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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Visiting Leeds, England

It's  always nice to reminisce  one of the interesting cities I visited in England.  I  am  grateful and will always  thank my good friend and  "kababayan" (a  Filipino word that can be translated as compatriots) named Ros or Arot for touring me in this city. It was in  autumn or fall 2008 when I  had the chance to visit England for 3 weeks. One of the cities  I visited was Leeds.

I  did not made it to witness the Christmas market in Leeds but I was in the area where it is held every year.  It was still did not opened when I was there.  Like any other Christmas markets in the UK, it is also a traditional German Christmas Market.  It is  saying, "A little piece of Germany in the heart of  Leeds City Center". At least,  I did experienced  the illuminated  lights on the streets  and the colourful Christmas  trees inside the famous Victoria Quarter and other shops in this city. The  festive atmosphere  of the coming holiday season can already  be  felt  at the month  of November.

The Millennium Square in Leeds, where the Christmas market is held each year.
The Christmas market market consists of over 40 wooden chalet stalls from authentic German traders providing a wide range of seasonal gift ideas for everyone including; handcrafted toys, jewellery, Christmas cards and festive decorations, speciality foods and traditional German delicacies such as gluhwein, bratwurst sausages and many more.
The illuminated  and  fully decorated  streets in Leeds when I visited it  last November 2008. Despite of the rainy weather, you can still see a lot of people on the street.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

This Nude Woman Statue in front of Birmingham's Council House

It is almost four years now since I visited England. One of the cities showed to me by a friend was Birmingham. I guess I see almost all of the sights in this city. Thanks to a good friend who toured me there.

What caught my attention during our visit in Victoria Square was this nude woman sculpture. It is actually located in front of Birmingham's Council House. This garganuan nude woman is located on the the top pool of the fountain. This sculpture was made by Dhruva Mistry RA in 1993 and is made of bronze.

The nude woman statue called as the River in front of the Council House in Birmingham. I had the chance to visit this city last autumn 2008.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Supporting England at the 2012 Olympics: Football

Whether you’re a football fan or not, you’re going to have heard of Old Trafford. One of the most memorable stadiums on English soil and home to Manchester United, it doesn’t just host their home team’s games.

This summer, it’s also playing host to some of the 2012 London Olympics football matches, along with Wembley Stadium, the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff and several other sites all over the UK. As with every Olympic venue, it’s of upmost importance to plan your journey wisely if you’re hoping to catch an Olympic football match at Old Trafford; making sure you have your tickets booked, finding a hotel near Old Trafford (why travel long distances when you don’t have to?) and researching the area for quality food and drink that doesn’t have to break the bank.
Europe Football  Championship  2012.
Luckily, the ground isn’t too far from Manchester city centre, which opens up several options that you wouldn’t ordinarily have, meaning you don’t have to opt for a takeaway if you don’t want to. The Old Trafford metrolink tram stop is less than 10 minutes walk from the stadium which means you have access to hundreds of excellent multinational eateries all over the city.
The University of Manchester  during  my visit last 2008.

Why not try your hand at Japanese cuisine at Sapporo Teppanyaki in Castlefield – there, you can sample sushi, sashimi or one of many flavoursome noodle dishes. For European tastebuds, an Italian restaurant such as Stresa or the Mediterranean fusion restaurant, Twisted Med might be right up your street. For a taste of home, try the Lowry Restaurant – only 15 minutes walk from the ground and offering the chance to catch a theatre production whilst you’re there. Or, for the less adventurous, a good ol’ pub lunch could be more in order. Trusty, wholesome pub grub will never be too far away and even if it is, take a walk up Sir Matt Busby Way for battered fish and chips.

Friday, June 15, 2012

View of Big Ben and the Parliament from London Eye Capsule

This is not really a good shot. What can you do with an ordinary point and shoot camera. My other canon camera did not work that time. The lens won't open anymore but now I already had it fixed and it work again. This photo doesn't really matter to me. The mos important thing is, I have some photo memories during my trip to London last 2008.

I was alone riding  London Eye that afternoon. It was raining hard and really very cold because it was autumn time in England. It was a sort of an adventure for me going alone sometimes in London. Experiencing London Eye was a great one feeling especially when you are on the very top and have a  breathtaking view of the whole city. It was simply amazing!

