they are searching for musical gadgets and instruments.  I wish they are here in my birthday aftershock.

I can't wait this coming weekend. I will surely hear the voices or I would say the "song birds" again. Party time is karaoke time! Cheers!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Memorable Party!

I was browsing some photos from my birthday celebration last year. It was truly a memorable day for me. Everyone had fun especially during the singing and karaoke part. Next time, I guess I need a recording studio furniture to make it more memorable. I would really love to have one since I also love singing.

The sumptuous foods prepared during that party were very delicious. Thanks to my dear friends who made that celebration successful. Thanks also to the visitors that despite of their busy schedule, they made it to my birthday party.I don't have much time to

My birthday cake last year. Thanks Nadette for this.
Due to some unavoidable circumstances and change of plan,  my  birthday party for this year will be held sometime in October.  It was rescheduled because  I don't have much time to prepare for it since I will be flying to the US soon. See you guys in  October!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Memorable Birthday Parties

I would like to make a last minute greeting  first. Happy Mother's Day to all lovely and wonderful mothers out there especially to my ever dearest Mama. Thank you so much for everything and God bless all mothers in this planet earth!

It is not only a memorable weekend because of the two parties I attended but also a celebration to  the greatest heroes of all times, that is a celebration  honoring  our beloved Mothers. Truly a wonderful weekend!

Last night, we attended a birthday party of a friend's daughter who just turned 7. The celebration was a blast and I believed everyone truly enjoyed it. Foods were great and delicious. Most  of the foods being served were Filipino dishes. Thanks to the hard work of  Pouyan's mother who did most of the preparations. You did a great job Elsa! Keep it up!

Foods during Pouyan's 7th birthday party last May 12, 2012.

Another birthday celebration was also held this afternoon. It was Dreanna's 4th birthday. It was normally a birthday party for children but since we were invited for a jewelry presentation, we also attended the banquet. The birthday celebrant together  with other children  had a wonderful time and lots of fun with all the games they had.  Sumptuous  dishes were also served. Most of the ladies did not only enjoy looking and shopping  the jewelry and accessories  but also  love the eating part.

Thanks Joanna for the invitation. I  had a great time and lots of fun with the other ladies.

Dreanna's 4th birthday dated May 13, 2012.

To Pouyan and Dreanna, I wish you both a bright future and may your mothers' good wishes for you will come true.  Wishing you also good  health, love and happiness! God bless you both and your family!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Friend's Baby Shower

Hello folks! How's your Saturday? I hope you had a nice one. I had a wonderful time during a friend's baby shower today. It was my second time to attend such kind of celebration. Germans usually don't do that. Giving of presents only takes place when the baby is already born. Thanks to Filipino-American friends for inviting me. I truly enjoyed it. The baby shower for Ge was a success and I believed that she was very happy about it.

Everyone had fun during the said gathering especially the games that were played. A lot of food were also prepared by friends. The opening of the presents for the incoming baby was the highlight of the program. It was truly a wonderful and enjoyable celebration. Thanks to good friends for making it happened.

Wishing Ge a safe and sound delivery soon. God bless you!

some of the foods during the party.

the very beautiful diaper cake made by Joy.

presents for Ge's incoming baby.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Thanks To All Who Remembered my Special Day

It was a very memorable birthday celebration I had a week ago. A lot of our friends attended during my birthday and at the same time our thanksgiving party. Some neighbors and relatives were also present. I believed everybody was happy and contented. I would like to send Paper Culture thank you cards for those who attended but it seems that I was so busy the past days. I also can't find the right one. I was even very tired today and can't stopped to go for a quick nap. After taking a short I prepared a simple dinner. After taking our dinner I spent almost two hours working in our garden. It was quite a relaxing day despite being tired.

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who took their time in celebrating with us my special day and our thanksgiving celebration. Most of all, thank you dear Lord for everything! You are always great!

some of the Filipino foods prepared during my birthday. Thanks to all friends who helped in preparing it.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's Party Time

We did had a party again in a friend's house last Friday Oct. 29, 2010. It was Joy's advance birthday party and was held at Farah's home. It was another great time being with new friends. I believed everybody had fun during the party. The highlight of the party was the lunch time. It was a total blast celebrated until the evening.

Happy birthday Joy and wish you all the best. God bless you and your family!

Special thanks to Farah for the accommodation and to all good friends who brought with them some food and presents.

the yummy food during Joy's birthday party at Farah's

and the best one for me are the shrimps!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Escapades!

