Saturday, August 31, 2013

Friday Etcetera!

Time truly flies so fast now! I hope the clock runs  a bit slower so that I don't  get old so fast too! Just kidding folks!  The past  days has been quite busy. I was doing some clean-up after  my thanksgiving birthday celebration.  It was so far the biggest party I held compared to the ones I hosted  the past years. I am glad that it went all good and I  believed all of the guests and visitors were happy.

Today, I  did some clean-up and organizing at home. I guess,  this is one of the home chores that will never end. I was cleaning the messy guest room. My stuffs were scattered in that room including  travel books and flyers, shoes, clothes, bedding  and  a lot more. I am still not done because at the same time, I was checking some important things online.

I am glad that I already started the organization today. I know  this is always a repetitive tasks but it is better that doing  nothing  at home.  This is one of the things that gets  rid  of my boredom. With  the many offline  and online tasks that are waiting for me,  I am thankful that  they always  keep me busy all the time!

Since August is almost ending, I would like to extend my wishes to everyone, a wonderful and more blessed month of September! Cheers!

Happy weekend too and goodnight!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Getting Ready for the Party

Hosting a party is sometimes not easy especially if you don't plan it ahead. This is the reason why I planned for any big event or celebration some weeks and even months in advance. I thankful that there are also good friends who are helping me out.

In every party that I host or attend with, there are always entertainment. For us, singing with the karaoke or videoke is always present. Depending on the song played, we also dance with it especially if it is a disco music and the like. I wish I order this good Allen &  Heath Pro Audio at musician's friend so that it will add fun to our party. Having good sound systems and music instruments also add fun and success to a celebration.

I will see what will happen to my birthday party this coming weekend. I am quite excited about it. And yes, sumptuous and yummy foods will surely be prepared! Good luck to us and cheers for my big day!

It Was Cold in Oakland, California

I is almost a year now since my last vacation in the United States. I would like to thank good friends and my dear family for making it happened. I truly appreciate all and I am forever grateful for your goodness!

I was browsing some travel albums awhile ago and found some photos from Oakland. This city is a major West Coast port city and the busiest port for San Francisco Bay and all of Northern California.

Church in Oakland. Sept. 2013.

It was quite chilly when we arrived that early morning in Oakland. There was a plan that day why we landed in Oakland. My sister's sister-in-law is working in that area. She brought us with her planning to take us to the next city where we should be meeting my schoolmate. Since her training did not push through, we ended up going to the University of Berkeley. I and my sister had a walk around the university campus.

Lake Meritt during our walk.
Before that, we also did a bit sightseeing in Oakland. We also did a walk around Lake Merritt while waiting for our friend.  Some things  we plan did not happened that day but I am glad that it was still a beautiful and enjoyable one!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I Love This Festival In Regensburg

Regensburg Dultfest.
I  was thinking  awhile ago how many times did I already visited this festival. The Regensburg Dultfest is one of the first big fairs in  Bavaria, Germany.  It is like a little Oktoberfest but more family-friendly. This is one of the many festival in Germany  where I visited most of the times.

One of the things I like when I go to festivals like this is to listen to their live band in a  so-called fest tent  or festival tent.  I already love to listen  to Bavarian folk songs. Maybe some of these musicians are using  yamaha standard trumpet mouthpiece. I always see  them  perform on stage using trumpets, guitars, piano, drums  and other kinds of music instruments.

I don't usually drink beer but I love going inside the beer tents to hear  the beating of the drums and the music played by the live bands. 

If you are visiting Germany take the chance to visit some of  its festival to experience German culture. I have here an image from the Regensburg Dultfest during our visit last  year.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Tuesday!

It seems that a day is not enough  for me. Imagine, I am jobless but always have tasks and jobs all the time. I do most of the household chores from cooking to laundry, gardening, folding clothes, partly cleaning, grocery shopping, running errands, etcetera! I have to accept this  fact and I am happy about it.

Some people might say that they always get bored but not me. I always find things to do especially when I am at home. Today, I did some grocery shopping and ran errands too. I need to drive arounds 15 minutes to go to the next town to do grocery  shopping. This is the advantage of having a driver's license, if not I can't really do it.  My driver's license  cost  a lot of money but it is all paid up now. I am thankful that I got one.

After going to the bank to pay some bills and printed the bank account statement, I also have some paper and documents  xerox copied. I needed  it to submit to our health insurance company. I went to two grocery shops to buy all the things we needed  for the week. Sometimes, I go to the next town  twice a week to go grocery shopping and other stuffs  I forgot to buy.
It was around 1:00 PM when my stomach complained and asked to be feed. I landed in Mc Donald because it is located near the grocery store. I am trying to going to  fastfood chains like Mcdonald but sometimes, when it is needed, I go there. I only order most of the time a snack wrap and apple pie. When I am about to get another cup of coke light, I spotted a bag on one of the table. I always take a look on it, waiting for the owner. After some minutes, I saw a woman running inside the McDonald building and I can see in her face that she was so happy after seeing her bag. I believed she is the right owner and I am happy for her to have her bag again.

I also checked my lottery numbers but sad to say, it did not made it to the winners...sigh! At least I am trying my luck once in a while.

After all the errands and tasks I did today, I am quite happy and contented about it. I always makes me feel good when I accomplished some things during the day and night. Goodnight for now and have a nice week!

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