The Big Ben and the Parliament when I was inside the capsule of London Eye.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

2012 Top Events in England

Are you visiting  England this year? You might be lucky to witness some of the great events and celebrations  during your visit. Whether you love sports, music, history or a Royal watcher,  you always have something  to do and to experience  in England.

2012 Summer Olympic Games in London-  Some of you might had already booked your international flights and accommodation  to UK's capital city to witness one of the greatest  events  this year. The  2012 Summer Olympic Games  will be held in London from  July  27 to August 12, 2012.  If you  love sports, visiting London  during this event will be a memorable experience for you.

The 2012 Summer Paralympics Games   will also take place in London, UK from August 29 to September 9, 2012.

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee- If you are  a Royal watcher, this event will be a  perfect  one for you. Queen Elizabeth's  Diamond Jubilee will take place from June 2-5, 2012.  Her reign for 60 years is the second longest in history for a British  monarchy.

There will be some programs  during this celebration. A concert at Buckingham Palace, a flotilla with 1000 boats along the River Thames and the the lighting of 2012 beacons and a Big Jubilee Lunch.

The Houses of Parliament and the Big Ben. This was taken during my three weeks trip in England last 2008.
World Pride- Another event which is very famous and promoted  especially for  lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. It  is organized by Interpride and  London will be the host this year. Parades and other cultural activities will take place in UK's capital. This will be a  two week festivities and will take place from June 23 – July 8, 2012. The parade around London city on July 7 will be the highlight of this event.

There are still still a lot of top events in England this year. Depending on your taste, you can always find everything in England. Be sure to book your flights and accommodation ahead of time.

I was browsing for cheap flights in Easyjet website last night and I found some cheap ones. I hope I can visit London again this year. My three weeks  vacation in England last 2008 is still not enough to see everything. Some friends are also waiting for me there.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Book a Big Birthday Bash to Remember

When you’ve got a big birthday coming up, you really want to celebrate it in style. Why not book group accommodation with Travelodge and enjoy a full weekend of celebration?
Here are some ideas for that perfect birthday weekender, whatever big number you’ll be celebrating:

Spring chickens celebrating their 21st birthday will want to let their hair down and go wild. Why not go for a fancy dress themed do – after all, you’re still young and gorgeous enough to get away with dressing up as Where’s Wally.
Seaside resorts are great fun on a night out – think Blackpool or Skegness – for frivolous, themed fun.

If you’re approaching your big 30 you’re likely to want something with a touch of class to show your family and friends exactly how much you’ve grow up since the heady days of your early twenties. Let’s not get too old before our time though.

Leeds, England

Leeds is a fantastic city crammed full of classy bars and nightspots. Eat at Browns Brassiere, then head to Mook for cocktails. Once you’ve show just how sensible and grown up you can be it’s time to throw caution to the wind and head somewhere funky, fun and fabulous like the Birdcage nightclub.

Hitting the naughty 40’s is a reason to celebrate in style. Your idea of style may have moved on a touch in the past decade so why not get your favourite people together for an activity weekend? Girls will love to head to a spa for a spot of pampering, whereas boys could go for clay pigeon shooting or archery. Regroup for a decadent dinner later and swap stories from the day.

Those who are feeling fab at 50 should consider hitting the capital for shopping and a show. London’s West End has an amazing array of shows to choose from which will suit a mixed group of sexes and ages including Ghost, Rock of Ages and Blood Brothers.
A street in London, England.

However you want to celebrate your big day, you should find out about making large group accommodation bookings to keep your group together. Once you’ve got them sorted you can focus on what the occasion is really about – you, you, you!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Feel Like a Movie Star at These Top UK Film Locations

Hollywood is the land of studios and soundstages, but the UK is the place to come if you want to immerse yourself completely in your favourite movie and wander the locations that they feature. From the magic of Harry Potter, to the elegance of Downton Abbey, on a holiday in the UK you’ll feel like a movie star when you visit these impressive film locations.

