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Everything you never knew about....Man's Best Friend

I watched a movie last night with friends entitled UNDERDOG by Walt Disney Production. That was a good movie especially for kids. It has a moral value about friendship and family. It's really worth watching for.

It happened that yesterday I also read an article in the Enquirer magazine about Man's Best Friend, the Dogs.

I love animals. Back in the Philippines, I have three dogs. Since the other one gave birth to five dogs, I supposed to have 8 dogs now. My brother gave away 2 dogs so I have now 6 dogs. They are supposed to gave away four newly birth dogs, but my husband said that he wanted to keep three.

Back to this article which I read yesterday, it's really quite interesting. For dog lovers here are some information about Man's Best Friend.

Are most dogs right-pawed or do they favor their left paw? Which pooches bark the most? Which breeds are the brightest? Augustus Brown's fascinating new book, "Play It Again, Tom"- tells you everything you never knew a…