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Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring Season is also the Start of Grill Season

Happy Monday everyone! Thanks goodness, the weather is slowly getting friendlier! During Easter week  especially during  Easter  weekend, it was still snowing. I am glad  starting this week, the weather really gets better. I can already go outside without wearing a thick winter jacket and snow boots.  Yesterday, I was even wearing a t'shirt outside  while planting some flowers at  the backyard.

Barbequing at the backyard is indeed fun.  Spring season is the perfect time to start it!
Indeed, spring Season is  here and it is also the  start of Grill season! It was a good decision buying some meats and vegetables for grilling when I went grocery shopping last Thursday. I bought some German sausages called bratwurst and some chicken and pork meat that were already marinated. I was really hoping for  a better weather last weekend and so thankful that it  really was  a nice  one.

The backyard is a perfect place for doing a barbeque or some grilling. It is not so small and not so big. Some spring flowers especially the tulips and hyacinths are flowering right now. Others are still growing. Thanks to my BFF who was a great grill master.  I did had yummy and sumptuous grilled foods yesterday.

For now, just enjoy  the yummy photo I got here. You can also fine some spring flowers in my garden at the image. Have  a lovely week to all! I am slowly hitting my sack! Goodnight.....until then...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Got a Great Weekend!

Weekend is almost ending. I am thankful that we had a great one! I am hoping you too. We don't go anywhere today but yesterday we had a whole day trip as what I had previously mentioned. I can also say that I am happy and quite contented with my life now. All the basic needs are met. We have a dwelling place to stay. I drive my own car and just paid the car insurance last month. I have a loving, understanding and supportive husband. We just live a simple but happy life. What else can I ask for? I am thankful to God for all the blessings and graces we always receive. God is truly great! I always pray that we will be given good health always including my family and friends! I'll see you later again. It's time to take a shower. I smell sweat after a two hours walk this afternoon. take care guys!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Visit To Our Doctor

How's everyone doing out there? I hope that you are all doing great! If you have to ask me..I guess not too bad compared to the past days. I am still recovering from cough and colds until now. Yesterday I had the chance to visit our doctor for some medical prescriptions. After taking some medicines yesterday until today, I really feel very better. Thanks also to our dear Lord for making me well and better again. I also had some important medical papers to get from our doctor. It was my husband's check ups and x-rays which are needed by our lawyer.

I hope that you are enjoying your day today no matter what. It is still raining outside. I am just doing some things inside the house. I have a lot of back logs after being sick for some days. Happy Tuesday to all and I'll see you soon again!

Before I forget, I would like to thank all the visitors, readers, commenters and all blogger friends who extend their warm thoughts and caring in all my blogs..Thanks a lot guys! truly appreciate it! I will visit you soon!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

What Really happened Last Thursday

Another morning is almost breaking! How was your weekend guys? I hope you had a great one! So far weekend for me was very better and quite relaxing! and what really happened last Thursday? I had a terrible migraine attack again! It started around early afternoon. It became worst around late afternoon that I vomited a lot and lost most of my energy. I took some pain relievers but it didn't help. I just felt so very very tired that time. Around in the evening last Thursday, after some sleep I felt better again. I was so hungry after vomiting in the afternoon. I told my husband to drive me in the nearest fast food restaurant because I want to taste and eat some food. We drove to Parsberg then. I was praying that the pain will subside and totally gone when I wake up the next day.

Friday morning, around seven, I felt very bad again. My head was so heavy and pounding with pain. I said to myself, this is not good anymore. I guess I need an injection that time. Our house doctor is still not open that time and nobody will drive me to the doctor. I can't drive also with such terrible pain in my head. I took this time a migraine tablet and went back to sleep. I just ate a banana to have something in my stomach before I took the migraine tablet. After I took the tablet, I felt weak that my arms and legs can't move anymore. It was truly a bad feeling. I don't know what happened then because I fall asleep already.

After some hours of sleep, I woke-up around 10:30 am. I was thankful that I felt better already. I even went to the bank to pick-up some money. I was not feeling totally fine last Friday afternoon but very better compared to Thursday. Yesterday, I felt very very better that I did update some of my blogs. Today I had a great day with my husband as we went walking for some kilometers in our place. I just always hope and pray that migraine will never attack me anymore. I guess, that's all for now! Time to go to bed! have a blessed week ahead! take care everyone! wish to share some pictures tomorrow from our walking today!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Escapades!

