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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Personal Coach

I believed you have an idea of what a "Personal or Professional Coach" is doing. Last weekend, I met some friends in Berlin. One of them told me that he hired someone as his personal coach. He wanted to lose weight and that is the reason why he hired such kind of professional. He also visits the gym every week but I forgot to ask how often. I am wondering if he is also taking some muscle building supplements. I did not bother to ask him anyway. He said that he is slowly losing some excess weight now and I am happy for him. I wish to also hire one but it is not included in my budget. Even hubby is telling me if I want to enroll to a gym to also lose my extra pounds. I am still thinking about it. I guess there are still other ways to lose weight. I know one way..not eating too much! Have a wonderful day to all!

My Dream Car When I Retire

 Sponsored Post. All opinions are mine. Am I retiring soon? Oh well, not really! Last week, I received a letter from the Retirement Office...