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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Shifting To Health and Medical Jobs

Shifting job! I guess this is what I really need in order to find a quick job in Europe. I actually applied for a medical clerk job last year. I received a letter that I am qualified but the job position was cancelled. I am a banker by profession but it is quite difficult to find a job especially here in Germany because my diploma and job experiences are not recognized at all. I guess I am taking one of these days either a medical management course or a medical teaching course. I still have to decide on it.

Health and medical jobs are in need now in many countries in Europe. I have some former classmates who took up Nursing courses during college days and many of them are currently working in United Kingdom particularly in London, Ireland and Scotland. After completing and passing all the required documents, paper works and undergoing consultant interview course, they successfully made it to UK. I am quite happy for them.

If I have the chance, I wish to teach the teacher course for this field. I was actually telling hubby the past week, that I might shift to health and medical job after I will take a long vacation in my home country.

If you are a medical professional and wishes to work and apply for a job especially in the UK, you can actually find a lot of sites to help and guide you during the process. Sometimes you will take special trainings and courses so that your profession will be acknowledged. For those who are still planning to shift to medical jobs like me, good luck to all of us!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Earning Money Through Affiliates

It's been almost five years now since I started blogging. Actually if I have to count it, it is over five years now. My first blog was in Friendster. I started it sometime in 2005. Since this social network turned into a game platform now, I guess my blog is gone. I took blogging seriously since 2007. Thanks to all good friends who helped and taught me all the tricks and tips in blogging. Special thanks to my friend, Carlota from Michigan. I truly appreciate all your help my friend.

Since I really love writing, I decided to start blogging. It turned out to be a hobby first but later I realized that one can earn money through blogging. Thanks to all the articles I read online and through the sharing of some blogger friends, I did learned that one can truly earn money through . I am not a professional writer but I can share some knowledge, ideas, thoughts and personal experiences and other things that I love. I am earning extra income now through blogging and I am quite happy about it. I also learned that joining top affiliate networks like Blue Global Media can also provide extra income. I just visited their site and I learned a lot especially about their affiliate programs.

They have a lot of interesting and informative articles especially in their blog. Their sharing and articles are convincing that I am deciding to join especially their Payday affiliate program. Why not? As a blogger, it would be another extra income for me. I would like to sign-up with Blue Global Media very soon.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Best Financial Investment

Economic crisis is still going on around the world. After the collapsed of Lehmann brothers, it made a domino effect not only to a lot of financial institutions around the world but also to all forms of businesses and industries as well. Recession is everywhere and many became jobless. At this point of time, you must know where to invest you money. Tender money always fluctuate and most of the time depreciate while the price of gold is always appreciating. I also watched a news before in the Television telling that gold prices are always stable.

I also believed that investing on gold bars, gold spot, etc. is very much better than investing on securities or bonds. If ever you need more guides and ideas about this, you can also find a lot of information online on where to invest your money or maybe where to buy gold bullions as form of your investment. You can also consult the experts near you especially the investment bankers who can give you guides and infos about proper investment. I do agree that investing on gold is one of the best investment one can ever make. I wish I can!

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