Sunday, February 27, 2011

Precious Stones

I guess this is one of the favorite topics of women. When talking about precious stones, also called as gemstones like the diamond, the ruby, emerald or sapphire, I believed that most women always wanted to have it. Have you heard about tanzanite rings? Tanzanite is also considered as a precious stone. It is a blue/purple variety of the mineral zoisite which was discovered in the Mererani Hills of Northern Tanzania in 1967, according to wikipedia. This week, I also watched over a German television about a gemstone called Alexandrite. It is also a very expensive precious stone but I believed diamond is more expensive.

I guess these gemstones are also a good form of investment. Agree with me ladies?

Friday, February 25, 2011

I Love King Ludwig's Castle, The Neuschwanstein Castle

Schloss Neuschwanstein or simply Neuschwanstein Castle was commissioned by Kind Ludwig II, King of Bavaria, Germany. It is also said that this castle was the inspiration of Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle. It is one of the beautiful castles I visited in Europe.

Literally, Neuschwanstein is composed of three German words; Neu, Schwan and Stein which consecutively mean New, Swan and Stone. I guess my German translation to English is correct.

the main entrance to Neuschwanstein Castle. It was so foggy during our visit last November 2010.

taken during my second visit last November 2010. I had been to this thrice already..and yes, if given the chance, I will still keep on coming back....simply because I love this castle.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Good Sources of Vitamins

I believed most and maybe all of us have ideas about vitamins. I remember my Mother who was always telling me when I was still young, to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables because they are good sources of vitamins and minerals. That is really very true that the best vitamins can be obtained by including fruits and vegetables in our diet. My Mother for example was always telling me to eat squash vegetable because it is a good source of vitamin A and is really good for the eyes. Eating especially fresh fruits and vegetables is also very good for our health and body. I am not a nutritionist but basically I have knowledge about this thing. Good to know, that I have been including these foods in our menu. How about you? It's time to go down and eat some kiwis. Want some?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"You'll go forth a little stronger
With a fresh supply of grace,
If each day you meet the Saviour
In a secret quite place."


The beautiful lilies in our garden. This was taken last summer of 2010. Such a lovely nature! I miss seeing the flowers in our garden.

Personal Coach

I believed you have an idea of what a "Personal or Professional Coach" is doing. Last weekend, I met some friends in Berlin. One of them told me that he hired someone as his personal coach. He wanted to lose weight and that is the reason why he hired such kind of professional. He also visits the gym every week but I forgot to ask how often. I am wondering if he is also taking some muscle building supplements. I did not bother to ask him anyway. He said that he is slowly losing some excess weight now and I am happy for him. I wish to also hire one but it is not included in my budget. Even hubby is telling me if I want to enroll to a gym to also lose my extra pounds. I am still thinking about it. I guess there are still other ways to lose weight. I know one way..not eating too much! Have a wonderful day to all!

Monday, February 21, 2011

No More Snow Please

Honestly, I don't need snow anymore. The snow especially last December was already too much. I am just happy that the weather is getting better. I mean, not snowing anymore from the past weeks. Some places in Germany are still experiencing snow but not in our place.

Here is one of the images I took the other week.

I was driving back home when I took this image. I miss the warm weather now. We had sunshine when this photo was taken but the weather was still cold that time.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Friend's New Gadget

Good evening folks! I am done watching Television tonight. Now, I am hitting again in the blogosphere. I miss blogging for two days because of migraine attack. Thanks goodness that I am feeling very better now.

I am also happy for a friend who got her new gadget. He husband gave her a new Nikon camera as advance Valentine's gift. She said that she still need to buy SD cards. I guess she also wants some extra nikon camera batteries. She complained last time of her old camera. It is no longer working. At least, she is happy now having her new gadget. Congrats my friend! Another TGIF is coming soon. That is also the reason why I am greeting everyone in advance a very lovely weekend ahead. Goodnight folks. See you tomorrow!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Red Poppies and the Saying

"Lord, help me to be honest
In all I do and say,
And grant me grace and power
To live for you each day."


red poppies in the neighborhood. I took this image as we went walking on the castle ruins in our place.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Party in Ktown

Its TGIF again! The first weekend of February is almost here. Special greetings to my sister for her birthday today. Happy birthday dear sister. It is a year now since I spent a birthday party with her. Hopefully next time again.

Anyway, going back to the main topic. I also reminisce our friend's birthday party in Ktown last year. Kaiserslautern is being called by American friends as Ktown. This is where one of the U.S. Base in Germany is located.

I thought that would be our friend's last birthday party celebration in Germany but they got extended for two years again. I am thinking of giving him good luck golf tees on his next birthday. He loves to play golf and the last time I knew he bought new golf sets. Here is a table filled with sumptuous foods during his last birthday.

Health is The Most Important

I had a talk with a friend last time and it was quite a good one. I asked her, if ever you are given one wish, what would it be? Her answer; lots and lots of money! Why not? But if you have to ask me, I would rather say, good health always. There is a saying that says, "There is only one health but a lot of sicknesses." I hope you agree with me. Some sicknesses might include heart disease, diabetics, cerebral palsy, high blood pressure, kidney stone, migraine, cancer and many more. And yes, maybe the worst thing is when you are spiritually sick. That is also the reason why we always need to take care of our body both physically and spiritaully. Avoid vices like too much smoking and drinking alcohols. Envy, gluttony and lust can also be forms of spiritual sickness which are not really good. I wish each and everyone a good health always!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Visit to the Colosseum in Rome, Italy

I once visited Rome in Italy. Me and my friend Nonna had a great time seeing the amazing wonders of architecture in Rome last summer 2010. One of the sights we visited was the Colosseum, an Amphitheater in this city.

The Colosseum's original Latin name was Amphitheatrum Flavium, often anglicized as Flavian Amphitheater. The building was constructed by emperors of the Flavian dynasty, hence its original name, after the reign of Emperor Nero.

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