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Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Happy and Blessed New Year 2016

Some parts of the world already celebrated their New Year and we will also do the same in over an hour now.


 "A new year is like a blank book, the pen is in your hands,
It is your chance to write a beautiful story for yourself,
Happy New Year 2016."

Facing another year in our lives, I wish everyone a blessed and happy New Year 2016 full of hope, love, inspiration and most especially peace in all corners of this planet to prevail!

To my family and friends near and far,  I wish you all good health always, happiness, peace of mind, contentment, more blessings to come and may all your wishes and dreams slowly coming true!

God bless us all! God bless planet Earth!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

You Are Qualified for the Job

Hey folks! I am  back in the blogosphere. My recent travels  are over now. I  am actually back to work for over a week. I guess, I am still having a jetlag and at the moment I am not really feeling good with some colds and cough. I am quite tired right now but let me give you a quick update before I sign-off to dreamland.

Last August, I submitted an application for another job. This is quite a better job than what I am doing right now. I know and I believed I can do it since it is quite related to my degree and work experiences. As a banker and with a degree of  Bachelor of Science in Commerce majoring in Accounting, this job is really so easy compared to what I do before at the bank being a Branch Operation Assistant, in which I served as an Accountant at the branch I worked before.

Yesterday, I actually received  a letter saying that I am qualified for the job. This morning, I received  a call for an interview tomorrow. I hope and  pray that I will  get this God's help me Lord!

I am slowly off to bed now. I hope I feel better tomorrow  especially for the job interview.

Take care folks and until then.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Autumn is Here, Time to Turn On The Heater

The pellets oven  at home.
Hey folks! How are things going on out there in your part? I hope you are having a good start of the second BER months.  So far, so good for me and I am thankful about it.  How's the weather in your area right now? It is getting so cold in this part of the globe.  Now wonder October is here and this is the time of the year when fall or autumn starts, which also means  that the temperature is dropping from day to day.  This is also the time of the year when heaters are starting to be used. Indeed, winter season is inevitable and it is coming so soon.

This morning when I went outside to pick up some mint leaves (to mix for my green tea)  in the garden, I did not went out right away because it was really freezing cold.  I picked up and wore my jacket first, afraid of getting sick due to cold weather.

Since winter is almost approaching,  our heater is also slowly running. It is not so cold yet inside the house because since two weeks ago,  our heater is already turn-on during the night.  During day time, we turn it off to save heater bills. Besides nobody is home, unless I am free from work.

We are actually using two kinds of heaters during high winter season. One is an electric heater made of marble stones and the other one is a pellets oven.  There are actually electric heaters installed  in every room, from the dining room to the bedrooms, toilets, living room, working room  and the hallway.   The pellet over is located almost in the middle of the house and it is the only one that is running 24-hours a day during high winter season. For now, since it is not too cold inside the house, we only turn it on  during night  time.

The pellets oven  is really a good heating equipment since we started using it in 2009.  In fact, we already save some bucks every year since we use it. On the other hand, the electric heaters are only turn-on  when it is  really so cold inside the house.

I wish, I can  find  more time in sharing how we are trying to save for our heaters during winter season. That is all for now peeps. I wish everyone a wonderful and blessed month of October. Take care everyone!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Home Project Continues this March

slowly building a second home.
Goodbye February!  Hello March! I was not so feeling good when I woke-up this morning. I was having a headache and  good to know I am feeling very better now. I am not really a coffee drinker but I decided to drink a very strong coffee to ease the  pain in my head. I believed, caffeine really helps in getting rid of headache. I already tried it a lot of times and it works.

Just an hour ago, I was chatting with my family back home. The chat was especially about the home project that is going on in my home country. I guess, I am already slowly getting ready for my come back. Not really now, but in the years to come..when things get better and I already have the resources I need to be backed home for good.

The home project started last year in November. This is quite a big project. The construction of  another house was put into reality. Last year in summer, already I started working. I told myself, I want to build another  home near the city and with the salary I get, I want to see something from it.   This home project is not in a hurry. Hopefully in 3-5 years,  the house will be finished.

