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Good Morning!!!Good Morning!!!

Hi guys!! How are you doing??hope everyone is doing great this weekend especially that tomorrow is Easter Sunday!! Christ is Risen!! Really great!!!

well..well to my surprised, what I saw as I opened this blog is that I read a a message in my tag-board that I am nominated as Filipino Blog of the Week!!! I was really amazed until now!! I just feel some happiness as I know that I really work hard for this blog!! I also know that without you guys and all friends bloggers in the blogosphere , this blog is nothing!! What I can only say is that, My success is also your success!! You have been a big part on my blogging!!

I would also like to thanks especially all my blogger friends, visitors, readers, mentors and all people who help and made this blog a better one!!

Thank you very much guys for always being there!! I know saying thank you is not enough but I really appreciate everything..

Now I am asking again your help, your time and effort to please go, visit Salaswildthoughts


I am thankful to my blogger friend Beth for remembering me with this award... Thanks a lot friend!!! muaahhhh!!! hope you have a great day and everybody too!!!

I am passing this to all my wonderful friends bloggers esp. the Bisdak friends!!! Grab it now!!!

Great Job!!

I was just surprised opening my blog!!! It has a new design again!! Thanks a lot to the Lady with the Dashing Smile
Carlota aka Choco, the great web designer!!!!...I t is such a great pleasure meeting people like her.
I haven't met her yet in person but the friendship she gave me is so wonderful...She also one of the author and founder of
I really appreciate your time and effort for engineering my template design!!!

Such a great job!!! Please visit her blogsites too!!! and you are always welcome to leave messages and comments there!!!

Once again Thank you very much Ms. Choco . I know a million thanks is not enough..but it is coming from the bottom of my heart!!! Great job..Keep it up!!!

Awarding Time!!

The nicest thing about blogging is getting your blog recognized and appreciated. It doesn't mean that an award-giving body must give it to you but even simple reviews, compliments or personal awards are enough to make you feel special. Thanks a lot to Pinay Mommy who shared me these awards..very much appreciate!!!

Since, these awards are better shared with friends, I am sharing this to all my linkies esp. to Bisdak family and all blogger friends...grab it now guys!!!...and please leave a comment here what awards you grab...Thanks!!:

Thanks a lot for always visiting me here..I am really happy if you always do!!

Please leave me a comment to tell me what have you grabbed. (NOT IN THE CBOX). Thanks again!


I always have tags and awards from my friends online. I guess it's time for me now to give one..
I just have a very simple present.. not really an award but to let you know all that you are always remembered and treasured in this crazy world of Blogging!!

"I would rather have one rose and a kind word
from a friend while I'm here
than a whole truck load when I'm gone!!"

THESE ARE FOR YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And don't tell me you're too busy for this.
Don't you know the phrase
'stop and smell the flowers'?
See how many bouquets you end up with!

"Happiness keeps you Sweet,
Trials keep you Strong,
Sorrows keep you Human,
Failures keep you Humble,
Success keeps you Glowing,
But Only God Keeps You Going! "

And the most exciting part!!! I am giving this present to the following friends
twinks, Angel, Amor, Lolli, lily, LUTCHI, Elizabeth, Amy, Princessm, Joy, Surigaobabe, Utah Mommy, Carlota..

Who is in Control??

a very long time forwarded email last 2005 by a friend..
hope we also got a lesson from this story..very touching!!


A man from Norfolk, VA called a local radio station to
share this on Sept 11th, 2001. His Name was Robert
Matthews. These are his words:

"A few weeks before Sept. 11th, my wife and I found
out we were going to have our first child. She
planned a trip out to California to visit her sister.
On our way to the airport, we prayed that God would
grant my wife a safe trip and be with her.
Shortly after I said 'amen,' we both heard a loud pop
and the car shook violently. We had blown out a tire.
I replaced the tire as quickly as I could, but we
still missed her flight. Both very upset, we drove home.

I received a call from my father who was retired NYFD.
He asked what my wife's flight number was, but I
explained that we missed the flight. My father
informed me that her flight was the one that crashed
into the southern tower. I was too shocked to …


WOW! I'm imagining I'm in the middle of the stage receiving my awards....really feel great!!!! Thanks a million to Tchel akaTwinkletoe...i'm feeling great tonight... *wink*

all blogger friends esp. bisdak friends are welcome to grab this again...feel free to grab it....let's spread love in this LOVE Month..

Blog Buddies Award

I really feel like a superstar tonight...guess better than grammy award as i got a lot of awards. thanks a lot're great!!

This award goes to all the bloggers who became my friend. Thank you for those comments, thank you for not forgetting to tag me and to award me. Thanks. You guys makes me happy.

Break Out Blogger Award


This award goes to all the bloggers who warmly welcomed me here in the blogworld. I thank you guys for making my blogging days fun and something to look forward too and thank you for being a friend.

Toadally Awesome Award!!

You Are Toadally Awesome Award by Twinkletoe

thanks a lot for this award..really appreciate it!!!
copied this from twinkletoe::
Kim said, "I have a new award to hand out..They are “toadally awesome” to me… just link back to me as to the original one who started this…Thanks alot…You can hand this out if you wish to at least 15 bloggers that “toadally awesome".


Pixie Dust Pin Award

Pixie Dust Pin Award - Got this award from the one and only Twinkletoe . mwah! tenk u! tenk u!

Just wanted to spread the magic by giving you this exclusive Pixie dust. It says that it'll help to make your dream come true. Now you can spread a little magic of you own. Pass this pixie dust pin to your friends.

all my linkies and bisdak friends can grab it esp. to those who still don't have it...!!!
Photobucket Medal of Awesomeness Award - this award from twinkletoe: Thanks a lot for this award... You're one awesome friend. mwah!

I'm giving this award to all my linkies esp. to those who still don't have it..all bisdak friends ca also grab this..grab it now're all awesome!!! thanks for being a friend in this blogging world!!!

Bisdak member of the MOnth

I was just surprised to be awarded as Bisdak Member of Month. Thanks to Twinkletoe for letting me know in my tag-board. I also would like to thanks the bisdak family especially to the great people behind it, the admin who organized it. Bisdaks around the world gather and talk together in this site sharing together their ideas, opinions, talents and even their personal lives when there is nobody to share with and talk to.

Once again thank you very much Bisdak family!!! I am proud to belong is my award!!! I really appreciate it!!

Friendly site award from Lily

Thanks a lot Lily for passing me this friendly site award...I'm tagging Carlota, Joy, Lyn, Lolli, all bisdak family and all friends blogger you can grab this but pls don't forget to add my URL...

To all my friends blogger, I might visit you one by one next time if given the chance...sorry my linker is temporary out as of this moment..will try to find another linker so that I can link you up..

I want to say thank you to all my friends online for keeping me company in this blogging world. All the time, your tags and comments are very much appreciated. I will do my bloghopping later when I get a chance. take care everyone and enjoy the beautiful weekend.
God bless us all!!!

Blog Treasure Award

I would like to thank my new found beautiful friend Joy for awarding this to me . Very much appreciated because it makes me proud knowing that someone thought about my blog as a treasure...Guess all my Blogger friends already have this award if not you can grab this then!!! Happy New year!!!