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Groupon Goods Are Awesome Cheap!

I have been compensated for this post with either a sample product and/or payment. All opinions are mine.

Hello folks! I am back from outer space! Oh well, not really! How are you doing  out there? I hope everyone is great with perfect health  and body! I wish to give you more updates  but for the past days there are a lot of home chores that  I need to finish before going back to work. I keep on hoping and praying for my full recovery and glad to know about what the doctor said yesterday.  Hopefully in a week, I can already go back to my normal routine like going to work. I just miss  my colleagues and the fun that I have with them everyday. So please Lord, heal me fully so soon!

You know that holiday season is coming so soon. This is also the reason why I already started putting up Christmas decors at home since last Monday. The one that took me a bit longer is putting all the decors in the Christmas tree.  Finally, I  am done with it today. One thing that is lacking is the decor o…

Cheap Shopping for Electronics at Groupon

 I have been compensated of this post with either a sample product and/or payment. All opinions are mine.
The sun is shining brightly outside. It is such a beautiful day! It seems like a perfect day to go somewhere, maybe window shopping or strolling with friends in the city. I even got an invitation from a friend today to have lunch with her. Sad to say, I cannot go  since I am not really feeling well for almost a week now. I hope and pray that I will be feeling perfectly good again and back to my normal health.

 Good thing  to know, life is never boring now especially with the advent of modern technology like computers and internet. One thing you can do is browse online and go shopping. This is what I am doing the past days, window shopping at home. I actually need a new laptop. My favorite laptop broke down anymore when I updated it to Windows 10. According to my colleague, it is not really advisable to do an update or upgrade to your laptop. Whatever system it came, let it be. I …

Saving Money While Shopping Online in Southeast Asia

I guess, everybody loves to shop. Whether you are going to the mall or do an online shopping, which I believed brings more convenience and less effort, you can always save money especially when you do the latter. Thanks to our modern technology like computer and internet, life has been so easy now particularly when you love to shop online. To all my friends in Southeast Asia, feel free to check this shopping website called iprice. Check these reasons out!

Saving Money While Doing Online Shopping

Finally, there is iprice who can serve online shoppers in Southeast Asia. At iprice, you can save money when your shop online due to the many deals and promotions they offer from coupons to vouchers or any  items that are  put on discounts. You can save money up  to 80% depending on the items you buy. They also have a list of featured stores that offer goods and products on special discounts and promotions.

Shopping at the Comfort of Your Home

Finally, thru online shopping you can already av…

We Are Ready for Winter, Are You?

I was talking with a friend during our trip to Czech Republic yesterday about the earliest snow I experienced since I live in Europe. I told her that the earliest snow I experienced  in this continent  was last 2012.  The  snow started to fall on  October 28 last year. This year,  the snow came quite later. The first snow fall happenned last November 26  in our area but  it did not lasted for so long.

I am happy to say that we are ready for winter. The winter tires in our two cars are already installed. We already ordered 4 pallets of wood pellets for our pellet stove. This is already too much for this winter but we are making it sure that we have enough supplies for our heating furnace. Our wood pellet stove is running 24 hours a day since November. With this very cold winter season in Europe, it is very important that our home is keep warm and comfortable all day long. We are also using electric heaters but we only turn it on when the temperature gets really very cold.

Before …

Career in Health Care Industry

Are you still thinking which career to pursue in your life? Are you interested in a profession that is focus on the quality of life of individuals, families and communities? The right profession for you might be in the health care industry. Why not?

Our family is not really in the medical field. I only have three sisters who decided to engage in medical and health field. Two are already registered nurses in the United States of America and the other one is graduating this coming March of this year. I am glad that my sisters chose that profession because they can help improve people's lives by providing health care services.

I am convincing my two RN sisters to further their careers and take master’s degree in nursing courses. Raquel who is in Las Vegas, is planning to take online courses that is related to her career. Rose on the other hand is happy since she will be having her interview this coming Monday. She worked before as a nurse in the hospital back home in the Philip…

Shifting To Health and Medical Jobs

Shifting job! I guess this is what I really need in order to find a quick job in Europe. I actually applied for a medical clerk job last year. I received a letter that I am qualified but the job position was cancelled. I am a banker by profession but it is quite difficult to find a job especially here in Germany because my diploma and job experiences are not recognized at all. I guess I am taking one of these days either a medical management course or a medical teaching course. I still have to decide on it.

Health and medical jobs are in need now in many countries in Europe. I have some former classmates who took up Nursing courses during college days and many of them are currently working in United Kingdom particularly in London, Ireland and Scotland. After completing and passing all the required documents, paper works and undergoing consultant interview course, they successfully made it to UK. I am quite happy for them.

If I have the chance, I wish to teach the teacher…

Living a Simple and Stress-free Life

What can you say about the title of my post here? I believed millions of people would love to live a stress-free life. The question is? Can you live a simple life? For me, this is the key to be truly happy, living a simple but happy and contented life. Most of the times stress is caused by having complicated life. Stress is also caused by financial problems like having the inability to pay your debt. I heard a lot of people who are earning enough salary but still cannot manage their financial aspects in life. More on that, they don't have enough knowledge on how to rightfully manage and budget their finances. This is quite simple. Don't spend more than you earn. Lastly, in order to avoid stress, live simply and have contentment in life. Peace!

How To Get Cheap Medications

This post brought to you by Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.

This is one thing I love when I need some medicines, beauty products, vitamins and other things I need from the pharmacy. I am a member of this pharmacy and everytime I buy something, I get some discounts from them. Thus, I save money when buying something.

You can also do the same in the United States. If you are a member of Prescription Savings Club at Walgreens, you will surely avail of special discounts that they offer. If you are single, you only pay $20.00 for an annual membership. A family membership costs $35.00 and this already covers everyone in your immediate family, including a spouse, dependents 22 and younger and pets.