I got some great weekends! I spent it with good old friends! Saturday a friend and her family visited us and spent some time for lunch or dinner. I don't know exactly how to call it because we ate around 4pm already. After we ate, we drove to Regensburg and did some shopping in Donau Einkaufscentrum or Danube Shopping Center. It was a great day seeing friends again.

Yesterday, we visited back Maria, the first Filipina friend I met in Germany. It was also a lot of fun yesterday. Maria and family had a barbeque party because it was their first wedding anniversary. Time just passed so quickly that we don't notice it sometimes. The family circles of Maria's husband were in the grill party. It was a great afternoon because the weather was also perfect for grilling and get together! I am just sharing some photos from weekend's escapades! Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

taken at Donau Einkaufscentrum in Regensburg, Germany

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Need A New Shoes

How are you guys? How was your first day of the weekend! I got a busy one. That's the reason why I just have the time to sit-down now in front of my pc. I am a busy body anyway. I never have a dull moment even I just stay at home. It's party time again! A friend of mine will be celebrating her last birthday in Germany. She want the party to be memorable and enjoyable. I guess a lot of visitors are coming. I guess I also need a new shoes to partner with my clothes which I will wear during the party. I want to visit Dansko professional to go shopping for nice and elegant shoes. I hope I can find one that will comfortably fit my huge feet. Have an enjoyable and safe weekend to all!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year's Party Blast!!

I want to award this food as the most beautifully decorated one. A fruit salad prepared by Ritchel. I guess this is her specialty now!! It was really yummy that I took home a!! thanks for preparing it Ritc!! next time make it double..para mas marami ang BH...hehehe!!

Guten Abend!! a German word which means "good evening". I hope you had a great welcome for the New year! Yes we do! especially that tons of food were prepared again last New Year Day's party. Good friends gathered together to celebrate and to welcome 2009. As usual, Filipino, American and German friends were present during the wonderful and lovely party. What do you think if you see these delicious and superb food!! American specialties as well as Filipino and German delicacies were cooked and prepared to welcome the bountiful and prosperous New Year! Thanks to great friends who were present during the celebration. Special thanks to Ritchel and hubby for hosting again the party. An appreciation to Danna and hubby for sharing their special delicacies

A champagne was also toasted by everyone. Different drinks, wines, fruit punch, beer and even my long last favorite nine years ago, tequila was also shot!! I guess the ladies were tipsy after drinking a shot!! But it was truly a great fun!! thanks also to the singer/entertainer of the night named Lucil..and to everyone who contributed to the success of the New Years party, a great appreciation to all of us!! visit my other sites for more updates and photos!! here they are;
The WWW Addict, Euroangel Graffiti, Daily Nourishment and my other sites too!!

Special awards to best cook in 2009:
Ritchel and Hubby prepared ham, sort of pork curry with vegetables, pumpkin cake, fruit salad, crabs, fruit punch, fresh fruits, scallop potatoes..did I forgot something guys..let me know!

Danna and Hubby contributed Embutido and Lasagna
Maria's Hubby cooked a German delicacy called Gesnitzel I guess..some sort of pork with mushroom and cream

I also cooked menudo apritada, adobo, pancit bihon, pancit canton, baked fish with olive oil from Ritchel, some sort of chop suey and a newly invented pork with oeyster sauce, red pepper and onions.

I'm not sure if I forgot some recipes here..leave your comment guys if ever I forgot something..thanks in advance!!

Again I am wishing each and everyone success for this year, good health always and more blessings to come!! Have a Happy and Bountiful New Year to all!!

A Philippine specialty called adobo, prepared by yours this food especially back home..

Ritchel's hubby's family specialty recipe, the pumpkin cake which is written in their family's cookbook..I was surprised to see their cookbook...amazing work!!.. My husband love this too that I have to take home three slices last time!! wanna try one?? wink!!

The yummy Embutido prepared by Danna and hubby....I ate a lot of this since it has been a long time I haven't eat this... I guess I want to try this recipe next time..the look shows that this really taste good!! great job Danna!

Another Philippine Delicacy, pancit canton dressed with lots of vegetables and shrimps...Maria's favorite especially during her pregnancy..cooked by me!!

The most presentable food, Ham decorated with pineapple and cherries..courtesy of Ritchel and hubby..yummy again!! need some slices?