Shere, Surrey: If quaint country villages are your style then a visit to Shere in Surrey will not disappoint. Here you will feel like an extra in the romantic comedy The Holiday, starring Jude Law and Kate Winslett, as you wander the streets of this charming village. Some locations from the movie you can visit include St James Church, The White Horse Pub and the winding country lanes which feature so regularly in the film. Sadly, the idyllic Rose Cottage was just a set, but it was patterned after the country cottages that fill the town. If you’d like to relive the romance of the movie there is no shortage of romantic holiday cottages for you to rent in the area. Visit to view a whole range of romantic cottages throughout the UK and Ireland where you can live out your own romantic comedy!

Photo attribution: James Stringer.

Alnwick Castle: History and popular culture collide at this 700 year old castle. Ancestral home to the Percy family, the Dukes of Northumberland, the castle is today the second largest inhabited castle in England. However, the popularity of the castle today can be attributed mainly to one little boy – Harry Potter. Alnwick served as Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for the first two Harry Potter movies and fans have been flocking here ever since. The castle even holds regular Potter themed events and activities, like broomstick training and magic shows starring Dumbledore and Hagrid.

Highclere Castle: Set within 1000 acres of stunning parkland you’ll find Highclere Castle, the majestic Victorian home of the Carnarvon family since 1679. The castle and grounds have been a popular tourist destination for decades, but for the last few years fans of the period drama Downton Abbey have been heading here to experience the elegance of this Edwardian drama. In the television series Highclere Castle serves as the home of the aristocratic Crawley family and the house can almost be considered a character in itself. Visitors to the castle will find themselves immersed in the style and culture of a bygone era while learning the history of aristocratic Britain.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Top Sights To See in London

Visiting one of the beautiful and top megacities not only in Europe but also in the world can be a fabulous experience. London, the capital and largest city of United Kingdom and England is truly a must-to-see when visiting Europe. It has maintain its status as one of the global capital of fashion, culture, politics, finance and trade.

I was so happy and contented when I visited London three years ago. Boarding for the first time in a British Airways flight was also a nice experience for me.

Here are some of the sights not to miss when visiting London, England

London Eye- I did not expected that a dream came to reality when I finally had the chance to ride London Eye last 2008. It was one of my greatest dreams to ride this giant wheel when visiting London. The happiness that I felt was overwhelming. The London Eye is now the third largest observation wheel after being surpassed by the Star of Nanchang in 2006 and the Singapore Flyer in 2008. It is situated on the South Bank of the Thames. Once you are on the top of this wheel, you will have a magnificent views over London.

London Eye during my three weeks trip in England last 2008.

Piccadilly Circus- I thought I can only see this place in postcards or via internet. It was evening when I experienced Piccadilly Circus. It is actually the best time to visit it so that you can see the huge, iconic neon hoarding on its northeastern side. At the middle of it, you can see the statue of Eros. This area is one of the most photographed sights in London.

Buckingham Palace- I was not able to go inside the Buckingham Palace during our visit last winter 2008. It is only open for visitors during summer season. This palace is the official London residence of the queen. I still recommend this sight to be visited even during winter season. It is a must-to-see when visiting London. Be sure to witness the changing of the royal guards.

The Buckingham Palace. I also witness the changing of the Royal Guards there.

Tower Bridge - Remember the song "London Bridge is falling down"? I guess it is wrong because it is not the London Bridge that is falling down but the Tower Bridge. It is a suspension bridge over River Thames in London, England. This bridge is considered to be the iconic symbol of London. I hope to visit its engine rooms and the Tower Bridge exhibition in my next visit there.

The Palace of Westminster and the Big Ben- All these two are adjacent to its other. The Big Ben is a the nickname for the great bell of the clock at the north end of the Westminster Palace. This building is the seat of the United Kingdom Parliament which belong to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

I read an article last year that the Big Ben is slowly reclining. It might be slowly following the leaning tower of Pisa. Quite interesting!

The Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster. I hope to go inside this building in my next visit.

There are still a lot of sights that are worth-to-see in London. It was a great experience for me to see some of it. The St Paul's Cathedral, the Tower of London, the Trafalgar Square, Canary Wharf are only some of the other sights that I experience. One of the highlights when I was there, was my visit to the Madame Tussaud. This wax museum is very interesting.

