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Right Clothes on Cold Rainy Days

Yes, its raining dogs and cats in our area! Just kidding folks! But the truth is, our weather is not really friendly the past days. It has been raining for weeks now and I am not happy about it. You need a good rain coat if you want to go walking under the rain. Hubby said Goretex Jacket is a good brand.  I have some rain coats but not this brand. I might be thinking of getting one.

I heard over the radio that many areas  in Bavaria are flooding right now due to continuous heavy rain the past days. Pity for those who are affected by this. I am thankful that we are doing fine.

If you are visiting Europe, be sure to have the right clothes with you. Wearing  clothes  which  are perfect  for the weather  will surely make your trip a happy one.

Visit to Mainau Island in Baden-Württemberg

I know for sure there are millions of flowers blooming again in Insel Mainau, the German name for Mainau Island. Spring flowers like tulips, narcissus and daffodils can still be found at this time of the year. Oceans of cheerful, sweet- scented, colourful spring flowers entice its outdoors again. From the end of March, more than a million tulips, narcissi and hyacinths line the Spring Avenue and fill the flowerbeds on Mainau Island.

I always love visiting parks and garden like Mainau Island. Last summer 2012, I had the chance to go there with a bus trip. It costs 35.00 Euros per person starting in Regensburg, Germany but the boat and entrance to the island is not included in that trip. As far as I can remember, we paid almost 30.00 Euros for the entrance and boat ride going to the island.

That was a wonderful and relaxing walk we had around the island  seeing the beauty of nature.

My New Hiking Gadget

I went grocery shopping last week. This store where In always go to buy groceries has special items every week. In fact twice a week, every Monday and Thursday special products are offered from clothing to kitchen stuffs, garden tools and accessories, bedding and more. I did not found junonia plus size hiking pants but they have some hiking shoes and pants last week. I ended up buying a new hiking shoes because of its cheap price and quality. It is also very comfortable to my feet. I already tried wearing it last week and it is a good choice indeed.

When the weather gets better this week, I will surely go walking wearing my new  hiking shoes. I simply love it!

Invitation to A Birthday Party

It is some years now since we saw the other two sisters of hubby. We always visit her twin sister because they own a car repair shop. Everytime we change the tires of our car or there are some things that need to fix in our cars, we go to their place to do the repairs. Yesterday, hubby received a call from her twin sister. She reminded us of the birthday celebration of her other sister who will be turning 60 this coming Saturday.

I know for sure there will be live music again like what we always experience when attending any celebration of hubby's family or relative. Live bands in Germany have good sound systems. I wish I can play any music instruments but I guess it is not my talent and ability. If I do, I would probably shop for a guitar and a randall amp at Guitar Center. This shop has a lot of choices when regards to musical instruments and gadgets.

Hubby also told me that we will be giving her sister a gift. I told him that I can shop for a birthday gift. Her sister lov…

The Bays in Croatia

It seems like yesterday when I had a trip to Croatia. I just looked at the calendar the exact date when I was there. After 2 hours of sightseeing in Maribor, Slovenia, our bus drove to our hotel in Tuhelj, Croatia. We arrived at around 8:00 PM there. We did an overnight in Terme Tuhelj, a wellness center and hotel in this place of the same name. Our tour guide said that it is the largest Sauna World in Croatia. This wellness hotel offers SPAeVITA care and beauty centre where the guests can enjoy various group air whirling programmes, thermal mud, honey or salt treatments, wide range of massages and facial and body treatments.

During that 9-day trip in Southeast Europe, also called as the Balkan Peninsula, we were able to visit 5 countries. Included are Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia.

That was quite a tiring trip with the bus everyday but if you see places like the bays in Croatia, your tiresome will surely be compensated.

Overall, I can say that I …

Can This Be my Next Travel Gadget?

I travel alone sometimes. For some, they are afraid to travel especially when they are alone. I am thankful that I always come home safe from all my travels. I remember when I did a night sightseeing in Budva, Montenegro last month. Some of the narrow alleys I passed-by in the old city of Budva t are dark. I realized that it was quite dangerous but I make it sure that I am always ready for any attackers. I am thinking of buying one of the safety girl stun guns. I believed this gadget can help when someone will attack you. Stun guns and tasers will produce a a blast of electrical current to disable your attacker long enough for you to escape a potentially threatening situation. I am thinking of buying one especially that I travel alone sometimes. What do you think guys?

My Sunglass is Broken

I felt so sad when I broke my Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses during our cruise trip recently. After our ship docked in Oslo, we decided to take the sightseeing buses there. As I went on the top deck of the bus, I hit my head on the roof in front part of the bus. That time, my sunglasses was on my head and bang!!.. there was a crack on it. I ended up borrowing the reading glasses of my friend to serve as a headband. I hope I can still fix the crack of my dolce and gabbana sunglasses. It is a quite expensive one and I would be happy if it will be fixed soon.