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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


How would you feel if you lost someone very dear to you? This happened last year and it was truly a tragedy. My friend's whole family had a car accident in Dubai and he lost all his family. His mother, father, only sister and nephew were all dead during that tragic accident. It is almost a year now since it happened. Yes, tragic incident like this can be very horrible. I was speechless when I heard that news from my friends. That is also the reason why sometimes we have to be ready of any emergencies that might happen along the was. We never know. There are professionals like the Bronx Accident Lawyer who can help and assist you with any accident especially in claiming for the loss. We may never return back the losses of lives due to accidents but at least, there will be help to the family who are left by the victims.

I have a lot of things to share about driving experiences. Lastly, I wish you safe driving. Be very careful too!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Scary Driving in Winter Wonderland

It is truly scary driving during winter season. The past snowy days hundreds of people driving on the streets and highways in Germany had accidents. Yesterday the weather was so bad again. It was snowing the whole day. It was my first time to drive on this very bad weather. Can you imagine the street below where you will be driving? I have no choice because I have to drive hubby to the hospital for his check-up. Sad to say, I forgot to ask one doctor about Lipofuze. On the other hand, I was grateful because we returned home safe and in good health. Hubby had a check-up because of his broken bone on the wrist. You know why it was broken? He had an accident last week in the work. He was slide on the snow and he is thankful that his hip did not hit the ground first. He was quite sad about his situation because he said that he better go to work than feeling half disabled. Accidents just happened sometimes. That is also the reason that we have to be very careful especially when driving and walking on snow.

the streets where we drove yesterday for hubby's check-up to the hospital.

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