Thanks to the decision of buying a lot near Cebu City.   During that time, the price of the land was still  affordable. As of now, the location of the property is  getting more expensive because there are already a lot of houses, apartments and subdivision in the area.

Thanks to the trusted brother who is managing the construction. Without him, this will never be possible. Thanks also to the siblings from the USA, who are also helping especially with the finances.

Hopefully in the next vacation in the Philippines, we don't need anymore  to stay in a hotel in Cebu City.  This home project  might be partially finished. I hope, it  is  done when we go there for another holiday.

This time, I have to avoid shopping to invest more for this realty project. By doing it, I can have something for the future especially when I go home for good.

Cheers and I wish everyone a fruitful and wonderful month of March. God bless us all!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Did Some Organizing at Home

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! No time to go  out during Valentine's Day.  We would love to go out  for lunch or dinner but  I realized that I cooked a lot of foods the other day  so we decided to stay at home.  I don't really want to throw foods away especially when they are  still eatable.  I know millions of people don't have food to eat and I just don't want to waste food. Thanks goodness, most of it   are already eaten today. Whose on diet anyway? lolz! So tomorrow, will be the extension of Valentine's day, to go and dine-out somewhere out there.

Besides, I don't really feel good today so it was a good choice to stay at home. I ended up doing some  clean-up and organizing at home.  I also did three laundries and I am glad that the dirty  clothes and bedding were  finally washed.

Hopefully, this spring time, I can do some more organizing at home. I  need some shelves for my books and other stuffs  in my computer or little  working room. I also sorted-out some papers today. Those that are not needed and are too old paper works  were also thrown out.   This working room also needs a new look.

Since I started working, many things were already left undone. I am trying my best to organize this little home and  I wish I have more time to do it. Oh well, who is checking anyway?  I am the boss here! haha!

Ok guys, I am slowly off to dreamland now. I hope you are  having a wonderful celebration  of Valentine's Day! Cheers and happy weekend too!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Thankful for a Quite Good Start of February

It is time to say goodbye to the first month of the  year! It is over now and I am gladly welcoming February. I hope January was a wonderful month to all of you. I know in some parts of the world especially those who are affected and are victims of  wars and hunger  specifically  in some parts of Africa and Asia,  life is really hard.

I was watching this German TV Program called Weltspiegel tonight. It is a very interesting program hearing some news from some parts of the globe. They featured tonight some scenes from Africa and the refugees from Syria who  are trying to escape from the conflicts that are going on in the  country.  Their lives are really very difficult. Pity to see  especially the young children who are experiencing such hardships. I hope one day, this world will be a better place to live-in and let's slowly work for it.

So far, the  so-called "love month" is starting good for me. I had a chat from my family back home and in the United States. Thanks to our modern technology and communication where I can have contacts with them for free.  I am happy to talk with them again.

I am also very happy because my sister sent me some pictures of the current project in my home country. The building  of another home  inspires me more to strive and work hard. I hope one day, I can  go home for good and have a good life. lolz!

Today was quite a busy day but I am very happy to accomplish  little things at home. From doing the laundry, to cooking and organizing some things,  these are little things but it makes me happy accomplishing them.

I guess, that is all for now. I am slowly off to bed. Tomorrow will be a start of another working day. Lastly, I want to thanks my sisters from the US for all of the support for this home project.

Cheers to us all and may this month be a great one to us all,  coupled with love, peace, good health, happiness and more blessings.  Take care everyone!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Back to the Blogosphere!

I am officially back to the blogosphere! The great vacation is over and I have to accept the fact that I am back to reality now. It was over a week after I adjusted mostly everything from the weather to the change of time especially the time to sleep, food, environment and more. I am glad I am back to my normal life again in Europe.

