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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Still Trying to Wash Away Some Weight

I am back! I just forget to mention that I am thankful for this very wonderful weekend. I hope that you also had a great one. For my aim to wash away some excess weight, we went walking this afternoon for almost two hours. Yesterday was even a lot of walking as we had a weekend sightseeing in Bayreuth. If I can do a lot of walking everyday, I guess I don't need to take weight loss pills. I read some reviews on the net that there are weight loss pills that are effective. I will see if I can find the most effective one that causes no side effects. It's time to bid goodnight. I hope to give you more updates tomorrow! take care too!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Does Inadequate Sleep Help Lose Some Weight?

I really don't know guys if the question in my title is right. I would appreciate any idea out there. It's been two days now that I don't have a good sleep. I don't know if it is the effect of the antibiotic that I took a couple of days ago for my cough and cold. Or maybe because my hubby is snoring to loud that I could not sleep. I can transfer to the other two rooms but I rather stay in our sleeping room. Back to my title. I heard from some friends that one way of losing weight is having inadequate sleep. I don't know if I agree with this because what I know is that lack of sleep is not good for our body. I even read in the internet that those people who always go to sleep early have more life span compared to those who go to sleep late. I also read a lot in the internet that taking the best fat burners will help you lose excess weight. What you choose now? having inadequate sleep to lose weight or taking the best fat burners? It's up to you to decide!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I'm Trying To Lose Weight

How's everyone out there? I hope you are all doing great! Is my title right? Oh yes, I believed so! I have been fighting for this for years already. Since I am thrown to a far away land, I already gained a lot of excess weight. Imagine gaining around 12 kilos! It is not good, I know! That is the reason why I am still fighting to lose excess weight. At least I am trying. I already miss wearing those nice clothes that makes me looks attractive! wink! I am still thinking until now about taking diet pills. I read a health magazine yesterday about its good effects. ..that is losing excess weight.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Such a great day!

Spring time is finally here! Today was a very nice sunny weather. It was a perfect time to go out again and visit some friends! One friend I visited prepared some food which I love. Those Filipino food are lumpia spring roll and adobo. I ate a lot again. Winter is over and I guess, it is a time for me to go out again and do some exercise to lose some fat or weight? I know that I gained some kilos again especially that I don't have the appetite to go walking in the cold winter time. I guess one solution to eradicate excess weight is to take a diet pill. Agree with me guys? I hope so but we have to find the right one which is really effective and don't have side effects. have a great evening to all! It is time for me to slowly sign-off!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy weekend!

Hello everyone! I hope you had a great Saturday. It is almost ending in Europe now. Remember that today is the last day of the month. Time really passes by so quickly that we don't notice the days gone by. Not that much for today. I woke-up very late. Imagine waking up around 12 noon time. I went to bed at 4am today that causes me to wake-up very late. We also went to the disco last night and had some. I guess, I don't need to take weight loss pills if I make exercise like aerobics or dancing all the time. Until now, I still don't figure out what is really the best diet pills to take. I know some are very effective and really works good but I just want to make sure that if ever I will take one, it is the best and don't have side effects. Finally, I want to wish each and everyone a very nice weekend!! Have fun!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Back to Bad Habit

How was your Wednesday? I hope you have a great one as the day ends. I got sometime talking to some friends today while munching some food. I am back to bad habit again...eating junks. I still have 2 pringles left. I eat it while sitting in front of my computer. I told myself before 2008 ended to start diet and exercise this year but it seems not working. I know I need to really lose some weight for health reasons. Besides I want to get back my original weight as I stepped here in Europe. Are there any alternatives? Are diet pills really effective and don't have side effects! I will see!! Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wish to Turn Back Time!

See who's in this picture? This was taken around seven years ago. I had a general merchandising store before in Phils.. The second floor of the store was made as our apartment. We just transferred as this photo was taken.
I had a chat with a friend tonight and was talking about the past..I mean about my past figure..wink! She can't believe that I look quite petite before. Oh well, that is very true! I only weight around 53- 55 kilos before. And now I already got around 14 kilos more! I am not happy with this but I have to love myself no matter how I look. I am even telling myself sometimes, if I could only turn back times. I know I can't. All I just need now is to discipline myself especially about my eating habits. My husband said that I cook good so what can you expect. I simply love food and eating..Do you know any of the best diet pill in the market? I am curious about this!! I really have to sign-off now guys!! It's Good morning already!! time to go to sleep!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Good Appetite

Sunday is almost ending guys! I hope that you have a great one before it ends. See that delicious food here. I cooked it last time after I tasted it from a friend in London. I just experiment it but the outcome was really good. What is the result of this food? I already gained 13 kilos more compared to my previous weight five years ago. I love to cook this is also the reasons why I gained too much weight. I know it is not good. But what you can do with a cold weather here in Europe wherein you always have the appetite to eat. I always tell myself to go on diet but everytime I think of eating, I already forget about it. Is there still a time for me to lose weight? I saw a diet supplement in the internet called Lipovox. With the ingredients that it is made of, I guess it is not bad. I will see if I can have it.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's Snow Time Again!!

Yes, it is snow time again! I had been cooking a lot the past days. Just last Thursday I cooked 4 menus. I cooked a yummy Snitzel which is like a breaded lean pork meat, fried fish, broiled pork and fish paksiw a Filipino food. I know I am gaining some weight again this winter. This is especially true because I have always good appetite when it is a cold. Sometimes I think there is no way for me to lose some kilos anymore. I guess I need some fat burners to burn my excess fat. Is Hydroxycut good for me? I believed I have to consult first my physician about this. anyway this photo was taken yesterday in our garden. Visit my other homes for more updates and photos!! I really have to sign-off now guys, it is midnight again!! Sweet dreams!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Battling With Myself

This is not a joke guys!! I am really battling with myself now. I don't know if you have visited my other web blog about the title "My Pants Are Getting Smaller". In fact, it is not my pants that are getting smaller but it is me who is getting bigger. I mean I really need to lose weight and this is what I am battling with myself now. I already gained around 40 pounds and this is not a joke anymore! Any good or best solutions out there?? Are alli diet pills the solution to my battle with myself!! Are you battling with yourself too regarding diet and being overweight!! Let's start now guys!! Check it out at Consumer price watch!! Good luck to you especially to me!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Need A Pill

I was really feeling bad again today. I had again my migraine attack. I am not really happy because instead of doing a lot of household chores and some blogging, I stayed in bed almost the whole day. Thanks to the Migraine pill, I took I am feeling very better now. How about talking about diet pills!! Do you need one to take away those extra pounds you have. This might be the solution to your overweight problems. Just be sure you are taking the right one that is tested and proven. Diet Pills are everywhere and I hope that you will find the right one..Try to click!!

See you tomorrow again!! take care everyone!!

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