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Warning to All Pinays Who Want to Marry Foreigners

This is a true story which is a very sad one. ..just wanted to share it with you guys esp. to all Pinays who might want to marry foreigners.... Each and everyone have its own luck. Others might have good luck but others might have bad ones. Well, I am not telling you that you are not going to marry foreigners but this serves only as a guide even a lesson for those who already experienced it. Remember everyone is unique and not all people are really bad..Besides the story of Maria is not always the same as the story of that right???hope you agree with me..but then it's up to you to decide....anyway, this post is in relation to my previous post last Thursday..

Last week, I got a phone call from a school institution where this Filipina was taking a German language course. The secretary there already knew me and told me about the situation of this Filipina. Let me just name this Pinay, Ana...Ana is only five months here in Germany and she is three months pregnant as of …

Discipline to Children Starts at Home

Good Morning Everyone!!! I just read this in my email from Mountain Wings. I wanted to share it with you. Perhaps you can help by praying especially to those children who are really stubborn and mind you at the very early stage of life, at the age of three. Sounds really not good.

Children's discipline always starts at home. Parents always have the responsibility to discipline their children. In my own opinion, I believed that children must be discipline at the early stage of life specifically when they start talking. Whether the parents are professional or not, I believed that proper manners, values and discipline must be thought to them.

I am still not a Mother and if ever it is God's will for me to have children I will try my best to give them proper discipline. I know it is not easy to discipline children. I came from a very big family of twelve siblings. I am just very thankful that even my parents don't have time to each one of us, we are still given some discipline …

It's Not a Joke

NO JOKEIt is unfortunate that some people take this day as a big joke. On this day, they pull on a trick on some unsuspecting people. They exploit other people's innocence.Today is not a big joke. It is no joke for parents to lose their children. It is not joke for children to be killed. It is no joke for Mary and Joseph to flee in the middle of the night to save their newborn Son from the sword of Herod. Please do not spend this day making practical jokes on anyone. The day today is written in red, written in blood; it is not a joke-day today.The Holy Innocents who were massacred thousands of years ago by a mad king continue crying today. They are the aborted infants, the abandoned babies, the children caught in crossfires, the boys and girls who are exploited in many horrific ways. Their cries pierce our hearts. We cannot but be disturbed so as to act on their behalf.Today's feast is not a day for making practical jokes on each other, as many people think it is. It is a day…