Jason's yummy food..this photo looks much more if you eat!! love those's good for the body!!

the beautiful and lovely ladies taking a pose in front of the table..only the girls these time..the boys don't seems to be included...ooppsss..look at that handsome baby!! the star of the party!! wink!! That's Maria very cute baby boy!!

sorry again guys..don't know what comes to my mind that I always forgot to get the cover of those foods...guess, i forgot it everytime I see the other yummy foods!! these are the delicious foods during the party..

Don't forget to visit my other sites for more food photos and updates!! Cheers to all of us for a blessed and more successful 2009!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Great and Memorable Christmas Party

the new spice girls in action!!..wink!!

Happy Holidays! It was truly a great party and celebration last night. We were invited with some other old and new friends in a gathering. It was really an amazing one. The fun especially the karaoke, dancing, singing, kidding, laughing and the joy that you can see in everybody's face are simply overwhelming! Don't forget to mention the banquet of lots of food! This is always the best part of the party. Without food, it will never be as successful when the stomach is empty. I am happy to meet especially my old friends who are always trustful and loyal.

I guess I have to start mentioning the food here which is always the most interesting part. I really can't imagine the food that were prepared last night. I guess it was good for fifty people. Actually there were only around eleven people who attended the awesome party. Ritchel and hubby prepared a big Ham, roasted turkey (already sliced when served), mashed potato, its gravy, stuffing, the yummy crabs, sweet and sour shrimps (cooked by yours truly for the first time), punch juice, pumpkin pie, bread and butter, fruit salad and fresh fruits were also served. Danna prepared spaghetti, pancit and lumpia. Of course I also cooked my favorite recipes adobo, bola-bola with tomato sauce, cassava cake, potato salad, vegetable salad and the favorite of all, my specialty I guess menudo apritada..Oooppps, don't forget the rice. Wine and beer were also served. After drinking the girls kept on dancing with the hiphop music!! such an enjoyable moments!

A short prayer was led by yours truly before the eating started. I guess everyone was confused of what food to take first. Some tried a little bit of it so that they can have rooms in their stomach for all the food. There were really a lot of left-overs that everyone had to take home with them. It was really a great party that before it ended a group picture was taken. As usual camera timer was used again. The group picture turned out to be a perfect one! It was also funny because at least four cameras were set to timer that everyone don't know exactly where to look. At least, it was still a great shot!

This Christmas celebrated with friends was really full of memories which made it unique and truly wonderful. Thanks to old and new friends who had renewed a bonding in this gathering. There might be other gathering in the future but last night was just so incredible that everyone went home contented and happy. Most of all, thanks to our Great God who helped us made this gathering a successful one. His love and goodness are truly overflowing that we were blessed with good friends around.

This year was truly full of challenges and trials. Despite of it, God's blessings and graces are just so much that we had successfully overcome everything. We keep on hoping and praying that the next years to come will be a more successful one!~ God is truly great!!

p.s. feel free to visit my other sites for more photos!!

a pose in front of yummy food after eating!!

sorry forgot to open the food cover when taking pictures.. the table was so full that the other food were served in the kitchen...forget to take a photo of the food in the kitchen..

love that pumpkin pie and the punch fruit too!! how many glasses did I drunk?

checked attendance...and the present ones were....dadaaaannn!!....perfect and beautiful shot!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Filipino Xmas Party

I got every year a Christmas party invitation from a friend whom I first met here in Germany. In fact she had helped me a lot especially during my marriage. She is one of the great and good friends I have here. We seldom talk and meet each other but the warm of friendship is always there. Thanks a lot Chat for the invitation. Honestly this is the first time I attended this big Filipino Christmas party here in Germany due to some unavoidable circumstances. . Hundreds of people where there and they came from different parts of Germany. I might not know all these people but I am happy to see them enjoyed the party. I met some old friends to and chatted with them. Each and everyone was just busy meeting old acquaintances. There was a live band and good Filipino singers and entertainers which made this party a successful one. Special thanks to the organizers and people who helped and made this party a successful, joyful and memorable one!! Merry Christmas to all of you!! keep up the great job!!

some people dancing, singer, eating or simply enjoyed the memorable night here

Monday, September 1, 2008

Birthday Party

the gifts of Renate, my husband's cousin who had her 60th birthday yesterday Aug. 31, 2008....mind those birthday cards, they have something valuable in it!!
Happy Birthday Renate..wish you all the best in life and more birthdays to come!!

