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I Need A Pill

I was really feeling bad again today. I had again my migraine attack. I am not really happy because instead of doing a lot of household chores and some blogging, I stayed in bed almost the whole day. Thanks to the Migraine pill, I took I am feeling very better now. How about talking about diet pills!! Do you need one to take away those extra pounds you have. This might be the solution to your overweight problems. Just be sure you are taking the right one that is tested and proven. Diet Pills are everywhere and I hope that you will find the right one..Try to click!!

See you tomorrow again!! take care everyone!!

Upgrading MY PC

I have sometimes a problem with my computer. Sometimes it is just processing so slow even my local area connection speed is already 100 Mbps. I don't know exactly what is the problem..or maybe my computer is already old. It might also be that my computer memory is almost full. I don't know but my sister who is an IT specialist told me that my computer memory might be full which results to slow speed. She mentioned to buy memory for my computer. Buy are selling memory for computer. I will see if I can get one.. I guess $40.00 till $100.00 is not too bad compared to buying a new PC..What do you think?? see you tomorrow again!! Have a stress-free weekend!!

What Happened to My Technorati

I just noticed yesterday that my technorati authority went down. I don't know exactly what happened. As far as I can remember in the month of May, my technorati authority was 666. Last month, it went down to 565. Yesterday it became 463. Do you have any idea?? As far as I know, the more you keep posting articles in your site, you will increase your technorati authority but why mine keeps on decreasing. I hope to found out next time why this is happening. Anyway, I better share about fat burner reviews. Any idea what is the best fat burner?? I just read the best fat burners at Do you need more informations, then browse their site!! have fun!!

Remembering the Pain in 9/11

Do you remember what happened this day seven years ago in America. I could still remember when I watched in the TV and listen to the news on the 9/11 attacks. One of the most tragic happenings in the world history. Just tonight, I am watching while writing this post a documentary film about the 9/11 attacks. You can't really believe how and why it happened?? What mystery how these attacks were planned?? What are really the motives?? Who really planned for these attacks?? Is it the terrorist or just some individuals who are after for the money??

There are lots of opinions, theories, hypothesis and even conclusions that these horrible attacks were planned before. With regards to my own opinion; Are the 9/11 attacks due to some political and money motives??

I can only say, there are no secrets that can't be revealed..Truth will come out in due time!! I hope and pray that the poor victims will find justice and may they rest in peace!! Let's keep hopi…

Stay at Home and have fun!!

AS I was in Las Vegas last May and June of this year, I also visited lots of Casinos there. I am even playing it just for fun. Sometimes I lose sometimes I win..I guess that's really gambling unless maybe you have the luck then you might win big prices. In fact, one lady won last time in Ballys Hotel and Casino, I always go in this hotel because my cousin is also performing there as singer.

Now, I am back in Europe and in my place there are no casinos. I am even thinking to play Online Casinos but I don't have credit card to pay for it. USA online casinos such as USA Players Welcome offers list of Top casinos where you can play online casino. They accept US players from any state in America. If you want to have fun at home, visit their site now!! Enjoy playing!! I wish you too a great day today!!

Feeling Bored at Home?

I never feel bored at home. There are just lots of things to do like cleaning, gardening, internet surfing, blogging and many many more!! Sorry I just can't enumerate everything here..How about you??Do you feel bored at home?? How about playing Casinos?? I know lots of people love to play casino. Now is the time that you can entertain yourself if you are lazy to go out and have fun!! Online casinos are now available in internet. In fact Free Casinos will provide you free listings of all casinos online. They even give you the ones that give the best pay-out, free bonuses and even free casino guide!!

Choose any Casino game online at Free Casinos!!! Don't forget to bookmark their site for easy tracking!! have fun and Good luck!! wait a minute...I miss playing casino too!! just remembering the vacation I had in Las Vegas last time!!

I'm Feeling Bad Today

It's not really a good Sunday for me today. I woke-up with a very bad headache and also got some stomach cramps...well I am having now my monthly visitor that's why all these pains are coming out. As I stand up to go to the bathroom, I fall down because of dizziness. Until now I am still feeling a bit dizzy but not so bad like this morning. I even lose my appetite to eat. As I felt better this afternoon I ate some Snitzel. Snitzel is a German food which is a sort of breaded meat like the Americans.

