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Sunday Escapades in Regensburg, Germany

Sunday is almost Over again. I hope you had a great one! Yes, I am! Although I'm feel very tired because of having not enough sleep for two days now, I still manage to smile as we went to the Buergerfest in Regensburg, Germany. I am sharing a picture now..feel free to visit my other sites or more photos! Have a great week ahead!
photo taken at the oldest bridge in Regensburg, Germany..the Steinerne Bridge.

Shopping..Shopping and more Shopping!!

I said to myself that I don't go shopping anymore..but I love shopping..i'm a normal person esp. a woman who loves shopping. I believed there is no woman who don't love shopping..After we went to Walhalla today, we proceed to Donau Einkauf Centrum, in English Danube Shopping's a German word anyway..

At this time there are a lot of WSV- Winter Schluss Verkauf..or this so called in English Winter Closing Sale..since winter is fast ending.. I did not knew this that I know this one, I usually buy at this time where you can have till 90% discounts esp. on clothes..such a good some evidence that I was there today!! See you tomorrow dear friends..thanks for always visiting me here!!I really appreciate it..
one of my favorite shop..bought some clothes here today
my other favorite shopping shop..guess these two shops will pay me for
advertising their shops in my site...just kidding!!
I love this white jacket..might probably wait
when it will be on …

Adventure in Salzburg, Austria

I had an adventure with a friend in Austria last year. We visited a lot of cities there which include Salzburg, Linz, Attnang Puchheim, Wels, Vienna and a lot more. We travelled by train. I really enjoyed travelling by train. No stress, you just sit down inside while seeing the beautiful landscape outside. Anyway, I would like to share with you the photos I have in Austria and might write some more about Austria in my future posts. Before I forgot, Salzburg is a very interesting lively city which has a lot to offer to its visitors. Here are some of my photos there..have fun viewing..

birth house of the famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

horse carriages in Residenzplatz, Salzburg

the Pferdeschwemme (Horse pond) built in 1695

Salzburg City along Danube River

above is the Hohensalzburg Fortress, the symbol of the city. Construction of this castle begun in 1077 under Archbishop Gebhard.
below is the Neptunbrunnen (Neptune's Fountain) built in 1732 by the sculptor Anton Pfaffinger.

Stop-over in Amberg, Germany

Since Amberg can be passed by in going to Grafenwoehr, my friends whom I went with last Saturday, Jan. 19,'08 made a stop-over to see the town. At the same day, we just came from Ramstein around 4 hours drive till we reached our place in Hohenfels. Everyone was really tired but still we proceeded to Grafenwoehr just to see the new Shopping building in the US Base.

We made a bit walking and sightseeing in Amberg and never forgot to take some photos. Here they are....Please also find below a bit information and history about Amberg.

Gasthaus (guesthouse/beer garden) in Amberg

old but attractive buildings in Amberg

the late-Gothic Pfarrkirche St Martin

Tourist Information Office

Rathaus in Amberg/ Gothic Town Hall (built in 1358)

a shopping street in Amberg with a chapel

that's the Amberg Nabburger Tor (gate)

Amberg is a town in Bavaria, Germany. It is located in Oberpfalz ("Upper Palatinate"), roughly half way between Regensburg and Bayreuth.


The town was first mentioned…

Passing-By at Landstuhl, Rhineland Pfalz, Germany

As I stayed for some days in my friend in Ramstein, we always passed by Landstuhl but there is no time to see this town. Last Jan. 15,'08, we need to go there to find a Quelle Shop. Unfortunately there is no Quelle Shop to return the items that my friend ordered. So what we did instead was went walking around.

Landstuhl is a small town of Kaiserslautern. You can find below a little history about Landstuhl. I also have here some photos for you to see the place.

at the back of this Chapel is a cemetery (Friedhof Kapelle)

Burg Nanstein

Insurance Building in Landstuhl

street direction going to Landstuhl

Holy Ghost Church, landstuhl

busy street in Landstuhl

Ballet School Building

front of the Holy Ghost Church

that's the Ruins of Nanstein Castle

gate of the Amsgericht(Municipal Court)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Country: Germany
State : Rhineland-Palatinate
District Kaiserslautern
Municipal assoc.: Landstuhl
Mayor: Klaus Grumer

Basic statistics
Area 15.34 km²…

Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz, Germany

This is where my village Hohenfels belong in Neumarkt i.d. Opf. Last Jan. 08, '08, we visited this small city in Bayern. Since me and my friend, can't think of any place to go, we decided quickly to drive there. I drove everyday to this city before when I was still attending the German language course.

We went a little bit shopping. The Winter Sale is already starting, that's why we bought some clothes which are off until 75%. That was not a bad idea. Before I buy clothes in it's regular price. Since I already know about Summer and Winter Sales in Germany, I usually buy during this time wherein you can buy clothes in its cheapest prices. But anyway, I really don't shop for clothes now since I already have enough. As usual, I also took some photos.

monument designed by Lothar Fischer in front of the Rathaus (Municipal Hall)

back of the Cathedral..

colorful buildings/stores in Neumarkt

in front of the New Rathaus

inside the coffe shop

Below are some information regardin…

About Ramstein Miesenbach

I just happened to stay some weeks in this small city of Kaiserslautern. Anyway, as I am writing this blog I am still in this place. It is really worth-staying beside that I really had a very excellent host. A special thanks to my very good friends, the Calaunans for the accommodation and everything.

I just wanted to impart to you a little bit history of this place and the things it can offer if you ever plan to visit here.

Haus des Buergers

St. Nikolaus Parish Church in Ramstein-sometimes referred to as the "Moorbach Valley Cathedral"- was built from 1901-1903

the busy street in Ramstein

The city of RAMSTEIN MIESENBACH is the administrative center of the Union Community of Ramstein-Miesenbach which with its approx. 18,500 inhabitants, is the largest Union Community in Kaiserslautern County and which consist the city of Ramstein-Miesenbach and the villages of Huetschenhausen, Kottweiler-Schwanden, Niedermohr and Steinwenden.

Ramstein is first mentioned in the document dated June …

My Germany!!! My New Home...

Let me tell you a little bit of my Germany. A country where I considered now my new home. I had been living in Germany for more that four years now since I am married to a German guy. I am proud of him being so humble, considerate, understanding, supporting and loving husband. He is always there for me. I have nothing to ask for.

Now back to Germany!! I can say that it is one of the richest, modern and cleanest country of Europe. I had already been to some cities and places in Germany. These include Cologne, Munich, Nuremberg, Regensburg, Wuerzburg, Kaiserslautern and a lot more to mention. Munich, the capital city of Bavaria is Germany's third largest city. Cologne is the fourth largest city, next to Munich. Cologne is the largest city both in the German Federal state of North Rhein Westphalia and within the Rhine Ruhr Metropolitan Area, one of the major European metropolitan areas with more than 10 million inhabitants.

Berlin is Germany's largest city, seconded by Hamb…