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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Visiting the Doctors Again!

How's everyone out there? I hope you are all doing good! Last Thursday, my husband had a doctor's appointment due to his bad knee. The doctor said, it might be coming from the bike accident last August 2007. One doctor said that the knee must be operated immediately. The other doctor said that it is better to wait for some time. To ease the pain from his knee, he was given two injections already. That is the reason why we went back again yesterday for the second injection. All these pains that my husband suffered now started after that bike accident in 2007 happened. His ankle was broken and was also operated. We are just thankful that we have that so-called accident insurance and lawyer's insurance which we are paying every year. We were looking before for some motorcycle accident attorneys and we are glad that we found a good one. He is the one handling the case of my husband's bike accident because there was a second party who was the caused of his accident. He will have another doctor's appointment next week again for a, Orthopedic Specialist to have a second opinion. I hope that this will be settled soon! Enjoy the lovely day! It is very beautiful today in our place! take care guys!

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