Not only that there are still other benefits you can avail like discounts on flu shots, pet prescriptions, nebulizers and diabetic supplies. If you buy any generic medications or any of their 8,000 brand names, you can also get special discounts, thus saving some bucks when buyi…

Help Save The Earth

I believed that we are very aware of what is happening to Our Mother Earth right now. We always hear over the news in radio, television, newspapers and most of all over the internet about the different calamities and catastrophes that is happening around the world. The earthquake and tsunami in Japan last March 2011, the mudslide in some parts of Philippines last December 2011, the flood in Australia and other parts of the world, these are only some of the natural calamities that is hitting the world now.

Due to this, we need to slowly think and learn how to save our Mother Nature. That is also the reason why every year we are celebrating Earth Day every month of April. As inhabitants of this earth, we can help in our own little and simple ways on how to conserve and take care of Mother Earth. By not wasting water, turning on the lights when not needed, walk some meters instead of driving a car, are only some of the little things that we can do to help save our ear…

Flower Markets Worth To Visit in Europe

If you love flowers just like me, for sure you also love visiting flower markets. Here are some of the most interesting flower markets to visit in Europe.

1) Neuenheimer Marketplatz in Heidelberg, Germany

This flower market is nestled in Neuenheim, just across the river from Heidelberg. The market is only open twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Visitors will want to be at the market soon after it opens at 7 a.m., to get the best selection of flowers. Cameras and picture taking is encouraged, as growers display their wares with beaming pride.

2) Columbia Road Flower Market in London

Columbia Road is a world famous flower market in London. It is open just one day a week, on Sunday mornings and early afternoons. The narrow Victorian street becomes a bustling market of traders, with the shops selling homewares, garden candles and unique, quirky handmade welcome mats. Visitors will want to meander from cart to cart and seek the best deals, before deciding upon …

Early Retirement

I once heard these words from a friend, "I have a lot of stress in the workplace. I wish I am a retiree now." I believed her! Sometimes there are just a lot of stress in the work. Sometimes it can be a challenge but sometimes it is very depressing. Hubby's situation is different. He is a very hardworking and diligent person and he always wanted to work until his retirement age. Since the last two accidents he had, in which one was an accident at the work place, he always complains now of pains in his body especially the ones affected by these accidents. He wishes for a disability appeal in some years. That is also the reason why he called the AG Metal and insurance company two weeks ago for some inquiries about early retirement.

I also availed of a lump sump early retirement after working for almost nine years in one of the top- 3 bank in the Philippines. I am quite happy with my decision but honestly I miss my job as a banker. That is life and sometimes w…

Special Gifts for Special Occasions

There are always special gifts for special occasions. Whether you are looking for a birthday gift, wedding gift, baby shower present, christening or any special occasions like Christmas, Valentine's Day or Mother's day, there are always perfect gift ideas for these. Thanks to the invention of computers and internet where we can easily browse and shop for unique and unusual gifts for every occasion, at the comfort of our home. Another advantage is, you can have it delivered door to door in most parts of the globe.

Whether you are looking for fashion accessories, Jewellery, shoes, bags, men and women's clothing, electronics, fragrances, health and beauty, everything is just easy with a click of a mouse. There are always unique and stylish gift ideas for every need, temptations, like and sensation. The most important thing is, the person who receive the gift is happy and contented of what she has. At the same time, you as a giver is rewarded with inne…

Perfect Gift Ideas for Women

Women always love something unique and lovable especially during special occasion. Whether it is a wedding anniversary, birthday, Mother's day, Valentine's Day, Christmas day or simply because you want to give something as thanksgiving to your wife, girlfriend or best friend, there are always perfect gifts to give them. You can also find plentiful gift guides online for you to determine what is the most appropriate and delightful presents you can give.

Here are some of the wonderful gift ideas you can give to women;


I believed I can't deny this, that most women love Jewellery as gift especially during special occasion. Women out there, raise your hand if you don't agree with me! I heard this a lot of times from my fellow women friends that they always wanted something that will last for years and even for a lifetime. In short, Jewellery is one of the best gift to give to women.

Perfumes and Fragrances

I once attended a party and I asked so…

Where to Buy Cheap Furniture

Sometimes buying home home furniture and fixture is quite difficult. It can caused some fortune especially when you don't have an idea where to buy it cheap. You also have to consider a lot of things especially your budget. Other considerations might include its style, durability, safety and space.
a beautiful dining set from

Here are some ways where you can find quality furniture with reasonable prices.

Thrift shops, Garage Sales and Yard Sales

Three weeks ago, we went to a thrift shop in the nearby city. Me and some American friends were amazed by the stuffs they have inside. You can find a lot of things from office furniture to dining sets, garden sets, vitrines, living room sets, sideboards, rugs and mats and almost everything you need at home.

One of my friends found a very cheap complete bedroom set. Others bought computer chairs and tables, home decors and accessories. One of my friend even found two chest freezers that are still in good c…

Job Opportunity

I just received this afternoon a call saying if I want to work in an International Company in Munich.  Of course, why not?  The recruiter said that they saw my resume in She even mentioned if I want to work in Munich. I  told her that it doesn't matter where in Germany, even in Europe or US as long I have a job. But still, I will still consider the salary. If it is  more than enough to support my living and everything  including the apartment and cost of living, I will surely grab the job.

I wish I  have a lot of  Computer Skills  so that I can work in an IT company. I am a banker and accountant by profession. I also applied  some knowledge of computer at the bank I work before.  I am still not losing hope that one day I can learn  more about  computers and its field of study. I believed I am not too old to learn. Besides,  learning knows no age limit at all!

I hope and pray that I can make it  with this job this time. If not, I will be forced  to  job in other c…