I got some great weekends! I spent it with good old friends! Saturday a friend and her family visited us and spent some time for lunch or dinner. I don't know exactly how to call it because we ate around 4pm already. After we ate, we drove to Regensburg and did some shopping in Donau Einkaufscentrum or Danube Shopping Center. It was a great day seeing friends again.

Yesterday, we visited back Maria, the first Filipina friend I met in Germany. It was also a lot of fun yesterday. Maria and family had a barbeque party because it was their first wedding anniversary. Time just passed so quickly that we don't notice it sometimes. The family circles of Maria's husband were in the grill party. It was a great afternoon because the weather was also perfect for grilling and get together! I am just sharing some photos from weekend's escapades! Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

taken at Donau Einkaufscentrum in Regensburg, Germany

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Good Start of the Month

Hello everyone! The first day of the month of March is almost over. how did you spend your day? I just stayed at home and did some household chores and talked to my family back home. I also had a nice conversation with a friend. I would say it is a good start of the month. I also talked to my husband about the planned trip to Paris by month-end. I am still waiting for the approval of my husband's vacation leave so that the trip to Paris, France will push through. I also can't wait to see my friend in Ramstein, a place near Kaiserslautern. From Kaiserslautern will be the starting place to hop in a bus to Paris..I am quite excited to see the "Romantic city" for the first time!

So guys, it is midnight least I had accomplished some simple things today which also made me happy and probably some friends and my family too!! I believed it is a good start of the month. I wish you all a nice week ahead..take care everyone..God bless us all!! will give you more updates next time!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

It is TGIF Again!

Thank God it's Friday!! For all those who don't need to work during the weekend, this is usually what they say!! It's TGIF! and I believed they are happy when Friday comes..but for me it really doesn't matter but of course I am happy too because my husband don't work this weekend!..

How was your day my friends? Hope all went fine! I am quite tired today in spite I really did not do a lot of things. I guess it is normal when sometimes we just feel like that. anyway, I have a lot of things to share and talk in my blogs but sometimes I just don't have enough time. At least I am sharing some ideas, thoughts, opinions and of course my personal experiences sometimes. I am just happy everytime I can do that. This is especially true if I can share some photos of my escapades. I hope you are enjoying it too. If I can't update this blog, just feel free to visit me in my other sites!! I will be very glad to see you there! have a great evening guys!! take care and have a great and blessed weekend!! Tschuss!! Machts gut!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

What A Tiring Day!!

How are you guys and all friends out there!! I slept so bad last night. I guess its because of some back pain again...What's happening to me if not Migraine, I am being attack by back pains...Autumn time is almost coming. Yesterday afternoon as I went walking with my husband, some leaves of the trees are already turning to yellow. Our wild grapes in our garden are even getting red now.. The weather is getting cold now..I keep on sneezing at the moment and I just felt so tired the whole day. I went a bit grocery shopping. I also went with a friend to Moebelhof, a furniture store that also sells home decors and accessories. I told myself, I won't go shopping anymore...but since I saw items on sale again...hmm.spent again some euros!! I guess it's not too bad since I really had a good deal!!

I hope that the sun will still shine in the next days...i guess it is recharging me when I always see sunshine..or only a sign that i miss home!!! I believed so!! have a great evening guys!! I hope that I can sleep better tonight!! tschuss!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's raining Again!!

How's your day guys!! hope its fine!! It's raining again in our place today. The weather is getting cold again..My friend just called me. I have to get ready to go to Nuernberg. I have been looking for "daing" or "bulad", as in dried fish and bagoong too since last month..The Asia store in Regensburg don't have good ones...Hopefully I can have it today in the Asia Store in Nuernberg.....
I might have again a little shopping escapade there....

Enjoy your weekend!! bye bye...see you later folks!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

What happen to friendster

I just received a friend's request in friendster. If I already click the "add friend" notification email, you can't see anything when you are redirected to friendster's site!!! What's up friendster!!.. Just a few months ago, I was wondering because all of my public photos were gone..well, it is already back now... I don't know exactly what's happening to friendster all the time...are they just updating their system??? or what!!

