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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hello Chicken!

I seldom see live chicken in Germany. Of course, I see a lot of chicken meat in the Metzgerei or butcher shops. Unlike in the Philippines, where my parents live, my father has a lot of chickens in the backyard. As we attended a friend´s birthday party last month, I saw that they have a lot of chicken. I already know before that they have chicken but I never see one. This time, I already saw a lot and I was amazed how big they are. Since I always have my pocket camera with me, I immediately took some pictures. Here is one of them.
My friend said that they don´t butcher their chicken. They only use their eggs for cooking. When they are dead, they just bury them.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Camera Critters#1- Dogs out Here

Another wonderful meme is here. I just stumbled a blog yesterday and found this meme. It is called Camera Critters meme. You can post pictures of any animals or critters. It would be nice seeing such cute and lovely creatures. Feel free to visit the site and join this meme. Here is my first entry. This is not a very nice shot but I promise to share a better one next time. Happy weekend!

Click the logo to join and see beautiful creatures/animals of different kinds. Appreciation to the Author of this site for this very interesting meme.Happy weekend to all

Camera Critters

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

WW: It's a Bird!

We're in the middle of the week again! I can't wait for the weekend because there might be a party going on! When all things are good and I am perfectly fit, I will surely have fun again! I hope you too guys. I got here a birdie who was so innocent that he don't know that somebody was taking him a snapshot! Not sure if its a he or she..whatever..happy Wordless Wednesday! take care everyone!


Feel free to visit WW site to join and to see more photos. Happy Wordless Wednesday everyday!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Reader's Request

I got a request in my tag-board from a reader name Art last Feb. 07, 2008...saying this;
"Ruby, I have enjoyed your blog very much. I was in Hohenfels almost 40years ago. Could you PLEASE post a picture of The Schwarzen Katz restraunt on your blog? Thank You VERY MUCH"

Hello Art, I finally got some photos for you from the Black Cat Restaurant or Schwarze Katz here in Hohenfels...

anyway, this small beer house in Hohenfels is the favorite hang-out of American's just some hundred meters walk from our house but never been there..I also really don't want to go insides because guests or people there smoke too much...But since Jan. 2008, it is already prohibited by law to smoke inside the probably next time will try to go inside the Schwarze Katz..

.here it is...sorry done it a bit late...but anyway "Better late than Never"

my beloved Hohenfels..the farthest buildings are already the housing
of the US soldiers and their family..

the real Schwarze Kat..saw today while I went walking..perfect timing!!!

here it is Art, your request is now finally granted!!!
hope you're happy now!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Very Important Lesson

Got this interesting story from my email..just want to share it with you peeps...
here it goes..

Three years ago, I adopted a purebred Sheltie from a rescue
shelter. His name was Buster. He had bad teeth and his fur
stuck out no matter what. I didn't care. He was my dog. He had
a few owners in his life, and I promised him that I would
never give him up, no matter what. Earlier this year, we found
out Buster had an enlarged heart. The vet gave him six to
eighteen months.

Buster was having seizures that were probably causing brain
damage. Last Friday night, he had a seizure and cracked his
head against the sofa. He couldn't walk after that. He kept
bumping into walls and experienced constant bowel movements and
vomiting. My dog was gone. Buster was no longer there. His body
was walking around, but that was all. I decided he needed to be
put to sleep.

He went to sleep on December 21, 2007, less than a month
before his ninth birthday. I feel his absence keenly. I
sincerely hope and pray dogs do get into heaven. After all,
D-O-G is G-O-D spelled backward.

Buster had no worries at all. He knew that I would feed him
and water him in a timely manner and that I would take care
of him no matter what. In return, he gave me his loyalty and
undying love.

He taught me a very important lesson:

This is what God wants from us.

I feel awed that such a simple creature could teach so
valuable a lesson with deeds and not words. I already loved
God with all my heart, without reservation, and followed him.
And now, I love God even more than I thought possible.

~A MountainWings Original by Michael Dowds, Peyton, Colorado~

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Everything you never knew about....Man's Best Friend

I watched a movie last night with friends entitled UNDERDOG by Walt Disney Production. That was a good movie especially for kids. It has a moral value about friendship and family. It's really worth watching for.

It happened that yesterday I also read an article in the Enquirer magazine about Man's Best Friend, the Dogs.

I love animals. Back in the Philippines, I have three dogs. Since the other one gave birth to five dogs, I supposed to have 8 dogs now. My brother gave away 2 dogs so I have now 6 dogs. They are supposed to gave away four newly birth dogs, but my husband said that he wanted to keep three.

Back to this article which I read yesterday, it's really quite interesting. For dog lovers here are some information about Man's Best Friend.

Are most dogs right-pawed or do they favor their left paw? Which pooches bark the most? Which breeds are the brightest? Augustus Brown's fascinating new book, "Play It Again, Tom"- tells you everything you never knew about man's best friend.

Male dogs tend to be left-pawed, which females favor their front right paw.

Dogs prefer Bach to Britney. A study looked at the way hundreds of distressed rescue dogs reacted to different kind of music: Spears did nothing to calm them, heavy metal and grunge music made the dogs even more agitated. They relaxed and enjoyed themselves most when they heard classical music-Bach, in particular.

The ten brightest breeds of dog- ranked according to their ability to learn and follow commands are:
1) Border Collie; 2) poodle; 3)German shepherd; 4)golden retriever; 5)Doberman pinscher; 6)Shetland sheepdog; 7)Labrador retriever; 8) papillon; 9) Rottweiler 10) Australian cattle dog.

Dogs can smell human fingerprints that are a week old. Their noses are so sensitive they can even smell electricity.

A dog's barks last, on average, for 0.2 seconds each. A beagle- one of the "barkingest" breeds- was once recorded barking 907 times in 10 minutes. Some dogs are more likely than others to be guilty of excessive barking. Highest ranking breeds: Yorkshire terrier, Cairn terrier, miniature schnauzer, West Highland white terrier, fox terrier and beagle.

Dogs can tell the time. During his famous experiments, the Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov trained dog to expect to receive food every half-hour. But when he failed to give them anything, they still started salivating after about 30 minutes.

Contrary to the familiar saying, old dogs CAN learn new tricks- provided they are following a healthy lifestyle. A study discovered that when elderly beagles were fed well and exercised regularly, they were able to learn a whole range of new tasks.

DOGS ARE NOT COLORBLIND. But they don't see the range of colors other species, such as humans, do. Their world is predominantly made up of yellows and blues.

A dog has 40 times more of its brain devoted to smell than we do. Its sense of smell is believed to be 100,000 times better than a human's. That is the equivalent of smelling one bad apple in two billion barrels.

Dogs can detect odors that are up to 40 feet underground. They have been used to detect leaky gas pipes and termite infestations.

They are able to hear sounds 250 yards away that a human would only detect at 25 yards.

Dogs sweat through their feet. This is why, during hot weather, they leave damp patches where they have been standing.

The oldest dog on record was an Australian cattle dog called Bluey. He was put to sleep at the age of 29 years and 5 months.

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