If you are planning to visit this lovely city, be sure to plan your trip ahead. Book your accommodation and means of transportation in advance. There are some low cost airlines like flybe and Ryanair available for booking in the internet.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Remembering Windsor Castle in England

It was three years ago since I visited this medieval castle in the English country of Berkshire. Windsor Castle is noted for its architecture and the association with the British Royal family. This castle is considered to be the largest inhabited castle in the world since more than five hundred are living and working here. It is in essence a Georgian and Victorian design based on a medieval structure, with Gothic features reinvented in a modern style.

I remember during our visit, I told myself not to go inside because I will surely pay for an entrance. Upon seeing the castle November 2008, I decided to go and had a look of it. Sad to say, taking pictures inside the castle rooms is forbidden.

My visit to Windsor castle was so far one of the highlights during my three weeks vacation in England.

Windsor Castle during our visit last Nov. 2011

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Remembering My Trip to Stratford Upon Avon, Shakespeare's Birthplace

It seems that I haven't updated this blog for some days. Sorry folks, I am quite busy offline doing a lot of chores in the house especially cleaning the dust caused by the little renovation we are having right now. July is here! I just wish everyone a wonderful one.

Here are some pictures taken during my three weeks vacation in England. These were taken in Stratford Upon Avon, one of the cities we visited.

This building is the birthplace of the famous poet and playwriter William Shakespeare.
The second image below is the Avon River that flows in Stratford, thus the name Stratford Upon Avon.
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Friday, May 7, 2010

Looking at The Sky in Windsor Castle, England

How I wish that I can see again the sky in Windsor Castle in England. All I have now are memories and photographs that always reminds me about my three weeks vacation in England last 2008. It was truly full of excitement and adventure I had with friends whom I had visited there. Don't you know that Windsor Castle is the biggest occupied castle in the world? Yes, it is! Here is a picture I took during my visit last November 2008.
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Friday, March 5, 2010

Go Wordless inside Warwick Castle in England

This blog go semi-wordless today. Of course you are allowed to talk while touring inside Warwick Castle in Warwickshire, England. It seems that those people inside are mostly true but some were made of wax. You will know it once you make a visit inside the castle. Tschuss!

Wordless Wednesday
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Sunday, September 6, 2009

SS- Victoria Mall in Leeds, England

I'm here for my Scenic Sunday entry. This was taken in Victoria Mall in Leeds, England during my three weeks vacation there. Christmas is almost here! so here is a huge Christmas tree for you! Happy Sunday everyone!

Scenic Sunday

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Friday, August 14, 2009

WW: Halloween at Warwick Castle

I spend Halloween in Warwick Castle in England last year. This is my WW entry for today's edition. Thanks to a friend Dae Loloy for the amazing tour and trip in England. I also wish everyone a great and enjoyable weekend. I can't wait till tomorrow because we will be having a weekend escapade again! I hope you too!


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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

WW: Mother Shipton's Cave in in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, England

This is quite a scary wordless Wednesday! wink! just kidding guys! I hope you are all doing great out there! I got here a photo near the sign of Mother Shipton's Cave and the Petrifying Well. This cave is found in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, England and is known to be the oldest attraction of England since 1630. Isn't it amazing when you visit place like this! I am happy to visit this place but sad to say I don't have the chance to go inside the cave because the train where I will be riding back to Birmingham is leaving soon. here is a little info about this place.

Mother Shipton's Cave (or "Old Mother Shipton's Cave") is at Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, England, near to the River Nidd. Nearby is a petrifying well which has been a tourist attraction since 1630 due to its association with the legendary soothsayer and prophetess Mother Shipton (c. 1488 - 1561), born Ursula Southeil, wife of Toby Shipton. According to legend she was born in the cave. The cave and dropping well, together with other attractions, remain open to visitors and are run by Mother Shiptons Cave Ltd.
copyright photo by: Ruby Benz


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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

WW: The London Eye

I was finally in England and visited some cities their like London, Manchester, Birmingham, etcetera. I also rode the London Eye, one day as the rain was pouring so strong. That's how this picture look like now....the gray sky in London! It was fun the logo to join WW!
copyright photo taken by the Author of this blog

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

WW: Birmingham City Hall

Have you seen Birmingham City Hall? If not it is live now for you to see for free! This is the Birmingham City Hall, a picture I took during my three week vacation in England last year. Have a great Wednesday..Time for a short break to take my lunch. Take care guys!
copyright photo taken by the Author of this site

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