Before I forgot, let me ask you a question? have you tried receiving some calls from anonymous callers. Just this week, I got a call from a private number. She said if I want to enter into lottery because they are having a promo that time. I told her sorry I am not interested. She was angry after I told her that and hang-up the phone. What a rude telemarketer!! I was really upset. I just hope that there is a so-called reverse phone search service here in Germany, s…

Women Love Shopping

Do you agree with me that most women love shopping?? I did not say all but most!! Shopping can be a sickness but if you have the cash/money to buy, I guess it is okey. The problem is that when you don't have the cash and tend to pay it in credit..Not a good idea!! I bought last time a magnetic bracelet. I read an article last year that magnetic bracelets are helpful especially to some sickness like muscle pain, headaches, back pain, tendonitis and a lot more. As I saw some magnetic bracelet that are on sale I bought a lot and send it to my family in the Philippines. Why not give it a try!! Magnet Jewelry Store is the best place to look for it!!

Take care everyone!! Stay healthy and happy all the time!!

Be Kind to Animals!!

I love animals!!..In fact in my other blog, I mentioned that I have around seven dogs back in the Philippines. Quite a lot huh!! Oh well, I believed dogs are man's bestfriend!! Do you agree with me?? How about cats?? We have one cat left now at home. His name is Spike. The other one named Muffin was already dead last 2006 and she is my favorite..Cats need cat trees and Spike already have one!! Are you looking for very nice and affordable cat trees? My Cats Heaven is the best place to provide your cats in everything they need..Always remember, "Be kind to animals."!! I will finally say good night now!! bye bye!!

Are You in Diet?

This is my biggest problem.I always say that I want to go on diet..but how can I do that when I love to cook and eat at the same time!! Do you have any idea how we can lose weight without setting aside our favorites like eating....quite difficult right?? I just read about Fenphedra. It is said that, it is not only a diet pill but at the same time a cure nervousness and stress! I am very much interested. I will see what I can do!! I have to go back at Sybervision tomorrow to read more infos!!! It is getting late and I still have to do one more thing!! Good night!!

My friend and Her Airbrush

I am currently watching the Olympics in Peking. My mind was quite out of the idea about what I want to write here. Just a moment please!!..Now I remember it. I have a friend back in College that loves painting and drawing so much. She is the one who also painted our t'shirts for Intramurals in Commerce department. I don't know exactly what kind of airbrush she used before but the outcome was really very nice and neat. She is a good friend of mine and I even visited her in Las Vegas last time. I guess that's all for today!!!Have a great day to all!!

Trade Show Displays

I'm an entrepreneur back in the Philippines. I owned a general merchandise store. As owner manager, I need to overlook everything in the store. From merchandise ordering, financial aspects, inventory, buying of furniture and fixtures like trade show booths are only some of my duties and responsibilities.

Owning a business or being a manager of a certain establishment is not quite an easy task. Most responsibilities in the store lies in our hands. If you have problems especially about trade show booths for your store, Camel Back Displays is the best place to go. They offer and provide all the things you need in your trade shows like table skirts, banner stands, Pipe and Drape and all other accessories you need are found in this shop. I can say, it is a one stop shop!

You don't have to worry anymore because they even help you with all the designs you wanted. I just visited their site and was amazed by their products and display ideas!! Take a look now and start…

Shopping..Shopping and More Shopping!!

Uh..Oh!! I just found another great site for shopping!! Just yesterday, I ordered online a canon power shot camera which is on sale. The original price was around 515.00euros and I got it for 329 euros..I have around 186 Euros savings...not bad right!! Just today, I found again another interesting shopping website!!..

Shopwiki is an online shopping store that sells almost all kinds of goods and items you need ranging from shoes and accessories, outdoor and sports, home furnishings, jewelry and watches, health and beauty and a lot more!! What really interest me are their seasonal items which you can't find in other website. There you can find lots of items for special occasions like wedding gifts, party gifts, Christmas gifts, Easter gifts, valentines gifts..oh well just name any occasion and you will find a perfect gift in this great website!!

My friend's birthday is coming on August 20, I believed I can find a perfect gift for her!! Do you need any shoppin…

Home Entertainment

I remembered again my two months vacation in the United States where I stayed most of the time in my sister in Las Vegas. I was amazed by lots of casinos in Las Vegas. In every corners are casinos specially in the strip. Even gas stations and shopping malls have slot machines. That's why Vegas is called as the entertainment capital of the world because you just see all kinds of entertainments there.

