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Computer Security

I have  a blogger friend whose site was hacked last week. Sometimes, thing like this can be very scary. You spend time and do hard effort in your blog and it will just  disappear in the web. Good to know that her webmaster was able to fix it. She was so happy after that.

If you own a computer, you must see to it that have an anti-virus installed in it. The ESET Endpoint Security information for example are providing software security solutions for your computers. Hubby's laptop for example has three anti-virus programs installed in it. The disadvantage is, it is slowly processing now. We are trying to decide which anti-virus to retain in it. I already have an idea.

Pop-ups Finally Resolved!!Bloggers pls Read!! Important

Guess what happened since last Saturday till Sunday and I guess until now lot of blogs still have pop-ups!! here's some short list!!

I am just sharing this so you might be aware that when this happened to you, your computer will freeze because it was already attacked by please check it out..let's just help each other!!..the scary thing is that you might lost your blogs in seconds where you put much hard work!!! The evil might even access your computer and email address which is really very scary and horrible!!!

1. As I opened the first time my computer last Saturday, I wonder it is not the same anymore. I lost some settings on it.
2. As I opened my blogger account, I was terribly shocked because it was redirected to a pop-up advertisements.
3. The screen was totally covered by pop-ups which made the processing very very slow. Sometimes the computer even got frozen and don't processed anymore.
4. As per infos and help of some other friends blogg…