Anyway, even that happened sometimes, I still want to thank friendster for meeting my friends, classmates, relatives and even my family through it...In short, through friendster I can connect with them and see their photos and also meet new friends!! Still an appreciation to friendster!!

have a great weekend in advance...I just have to do a lot of things today...see yah later!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Sunday

bridge over peaceful water in Hohenfels

Not that much things happened today. I already woke-up around 12 noon ..drunk my cup of green tea..and cooked some food for lunch. the afternoon I went walking with my husband..we talked some things especially during our last vacation in the Philippines. He also love it there and might want to retire over there. I still don't know what will happen in the future but always hoping and praying for the best. Germany is also a very nice and beautiful place but only very cold in the winter time. we see what's gonna happen..My Sunday is a very nice one as usual!! hope you have the same!!!

the very beautiful nature and scenery in our Gemeinde (municipality)..
this is where we usually go walking..

Monday, August 18, 2008

How are You??

How's everyone!! hope all is doing great !! I'm just giving a little update for today...While I was drinking my cup of green tea this morning, I found in the front page of the newspaper called Neumarkter Tagblatt the photo of Michael Phelps..he is known now as the Goldfish!! I just admire his power and strength in swimming, winning as of today 8 golds!!! Wowowowowowwww!!! what a talent!! I admire people who have special talents..I more admire them especially if I don't have the talent they have!!! wink.... I believed that talents and abilities are God-given ones. You must be thankful if you have one..

Special thanks to people also who share their talents especially here in the blogosphere. I already met some online friends who are sharing their talents especially in web designing or template designing!! Thanks a lot friends for sharing those talents!!! Cheers!! keep up the great job!!

guess that's all for today!! I don't know but I'm just feeling a bit tired today!! well get a bit headache again..I just don't know exactly if this is the changing weather all the time here in Germany!!

have a great day to all!! please visit my other blogs for more updates!! I really appreciate your visits here..thanks a lot!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Burschenverein Feast in Hohenfels

Yesterday was the first time I witnessed the German Burschenverein Fest here in Hohenfels. "Bursch" a german word which means in English a boy, lad or a guy.. "Verein" on the other hand means society, group or organization.. To bring it together in my own word "Burschenverein" simply means Boys Society.

They had a parade yesterday as seen in the photos I got here. It was quite a long and fun parade. Perfect timing because they had the parade in the afternoon where the weather was getting better. It was raining during Sunday dawn till the morning here in Hohenfels. It is even getting quite cold especially as we went to the Feast tent duting the night.

Some neighboring places participated in the name a few are Burschenverein from Grossbissendorf, See, Teublitz, Breitenbrunn, Lengenfeld, Lupburg and a lot more..

You might think that German people are boring, but they are not!! They also love to have party especially feasts and carnivals all the time. They also want to have fun and good time just like me...

We stayed inside the feast tent until 8pm since my beloved husband have to wake up early today for his work. In short we had a great Sunday too here in Germany!!

that's all for now...will take a small break to do a bit household chores!! ..keep reading especially taking a look at my other sites for more updates!!

Sending the best for today to everyone!!

the famous "Lederhosen" (leader pants) of the Germans..worn especially during feast, carnivals, parties and other special occasions

lots of people inside the feast tent!! almost all people had great time yesterday..
never forget to drink the 1 liter beer inside a big mug...also try the tasty bratwurst, a German especialty sausage..

the beautiful "Festdamen", Feast ladies in their beautiful and attractive dresses

the band who played German music parade..
they also wore very colourful and attractive clothes.

another group of Festdamen..i love these dresses they wore yesterday!!

pix taken around 8pm where some people already went home since a lot will still be working today....besides lots got drunk already...time to rest and prepare for next day work..

Monday, May 5, 2008

Finally Arrived in Las Vegas

Yesterday was my flight from Munich, Germany going to Las Vegas. The day before, that was Friday of course we went to Hohenfel's German American Feast. We had a great evening while seeing some friends there. We went home around 10:00 pm already. As Saturday will be my trip and we have to wake up so early, I tried to go to bed as early as 11:00pm but I couldn't. I just don't know if its because of excitement or maybe because, I was used to go to sleep so late always.

