Saturday, October 26, 2013

Garden Clean-up is Almost ready!

Thanks to the good weather the past days. Also big thanks to the good man in the house who helped me with the garden clean-up. Almost everything is ready now for the coming winter. Flowers pots and some garden decors were already put in the storage.

Since the leaves falling from trees are still not over, we will wait a bit  to clean-up everything. Hopefully before the end of October, everything will be done. Before that, I still need to check reid for some hardware stuffs we need and also some garden tools I need for spring time. I know I can find a lot of these stuffs online.  Thanks to my laptop and internet connection, shopping at home is very convenient now.

Cheers and enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Our Double Purpose Garage- The Making

It was quite a tough project. We have been planning it since 2005 and finally last 2011 we started this project. I can't imagine the hard work exerted by hubby during the making of our double purpose patio/garage. It is almost 60 square meters and it cost some fortune, but we are happy that it is finally done now.
Our double purpose garage is also use as a patio.
 The most difficult part of the making was the removal of the previous patio, the digging of the soil and the laying of the foundation. Since our old patio has thick concrete flooring and it is not level to our home floor plan, we actually hired a company for the excavation and waterproofing process. If you are living in Canada, you can hire waterproofing ottawa to do this services for you. I believed they can truly help you with any home and garden projects. 

Since hubby is also a mason and knows a lot about home repairs and improvement, he did most of the jobs during the building of our patio/garage.  During his off days from work, he spent his  time  doing this project.

We also use this area  for any events and  celebrations like birthday parties or simply getting-together with friends.
We planned everything during the building of this project. The materials to use, the roofing, sidings and   flooring were  planned ahead. After over a year  of building it,  we already harvested the fruit of our labors now. No more cleaning of snow during winter times, no more standing  on the rain after putting out grocery items from inside the car.  The best thing is during summer times, we can  drink and enjoy a cup of coffee outside while chit-chatting.

We are truly  happy with this home improvement we did two years ago. It  cost a lot of money but it was all worth it.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Wanting to Be a Successful Travel Blogger?

I believed I am already a successful travel blogger. Having been to over 30 countries and still counting, there are some things you must consider on how to become a successful travel blogger. Here are the very important points;

First you have got to remember – before becoming a travel blogger or starting a travel blog, you should first become a regular and passionate traveler. In other case there is no point writing about stuff you didn't experienced yourself. Then go buy yourself a good camera and keep looking for unusual photo opportunities. Don't forget to write about everything you see and experiences in your journal. Yes  you read it right, because sometimes we travel to places with no wifi (there are places witn no internet in this world). Our memory is not a computer, so its better to write it down and then upload to the blog.

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