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DIY With Our Clogged Sink

This week seems to be a very busy week. There are a lot of offline chores that I need to do including organizing many stuffs at home.  Top on the list  is to organize my computer or working room. I also need to pack the box that I will be sending home next week. I already started packing it and hopefully I can finish it before weekend. This coming Monday the logistic company will pick it up.

Tonight, there was one thing that made me proud of myself. After eating our dinner, I always wash our dirty dishes because I want it all to be cleaned the next day. While letting the water  drain in the sink, I noticed that it is not  draining.

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Friday Etcetera!

Time truly flies so fast now! I hope the clock runs  a bit slower so that I don't  get old so fast too! Just kidding folks!  The past  days has been quite busy. I was doing some clean-up after  my thanksgiving birthday celebration.  It was so far the biggest party I held compared to the ones I hosted  the past years. I am glad that it went all good and I  believed all of the guests and visitors were happy.

Today, I  did some clean-up and organizing at home. I guess,  this is one of the home chores that will never end. I was cleaning the messy guest room. My stuffs were scattered in that room including  travel books and flyers, shoes, clothes, bedding  and  a lot more. I am still not done because at the same time, I was checking some important things online.

I am glad that I already started the organization today. I know  this is always a repetitive tasks but it is better that doing  nothing  at home.  This is one of the things that gets  rid  of my boredom. With  the many offline …

My Tuesday!

It seems that a day is not enough  for me. Imagine, I am jobless but always have tasks and jobs all the time. I do most of the household chores from cooking to laundry, gardening, folding clothes, partly cleaning, grocery shopping, running errands, etcetera! I have to accept this  fact and I am happy about it.

Some people might say that they always get bored but not me. I always find things to do especially when I am at home. Today, I did some grocery shopping and ran errands too. I need to drive arounds 15 minutes to go to the next town to do grocery  shopping. This is the advantage of having a driver's license, if not I can't really do it.  My driver's license  cost  a lot of money but it is all paid up now. I am thankful that I got one.

After going to the bank to pay some bills and printed the bank account statement, I also have some paper and documents  xerox copied. I needed  it to submit to our health insurance company. I went to two grocery shops to buy all the …