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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Tuesday!

It seems that a day is not enough  for me. Imagine, I am jobless but always have tasks and jobs all the time. I do most of the household chores from cooking to laundry, gardening, folding clothes, partly cleaning, grocery shopping, running errands, etcetera! I have to accept this  fact and I am happy about it.

Some people might say that they always get bored but not me. I always find things to do especially when I am at home. Today, I did some grocery shopping and ran errands too. I need to drive arounds 15 minutes to go to the next town to do grocery  shopping. This is the advantage of having a driver's license, if not I can't really do it.  My driver's license  cost  a lot of money but it is all paid up now. I am thankful that I got one.

After going to the bank to pay some bills and printed the bank account statement, I also have some paper and documents  xerox copied. I needed  it to submit to our health insurance company. I went to two grocery shops to buy all the things we needed  for the week. Sometimes, I go to the next town  twice a week to go grocery shopping and other stuffs  I forgot to buy.
It was around 1:00 PM when my stomach complained and asked to be feed. I landed in Mc Donald because it is located near the grocery store. I am trying to going to  fastfood chains like Mcdonald but sometimes, when it is needed, I go there. I only order most of the time a snack wrap and apple pie. When I am about to get another cup of coke light, I spotted a bag on one of the table. I always take a look on it, waiting for the owner. After some minutes, I saw a woman running inside the McDonald building and I can see in her face that she was so happy after seeing her bag. I believed she is the right owner and I am happy for her to have her bag again.

I also checked my lottery numbers but sad to say, it did not made it to the winners...sigh! At least I am trying my luck once in a while.

After all the errands and tasks I did today, I am quite happy and contented about it. I always makes me feel good when I accomplished some things during the day and night. Goodnight for now and have a nice week!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Finally Done with Clean-up!

Another week for  this year is here.. another challenge! There are still a lot of things to learn in this blogging world and I am learning day by day.  I might be the expert but I know the basic and  there are  more that I wish I knew..

How was your day? I hope all went well. It was quite a long day. I am happy that I finally accomplished some things today. Most of all, I am done in putting away our Christmas decors. Everything was packed  and  I already put it all in the attic. I will surely need it again this year. I started  the clean-up  yesterday.   I am contented for what I have done today.

There are still a lot of things to do in our home.  I need to arrange some things especially in my computer room and in our guest room. Before the end of the week, I hope to finish everything.

I can't stay too long for now. It is time for bed and I am quite tired already. Goodnight  Europe!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Need To Clean-Up

There are a lot  of things that I need to clean-up. First I need to wipe and clean my dusty computer. Since  I came back from my US trip, I haven't done it yet. I also need to clean its  files  by deleting thousands of pictures from  my previous travels. I already transferred everything to my external hard drive.

Second, I need to clean-up my messy computer room. I did  two weeks ago  but  it seems  that it was hit by tsunami again. haha!  There are just a lot of papers scattering around especially travel offers.

Third, I need to  clean and format some of my SD cards. I will need it for our incoming trip to Italy this coming weekend.

Lastly, I really need to clean the whole house. But since there is a renovation going on  in our bathroom, I just can't really do the right  cleaning. I already started dusting and removing the cobwebs but there are still a lot.

What else should I need to clean-up...There are still a lot..lolz! Goodnight folks. Tomorrow is another day!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Weekend!

We should be going somewhere for a trip today but since there are just a lot of things to do both online and offline, we ended up staying at home and did some of the errands that we need to do. Hubby had written two letters of cancellation for our car insurances. We found some cheaper car insurance online and we immediately changed our old expensive ones. Now, he is browsing for a cheaper electric provider and I don't know if he already tried to browse about male enhancement reviews. I believed he never did. I am also not done with my Christmas decorations. Our Christmas tree is already up since the other Friday. I am still looking for my other Christmas decors and lights. Now, I am currently loading my second laundry. I also need to fold the bedding that are already dry. I need to decorate later the four Advent's candles. I still have to do some assignments online. What a busy housewife I am.

Last but not the least, I would love to greet you all a happy weekend! It seems that this is already the last weekend of November. Christmas is coming soon! I wish you all a lovely one!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's a beautiful day!

I woke up this morning with sun rays coming inside our windows. The sun is shining great outside tempting me to work in the garden or probably go walking later. As I woke-up, I immediately make my daily routine which is having my tea ceremony while reading the newspaper and at the same time listening music over the radio. There are still a lot of chores waiting for me in the house. I decided to check first my mails as I opened my PC and probably later read about Lipofuze online. I wish I have more time to surf in the internet or maybe read books and magazines especially travel ones. Since today is a wonderful day, I am hoping that you are also having a great one especially to all friends from Europe! Take care folks. I will see you later again! Thanks God for this beautiful day!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Black-Out Saturday!!

As we woke up today in the morning, the weather outside was very bad. The wind was blowing so strong. It was raining so hard and you can also hear the the thunder and the lightning. We were having thunderstorms today. Some minutes later, the power was gone. It was a total black-out. It just happened that my husband already plugged his coffee machine and it was already done before the total black-out. I usually don't drink coffee but this time I have no choice. I always drink green tea in the morning with 2 slices of toasted bread with butter. That's all my breakfast.

What you can do when there is no electricity?? well I guess nothing esp. with machines that work with power. dang!! one bad thing is that, I can't access my internet and telephone either..can't wash in the washing machine, can't cook, can't watch TV, can't hear the radio ...totally nothing !!

What I did after breakfast was watch my photo albums and scrapbooks and arrange some important papers.. I just opened my internet now because as the power came back, I immediately cooked. We ate then lunch including dinner already at it is almost 4pm after I cooked.

As far as I can remember, this is already the second time that I experience total black-out in our place. Today, it lasted almost 5 hours..not a very good start of the Month..but then sometimes it happened. As I am writing this blog, it is still gray and cold outside with's getting almost dark...

I just hope that everyone still enjoy the weekend!! No matter what....rain or shine!!! It is still a beautiful day!!! Have Fun!!

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