It was a long 6-week holiday and it was not easy for me adjusting with many things. I am glad and thankful that finally, I am also slowly getting back my life online. The first days when  I arrived back to my second home last week, I even don't have the lust to open my laptop. I did not bothered to do it because I want to have a rest from that very tiring but awesome and superb holiday.  It was indeed a bash!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Making of Our Retirement Home

I believed we are already secured when we will retire in the future. We already built our retirement home along the beach. We are happy that when we laid the foundation last 2004 and slowly take the time to build  it. I guess, it is 99% finish now. I say 99% because there are still a lot of little things that needs to be done. We are  happy because it is a debt-free home. The little money we loaned from the bank was already fully paid  last 2010. I can't imagine when we build  our home this time,  because all of the materials for building now are  doubled or even tripled the price already. It was indeed a good plan and decision building  our retirement home 9 years ago.

missing home much.
Building your own home requires a lot of planning and money.You also need professionals who will do the job like engineers, electrician,plumber and other experts who can do the job in helping you during the process. You also need to choose the right place and location which is safe for building your home. There are construction companies like waterproofing ottawa who can help you with the laying of your home foundation. If you live in Ottawa, you are welcome to ask for their professional advice with regards to home building and repairs.

A house which is laid in good foundation simply means a durable home. If the foundation is not good,  time will come that you need to do a lot of repairs in the future and this will surely costs a lot of money. If ever you need services like this, you can always contact ottawa foundation repair  and they can surely provide you with your home repair needs.

I am so happy that our soon to-be retirement home was built at the right time and in the right place. It is located in a warm country where we cannot experience cold winter season like in Canada or Europe. When the right time comes, we will surely go back to the country which I always consider my home.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Wish to Watch A Concert This Holiday Season

Someone asked me what I want this coming holiday season. Well, that is a very good idea asking me what I want. I want some things but I don't want to spend money in things that I really don't need. I would love to have something quite unique this Christmas.

This week, I received a pamphlet stating a lot of concerts and shows this Christmas season near our area especially in the nearby big city. I would love to watch a concert where famous musicians or entertainers perform. I would love to especially see performers playing musical instruments. While thinking of this, I can't imagine one of them might get their stagg drum at musicians friend. It is quite a good choice if they shop their instruments and gadgets in this famous online music  store.

Last year, I did able to watch a choir performance singing all Christmas songs in the church. There was no entrance fee required but you can give donations if you want to.  I hope,  I can do it again this year if I cannot really watch a concert. Wish me luck!

Christmas Presents for my Family

I am glad that my big package of over a hundred kilos already arrived safely to my family back home. It just arrived perfect on time before Christmas. It contained some of my presents to them from watches to cellphones, chocolates, canned goods, clothing, kitchen utensils, various food items and more.

Today, I chatted with some family members over skype and they told me that they have been distributing it to the whole family and relatives. There are still some things they are wishing this holiday season. I am thinking of buying wholesale earrings for my sisters, my mother and some closed friends and relatives. Of course, I won't be buying the expensive ones but probably earrings that are made of silver 925 are already great presents to them. What do you think folks?

Happy holidays!

DIY with Our Furnace Maintenance

What furnace do you use during winter time? Do you often do some maintenance and cleaning to your furnace? Don't you know that cleaning and maintaining of  your heating system  is very necessary from time to time?

Whether you are using an electric heater, gas heater, wood pellets stove or using a fireplace in heating your homes  during winter time, all these furnaces must be cleaned and maintained regularly. Whether you do it yourself or hire the experts from heating montreal, all these maintenance must be done.

I am glad that there is someone at home who is an expert with regards to home maintenance  and repairs such as plumbing, car maintenance, heating maintenance and the like. With our "do it ourselves" motto, believe me, we already save a lot of money when any problems or repairs are needed to be done at home. Thanks to DH who is an expert with all of these stuffs.

To all my friends who are living in Montreal, Canada,  who needs assistance in terms of heating repairs and maintenance, you are always welcome to contact the experts from climatisation montrĂ©al. Don't wait too long until your heating system breaks down. The earlier you contact them, the better it is for your heating system to be diagnosed and repaired. Let them do the action to solve your problem.