Now I'm back in Germany. The small town I live don't have casino. Sometimes I even want to play online casino..why not?? when I get time I will..I'm just a very busy body even I only stay in our home..

If you are looking for online casinos for entertainment at the comfort of your home, just click Casino guide and you will find the best casino games there!!! Have fun!!

Perfect Cash Advance

Millions of people around the world are now suffering from financial difficulties. There are credit cards that are already to the maximum, home mortgage can't be paid anymore, insurances are due and there is no more left from the salary and a lot of bills that are still waiting to be paid. You are not alone, so don't worry. All you just need is a perfect timing and the right financial institution that can help you.

I even know somebody who keep on telling me before that she can't go grocery shopping sometimes because she have to wait till the next payday of her husband. She even sometimes run to me in terms of emergency needs. Being a friend, you can't say "No" especially if you consider her a part of the family. But it's over now..I hope she can find friends who can help her anytime when she needs help. Most especially if she needs financial help, I guess payday loans is the best solution to solve their financial needs.

Perfect cash Advan…

Our Next Project

This is a good site for shopping especially for home appliances and more. I just visited their site , that's why I am sharing it to you. Actually we are planning to buy a new freezer to replace our old one. It is just getting too rusty now after the water catastrophe we had in 2006. Besides that it is obsolete, it is consuming lot of electricity. sells all kinds of home appliances and other equipments you need at home like refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers, vacuums..well just name it and they have it all!! I just found out that they have cheaper prices compared to the catalogues I always check for home appliances..Check it out!!visit their site now!!

My Life and How To Lose Weight!!

Since two years ago, my computer has been my bestfriend. Do you know why?? because I spend most of the time in front of my PC. That is getting worst now since I start blogging. I think I can't live without my computer anymore..Sounds funny huh??But yes, it's true that I stay in front of my pc most of the time. Well, it doesn't mean that I don't have friends. I have some good friends here in Germany, to count maybe are 2 or 3 persons. Unlike in the Philippines, I got hundreds of friends. Sometimes, I can only contact my friends and former classmates online like in Friendster. Life here in Europe is just different compared to Philippines. You even don't know your neighbors here. Honestly speaking, I only knew not even a dozen names of my neighbors here in Germany . Imagine I already live here for more than five years now and I only know maybe around 10 names of my neighbors.

That is why, I am talking and writing all the time in my computer.…

Seeing the World Through Cruising

I always love to travel. One of my greatest dream in life is to see the beauty of different places around the world. Just this morning as I woke up and had a breakfast, I was able to see some advertisements about Cruising in Grand Canary. How I wish I could but this time not yet because I just arrived from my two months vacation from America where I stayed most of the time in the fabulous city of Las Vegas.

Now I am back in Europe. And yes, I have been to different cities and countries in Europe. To name a few cities are Vienna, Salzburg, Linz, Venice, Nove, Frankfurt, Munich, Tirol, Trier and a lot more. I have a friend who is currently working as a Supervisor in Norwegian Cruise and even inviting me to spend with her time in some European Cruises. Of course I would love too!! Hopefully next time.

I just came across this site Cruise Vacation Center that also offers Mediterranean Cruises. It's been my dream to see places like Athens, Greece; Cairo, Egy…

Doing Exercise at Home

Does everybody always wanted to look great!! I believed so!! Most women, of course that is including me, always wanted to be slim and fit. In short having healthy bodies. I got one friend who has home gyms. They have some fitness equipment so she don't need to drive going to the gym anymore. Beside that she can save gas, she can also do some exercise any time at home. If you need some fitness equipment, Weider Fitness is a good site for you. They have lots of equipment to choose from. To name a few are weight benches, strength systems, max home gyms, inversion benches and a lot more. Know what you need, visit their site now!! Always remember, "Health is Wealth".

Stay Beautiful with Clear face!

I believed nobody likes to have acne especially the women. I am having some pimples again. I just don't know if I am adjusting to the weather in Germany after having 2 months vacation in U.S. Five years ago, I had lots of acne. It really feels bad. My dermatologist prescribed some creams and tablets. And yes, thanks goodness it works. If you have acne problems, you should get the best acne treatment. Get Acne Treatments will help you go away with acne. They provide the Top Acne treatments products that best suited for your acne problems. Visit their site now!! Stay beautiful with Clear face!!