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Get the Parts You Need for Your Side by Side

If you have entered the world of side by side vehicles, you know what a blast they can be. They can take on the rough terrain, carry you anywhere you want to go, and you can enjoy the ride with someone by your side. Many ATV enthusiasts are jumping to UTVs because they are more versatile and a safer way to go when you want to travel with a friend or partner. Just like any piece of equipment, you are going to need to take care of it. That means regular maintenance. Find Honda Big Red Parts and more when you shop at

Keep Your Ride in Top Form
No matter what kind of side by side you own, whether you are a Polaris Fan, like an Arctic Cat, or go for the Honda, you'll find a comprehensive listing of parts at When you need to work on your drive train, your steering needs attention, or you want to tweak your electronics, you have come to the right place. is your definitive source for all things related to your UTV.

Put Your Pe…

Finally Had My Winter Tires On

I have been hearing weather updates in Bavaria, Germany the past days. It says that it will be snowing starting tomorrow. I am not quite sure if this will  affect our area as well. The weather is really getting colder and colder everyday. This is the  sign that winter is almost coming. This is also the reason why we already changed the summer  tires of my car to winter ones.

One good thing, we always save money when changing tires from summer to winter or vice versa. Hubby's brother in law owns a car repair shop and they have all the equipments with regards to repairing cars including coats machine. I already saw how this machine works everytime we changed the tires of our cars. One good thing, hubby can always use his brother in law's equipments for free, thus saving us some bucks every year.

I am ready for the winter season now including my car. I am always careful when driving especially during snow time and I always pray for safe driving. I hope you too!

Oldtimertreffen in Neumarkt, Bavaria

After taking our brunch this morning, me and hubby can't wait to go to the Oldtimertreffen in Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz in Bavaria. This was already the third time that we witness this event. It started around 10:00 am. We arrived there almost noon time. You can see various oldtimer cars with different styles, colors, names and forms.

It was really very interesting seeing how technology evolved. I heard over the news that over 25,000 people went to the said event today. I am not quite sure how many oldtimer cars were there but I believed it is over a hundred. The sunny weather with cool breeze made it perfect today.

Here are some images of the oldtimer cars at the Oldtimertreffen in Neumarkt today.

Volkwagen Kaefer cabrio built in 1974 with 50 PS and 1,600 cylinder cm3 
Car Model: Autobianchi  Type: Bianchina Date Built: 1961 PS: 15 Engine/Cylinder capacity:  498 cm3

It's Getting Hot in Here!!

It's summer time and the weather is getting real hot!! Oh yeah, Las Vegas is really hot. I was there last May and June this year. How could you imagine a car without auto air conditioning?? As I was there, the temperature rise until 115 degree Fahrenheit. It is really burning outside. I can imagine putting a pan with oil and put egg in it!! I will have instant food!! hahaha!! so dear friends don't forget to have air condition in your car!! Visit Discount Compressor now!! One more thing you have a lot to choose from in a reasonable price!!

BMW Auto Parts Store

I just find this site very interesting. As I visited it, I discovered that it is an online store which sells different parts of BMW. As I read further, I was amazed that all what they sell are mainly BMW Performance Parts. It is the first time that I discovered an online shop that specialized mainly on carrying BMW Performance Parts such as BMW Body Kits, Accessories, Spoilers, Wheels and a lot more.

If you are looking for BMW Parts for any model, visit now and they will be happy to serve you!!