Me and my husband, woke up around 3am yesterday. We drove to Munich around 5:00am to make it sure that we will make it on time for check-in....and we are really very early because my flight was delayed for almost 2 hours...instead of leaving 10:05, Delta airlines leave almost about 12:00 noon time..huh!! so long hours of waiting...there were funny things that happened yesterday..hope to share it with you next time..

Since I have a stop-over at Atlanta International Airport, I have to wait again for almost 4:00 hours there. The trip from Munich to Atlanta was more than 10 hours....I got some muscle pains now because of too much sitting.

Boeing 767 was a huge plane and we really have a pleasant trip. The only bad thing was there was no meal from Atlanta to Las Vegas, so I took my snack in a fastfood in Atlanta Airport..

The trip from Atlanta o Las Vegas was around 4 hours which was not too bad. at that time, I was really feeling so tired. My sister and her husband picked me up in las Vegas Airport. They drove me quick around the city. I was really amazed by the lights on the streets. We headed to Ceasar's Palace and I took my dinner there.

I want to post some pix here but when I click to add pix, its not going..I have to ask my sister later how it works in their laptop...strange!!

I am just very thankful that I had a very nice', safe and sound journey..Thanks to God!!

so to all my friends!! keep reading..i'll update you more next time!!..i just stayed in my sister's house today to have some relaxation!!
bye bye!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Great Sunday at Pielenhofen

How was your Sunday?? hope everyone got a great one!! We had a great Sunday today..We really don't have a concrete plan where to go today. The weather was very nice. At the last minute we decided to go to Pielenhofen, a small village in Regensburg. We went walking in the woods, breath some fresh air and enjoy being with the nature!!

We also had a breakfast and dinner together with my hubby..As usual I did not cook today because the Snitzel (as mentioned in my post yesterday) I cooked yesterday still have a lot of leftovers..

Thanks God for this very great and enjoyable day!!
where we went walking

background is the Monastery in Pielenhofen which is now a school

Pielenhofen Monastery..with the two towers is a very nice Church..we also went inside today for the first time.. We can't believed that it is a very beautiful Church with all it's moldings, paintings and decorations inside it..

For more photos please visit Euroangel Graffiti, My Daily Nourishment and
The World Wide Web Addict..

Take care guys!! wish you a nice week ahead!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Saturday!!

As usual, it's weekend!! and we usually woke up late during weekends unless we plan to go somewhere... I took breakfast together with my husband. I usually drink a cup of green tea during breakfast and some toasted bread with butter or marmalade. My husband love coffee all the time..we had then a wonderful breakfast together..

I was craving today for Snitzel, an Austrian food..It is like a breaded pork like in the Philippines. .. I bought today around 2 kilos of pork lean meat to make snitzel. Actually my only Pinay neighbor, Lily already bought me some meat yesterday. I forgot to get it from their house and also forgot to call her since I was so busy doing spring cleaning. She put it in the freezer, so I can't cook it immediately. Since my husband will go to tank his car, I decided then to buy fresh meat.

Oh yeah!! I ate today a lot of Snitzel with vegetables salad and rice ...My gosh!! I guess I always forgot the word diet esp. if the foods are my favorite...I just love it!!..hope to post some photos here next time..

I wish all of you guys a very great weekend!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What A Crazy Weather!!

Did I mentioned yesterday about the storm in Germany for the past days..right?? and I also said that I will wait what's going on for the rest of the day?? well, yesterday we had again a crazy weather. In the morning sunshine was there. As I went shopping in Burglengenfeld in the afternoon, I was caught by snow. Then comes the rain later. What a crazy weather. We even have 3 seasons in a day sometimes; sunny, rainy and snow time..

Just an honest advice to everybody who want to come to Germany especially in the state of Bavaria, just don't trust the weather. Always bring with you umbrellas and rain coats and even sweaters when the weather sometimes becomes cold esp. in the night.

And what I got now from yesterday's crazy weather??? got some colds and a bit headache. The weather forecast also said that some parts of Germany will be snowing this week. Even the weather last night went down to -7 degree centigrade..really freezing cold!!