Keep warm during this cold winter season!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Never Too Late to Send Christmas Cards

I heard over the radio today that it is 13 days more before Christmas day. It just reminded me that I need to still do some things before it comes. It seems that I am too busy with many things both online and offline that I haven't started writing wishes on Christmas cards yet. I believed it is still not too late to do it and send some Christmas cards to family and good friends.

Next year, I am planning to do my own Christmas cards. That is the reason why I am looking for design online so I can have some ideas on what to do. I am not really a good designer but sometimes if I have the appetite to do things like designing, I can always try to do it good. Before weekend comes, I hope I can already finish everything about writing Christmas cards.

Friday, November 8, 2013

A Good Friend Is Moving to Canada

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful day! Not really a perfect one for me! I am not feeling good since three days now. I guess, I was caught by cough and cold which is not really good. I have running nose and teary eyes at the moment and still thankful that I can still do some home chores and online tasks. I hope, I will be backed to my normal health and condition again, since there are just a lot of things to do both online and offline.

Back to then main topic: I should be the one who want to move to Canada but I guess it is quite difficult for my situation now. One reason is to find a good and better job in that English-speaking country. Another reason is to explore more countries and continents. This is the traveling part of me!

Last year, I met a very good friend during my travel in Madrid, Spain. She worked there for some years already but for some reasons, she decided to move to Canada. I believed it is because of the better job in Canada that she will be getting than in Spain. I am happy for her that she finally had her wish  granted. She even invited me last year to visit her somewhere in Ontario, Canada. I was in Vancouver, Canada and in some cities and states in the United States last year but never had the chance to visit Ontario.

Moving can be a very stressful and complicated decision. This is especially true if you are moving the whole house and your family with you. Thanks to some companies like the movers in ottawa who provides services with regards to moving. They have the professionals who can help you in your moving and packing needs. Whether it is a business, residential or storage services, they car surely help you with these areas.

I am glad that my friend and many of my classmates and schoolmates had passed the tests of moving to another country and so do I! I am truly grateful about it!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Garden Clean-up is Almost ready!

Thanks to the good weather the past days. Also big thanks to the good man in the house who helped me with the garden clean-up. Almost everything is ready now for the coming winter. Flowers pots and some garden decors were already put in the storage.

Since the leaves falling from trees are still not over, we will wait a bit  to clean-up everything. Hopefully before the end of October, everything will be done. Before that, I still need to check reid for some hardware stuffs we need and also some garden tools I need for spring time. I know I can find a lot of these stuffs online.  Thanks to my laptop and internet connection, shopping at home is very convenient now.

Cheers and enjoy your weekend!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Aid to Financial Crisis

I just read from a friend's website about her co-workers who are retrenched from their jobs. I know it is a very sad story losing your job especially if you give your best doing it. Imagine a big Automobile manufacturer retrenching a lot of their employees. I guess, it is due to the bad economic condition that hit America now. I am just sharing this quick topic because it is also in relation about financial crisis which is also experience by a lot of people all over the world.

An ordinary employee for example who want to have an immediate solution to his financial problem can also find a way to solve it. The best thing you can do is apply for an immediate cash advance loan . Financial institution like Pacific Advance can help solve your financial problems in a very easy way. As the sayings goes like " Easy as eating peanut", they can provide you immediate financial aid as long as you have the basic requirements. It is very easy anyway!! Visit their site now guys!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Having Some Financial Problems

I could remember as I was still working before about some financial difficulties. You have a fixed income every 15 days but still some financial problems still arised. I believed it don't only happened to me but most especially to ordinary workers who only depend on their salary. This happened all the time when some bills are need to be paid, emergency or accidents happened. It is really quite stressful.

We are thankful now that there are financial institution that helps problems like this.Pacific Advance is one company that provides cash advance to employees during emergency. It is just so easy to apply without so much hassle compared to other companies. Visit their site now for more infos!!

Don't forget there is always a solution for every problem!! have an easy day!!

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