We attended yesterday the birthday of my husband's cousin in Nuernberg. That was a great day seeing again the relatives of my husband. We don't usually see each other unless there are parties or gatherings like birthday, wedding and the like.

I could still remember in January 2006 wherein I met the first time most of the the relatives of my husband and I could not still speak German. Nobody talks to me except for some relatives who speaks English. Now they wondered that I already speak very good German....that's according to them..wink!!

I'm also happy about it. Since I studied German language last Nov. 2006 until April 2007, passed the exam and now have my German citizenship, I am already happy about it.

I just wish everybody a very nice day today since it is the first day of September!! hope this month will be a better start for everyone!! just keep praying and hoping for everything you ask for!!

bye for now!! please visit my other sites for more updates!! thanks in advance!!
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the table arrangement in Ramada Hotel in Nuernberg. that was quite great!!...I had a glass of Red wine yesterday!! what I love most are that orchid flowers on the middle of the tab;e..They are very beautiful!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Burschenverein Feast in Hohenfels

Yesterday was the first time I witnessed the German Burschenverein Fest here in Hohenfels. "Bursch" a german word which means in English a boy, lad or a guy.. "Verein" on the other hand means society, group or organization.. To bring it together in my own word "Burschenverein" simply means Boys Society.

They had a parade yesterday as seen in the photos I got here. It was quite a long and fun parade. Perfect timing because they had the parade in the afternoon where the weather was getting better. It was raining during Sunday dawn till the morning here in Hohenfels. It is even getting quite cold especially as we went to the Feast tent duting the night.

Some neighboring places participated in the name a few are Burschenverein from Grossbissendorf, See, Teublitz, Breitenbrunn, Lengenfeld, Lupburg and a lot more..

You might think that German people are boring, but they are not!! They also love to have party especially feasts and carnivals all the time. They also want to have fun and good time just like me...

We stayed inside the feast tent until 8pm since my beloved husband have to wake up early today for his work. In short we had a great Sunday too here in Germany!!

that's all for now...will take a small break to do a bit household chores!! ..keep reading especially taking a look at my other sites for more updates!!

Sending the best for today to everyone!!

the famous "Lederhosen" (leader pants) of the Germans..worn especially during feast, carnivals, parties and other special occasions

lots of people inside the feast tent!! almost all people had great time yesterday..
never forget to drink the 1 liter beer inside a big mug...also try the tasty bratwurst, a German especialty sausage..

the beautiful "Festdamen", Feast ladies in their beautiful and attractive dresses

the band who played German music parade..
they also wore very colourful and attractive clothes.

another group of Festdamen..i love these dresses they wore yesterday!!

pix taken around 8pm where some people already went home since a lot will still be working today....besides lots got drunk already...time to rest and prepare for next day work..

Monday, April 28, 2008

Party for Maria!!

We got a baby shower party for Maria today...guess also my Despedida in going to the States....5 sleeps more and it will be my flight already..will have a vacation there for two months or more maybe...not so sure..I will see what happen there!! As there will be a lot of things that will be happening and sometimes we really don't can forecast them...unless maybe you are a fortune teller???huh??

Back to the party...we got a good afternoon...Filipino party will never be successful without lot of food...aha!! Each and everyone cooked and brought their own menu!! here they are in the photos!! Thanks to Lily who organized the baby shower..Maria was very happy and I guess everybody who was there...not really that much people are there....

I am also happy to be there seeing friends like Maria, Lucil, Lily, Girlie and Emily..I just met the last two for some months and just seen them maybe 2-3 times..Maria is the first Filipina I met here in Germany..She's like a sister to me already..I am just happy that she got a family now and a forth coming baby in June!!

It's nice talking to them once again as we also seldom met and gather together....I don't know when I will be meeting them again..esp. that I am leaving some days from now!! Please visit also my Euroangel Graffiti for some photos of today's happenings!!

It was really a great day!! Bye! bye for now!! promise to go to bed I can also wake-up early tomorrow to do a lot of things before I fly!!!

Take care everyone!!

food we had today..lumpia (Girlie), pakbet and beef apritada (Emily), dinuguan and menudo(me), rice brocolli, Fil. spaghetti, cakes (Lily)..Maria brought some fish again and I cooked it as Paksiw and Fish with gata and beans...yummy again!!

the tropa...Lily, Girlie, Jasmine, Emily and me..
sino ba naman ang papayat pag ganito parati ang pagkain!!! ano ba yan!!
(who's getting slim if the foods are always like these)
what do you think???

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