Today comes the sunshine again..hope the weather will be the same the rest of the day so I can go a bit walking if I am feeling better..

have a nice day to all of you!!! thanks for always visiting me here!!!

clearer view of the castle in Burglengenfeld..

view from afar..Burglengenfeld castle..very dark sky..It was already raining
as I took this photo.

where I parked my car during grocery this time it was already snowing..sorry just don't have a good camera to catch the dropping of snow.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Vienna, Austria

I have been one time in this very magnificent capital city of Austria, Vienna. I just love this place and hope to be back there next time!! sharing to you some of my photos and a little of its history.

Vienna is the place where the spirit of Austria's biggest history is still alive. Austria's biggest history, this was the time of the Austrian Empire, and the capital of the empire was Vienna. But the very first beginning was around the year 500 BC, when Vienna was founded as a Celtic settlement.

in front of the Parliament, Vienna..lots of amazing monuments here

still in Parliament building.. it's very nice here in the night..

Hofburg, Vienna

Heldenplatz Square - dedicated to the victory over Napoleon

in front of Albertina, an opera house in Vienna

In 15 BC Vienna became Roman, and the city was called "Vindobona". During the Middle Ages, Vienna was the capital of the Babenberg Dynasty. In 1440 the Habsburg Dynasty took the power, and Vienna became their residence. The Ottoman-Turkish invasions of Europe in the 1529 and 1683 were stopped twice just outside Vienna.

Vienna is composed in 23 districts which all have their own names: 1st Innere Stadt (city centre), 2nd Leopoldstadt, 3rd Landstrasse, 4th Wieden, 5th Margareten, 6th Mariahilf, 7th Neubau, 8th Josefstadt, 9th Alsergrund, 10th Favoriten, 11th Simmering, 12th Meidling, 13th Hietzing, 14th Penzing, 15th Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus, 16th Ottakring, 17th Hernals, 18th Währing, 19th Döbling, 20th Brigittenau, 21th Floridsdorf, 22th Donaustadt and 23th Liesing.

The heart and historical city of Vienna, the Innere Stadt (Inner City), was once surrounded by a mighty city wall. The wall was removed in 1857, and the new space was used for a street around Vienna, todays "Ringstrasse". Imposing buildings, monuments and parks were created along this Ringstrasse, such as Rathaus (town hall), the Burgtheater, the University, the Parliament, and the State Opera.

Vienna is famous for its many parks. Some of these parks include monuments, such as the Stadtpark and Belvedere Park with its baroque-style castle. The principal park of Vienna is the Prater, which is situated on an island formed by the Danube River and the canal. Schönbrunn, the beautiful Imperial Summer Palace, includes an 18th century park and the world's oldest zoo (1752).

Storm Emma:... a Catastophe

Germany and some parts of Europe was hit by Storm Emma for the past days..In Germany it lasted around four days starting Friday with strong wind, rain, thunderstorm and lightnings. Last Saturday was really very bad. As we woke up, you can hear the sound of strong wind and rain outside with the roar of thunder!! really scary!!

I heard in the news that storm Emma brought millions of damages around Germany. Some buildings were destroyed, cars have accident, trees fell down, a lot of areas were flooded and more damages. That was really a catastrophe.

Yesterday, you also don't understand the weather..It was raining, after some time, the sun came out again, then getting cloudy again... such a crazy weather!!! Who is responsible for this anyway?? is it a natural phenomenon???or man has also something to do with it?? It's up to you to judge!!

Today the weather is getting nice again. I woke up and the raise of the sun went in through the blinds of our window. What such a nice day!! I hope that it will remain for the rest of the day!! as of now, I can see again some part of the sky getting clouded..but what can I do??? but to wait again what's going on for the rest of the day!!

Just keep in mind as my husband always told me that, "After the rain and storm, comes always the sunshine".. It always give me hope hearing this!!! I hope for you too!!!

Wish you luck for today!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Political Involvement in Germany!!

I finally went voting for the first time in Germany....yes, that was yesterday..It is such a great feeling when you are exercising one of your right and freedom as a citizen to a country where you belong.!! The voting just went smoothly yesterday.

I'm just sad to know that my candidates did not made it to the top..but at least I voted the candidates whom I believed to be the right person for the position. ..just pity that they did not win!! To know more infos about the voting difference between Germany and Philippines, please visit here..

Hope you have a pleasant day today!!!

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